Thursday, December 31, 2009

What I learned from blogging this year, a cautionary tale

Confession: I have not had tons of fun blogging this year. I've had repeated troll invasions and I've been banned from other blogs, because of things I've said here. People are getting testy. Politics makes strange bedfellows. Etc.

During President's Obama's ascent, everyone on the left was very lovey-dovey. Now that it appears his administration may well be going to shit, tensions are rising. People are showing their true colors. And as I said, this year hasn't been as much fun.

My New Year's Resolution is to remember why I started this thing: to have an outlet for MY OWN opinions, whether they are popular and well-liked or not. And to have fun doing it.

I promise to be ever-more frivolous, whimsical and self-centered in the coming year. I will write about more old movies and similar silly things that are special to me.

I also promise to ban the trolls forthwith, instead of letting them get the upper hand. My deepest apologies for bad moderation.


What I have learned from blogging this year, in no particular order:

1) "Activists" you have defended in arguments on the net, will not necessarily defend you in return. In fact, you can usually count on them not doing it.

I haven't figured out the reason for this, unless it's because most internet "activists" have not done any actual activism in real life. They believe blogging/online-brawling equal 'activism' (hence the quote marks). They don't really know what is required by activism in the real world, where day-to-day compromises and coalitions are crucial and necessary for progress.

What we unequivocally learn in real-life activism is that you must defend your allies in return; this is not an option. But online? No such understanding exists.

The bottom line: blogging is consequently reduced to social networking, not political networking. We should probably not be surprised it replicates the pettiness of high school cliques, rather than the expedience and cohesion of a political party, group or collective.

Still, it is terribly disappointing.

2) Ageism is so prevalent and accepted in Blogdonia, nobody is allowed to mention it.

Any time you say anything about this on ANY feminist blog? i.e.: Gee, where are the old women? Why aren't any women over 50 [1] ever linked/quoted/asked to guest-blog? Why are most of your participants so young? Why is the 802456th thread about Joss Whedon necessary again? Etc... these questions are not welcome or considered relevant or important. You will be told to shut the fuck up in various and sundry ways... even down to outright banning and blacklisting. Ageism is not a political issue, it is some damn grandma bitching. (As many feminists and progressives have proudly placed the concerns of young people OVER those of old people in the recent health care debate, we should probably not be surprised at this phenomenon either.)

For these reasons, I do not ask these questions any more, on any blogs, of any blogger. I confine my criticisms to my own blog, since I am likely to be edited, censored and/or banned whenever the issue is brought up.

3) It's okay for feminists to brag about their connections to influential men... even right in the front-page sidebars of their blogs! (boggle)

I know, shocking. Back in the day, such "male identification" would get you tarred and feathered in short order. If your daddy, husband, boyfriend or significant male-other was important, rich, influential, well-known, etc. you kept your mouth shut at all costs. If this fact should be belatedly discovered, you had to bring the goods, girlfriend. Your husband is the production manager of an alternative newspaper? Then you owe us an article and a mention! Your daddy is a rich banker? Then we expect a donation! Your boyfriend is a local rock and roll star? We expect him to play a benefit! Etc. And yes, you did this without argument if you wanted to belong to the collective. (It was the LEAST we could do, after all, as feminists obviously benefiting from male/heterosexual privilege.)

Nowadays, it appears this feminist-based privilege-sharing has been lost. These new feminists just want you to know who their fella is, as sheer proof of their wonderfulness: "My boyfriend is ____, am I hot or what?"--again, hearkening back to high school, and how cool one must be to get a date with the most popular dudes.


At left: Daisy discovers many Big Bloggers think she is a nuisance.

(4) Welcome to the camp, I guess you all know why we're here...

Links are the coin of the realm in Blogdonia. If you go and offend the wrong people, the Big Bloggers will put you on the unofficial master-blacklist [2] and refuse to link you. They usually only link multi-degreed, highly-connected folk like themselves, but occasionally, they will mix with the rabble, and deign to link someone from the lower echelons. If you want to BE one of those lucky people the blogging-royalty shines their (very limited) light on, you'd better behave yourself. Do not inform them they are full of shit (even when they are), on your blog or theirs. Do not point out their mistakes or correct them. They don't want to hear it. (By contrast, lower-echelon bloggers are usually grateful for the attention, any attention.)

Kiss ass. Tell them how wonderful they are, how insightful, how politically right-on. Remember in the 70s, how everyone was nicest to the neighborhood dope dealer, even when he became obsessed with conspiracy theories and didn't seem quite right? Same thing here, only now it's the Big Bloggers, and instead of handing out joints, it's linkage.

Keep this in mind and you won't go wrong.

5) "Of course I'm respectable. I'm OLD. Politicians, ugly buildings and whores all get respectable if they last long enough."--John Huston as Noah Cross in Chinatown.

This year saw the passing of a rich, white, famous, privileged heterosexual male politician from one of the world's most influential and well-known families. Everybody went into spasms of grief, while your humble narrator was rude enough to point out that he had let a young woman die in his car in 1969 (whom he possibly had impregnated, so the rumor went), and so, fuck him.

Good God, the torrent unleashed.

From the left, from the right, from feminists, from all kinds of people. I had to delete a FEMINIST (!) from my blog over it. I was told that because this rich white man had done so much for the peepul, for da wimminz, for the poor bedraggled masses, that it was horrendous of me to say "fuck him"--as if my comment had any power at all, compared to his and his family's considerable power. I was also repeatedly informed that one possibly-pregnant Catholic secretary dying a horrifically-slow death, drowning inch-by-inch over 12 hours, was a small price to pay for having a solid liberal in the Senate.

Don't I realize that?

Others reminded me that I was being a rude redneck, reminding everyone of such things at the time of the man's DEATH. (And what about HER death? When do we talk about THAT?)

I was stunned by this display. Beyond stunned, I almost wondered if the right wing was correct, that the Left has no moral compass. (The New York Times dutifully censored all reader-comments that mentioned said young woman on the Senator's obit page!)

How can anyone justify and/or write off the slow-death of an innocent woman? I am still stunned over these reactions, these lengthy equivocations.

Obviously, some people's deaths are more important than others. Women's deaths are automatically less important; working-class deaths hardly rate the newsprint. And young women labeled "sluts" for partying with married senators? Even less. We see the points being taken off; her value lessening and lessening in the eyes of the media, as well as Blogdonia. Meanwhile, I wondered, what does it take for the dead senator [3] to get points off? As far as I could see, he was untouchable.

This was a very educational experience for me.

Some, we see, are more human than others.

At left: Daisy reacts to repeated troll invasions.

6) You must never, I repeat, never, engage the gun freaks.

They will not leave you alone.

I was stalked for a solid month by one in particular, who then brought along his like-minded droogs. And I am pretty libertarian when it comes to guns--own as many as you like, I don't care. What I did was question the common sense of GIVING OUT AN ASSAULT RIFLE at a political rally, as well as make a nasty vegetarian remark about BBQ going perfectly with the whole violent motif of the event. And BAM, they were all over me like proverbial flies on shit, as if I had said I wanted to ban ALL guns.

I think the Second Amendment rocks, but it's Larry Flynt syndrome all over again: We like the First Amendment, but we also wish scumbags like Flynt were not the poster children for it. Unfortunately, they are exactly the people who WILL be the poster children, since they ARE the scumbags. The question becomes, do you want to make an exception for Larry Flynt? I say, no.

Do I want to make an exception for assault rifles? Well, I haven't decided, or at least, I certainly hadn't decided until meeting up with these rightwing gun freaks. Now, I am inclined to say: Full Second Amendment rights for everyone who has not engaged in any hate speech or stalking. If you have, we should rightly take away your guns, for safety's sake.

If you can't decently handle the First Amendment, why should we believe you can handle the Second?

7) Women all over the world are tired of sweaty boobs!

Yes, my most overwhelmingly-popular post this year was about how women aren't allowed to take off our shirts, due to the almighty sacred titties, which must be covered up always, amen. A hugely popular post (for me, anyway)--I stopped counting after about 10,000 hits. But I guess I struck a nerve! The post was linked on sites like Reddit and StumbleUpon, where the women were uniformly, screamingly positive. I guess I'm not the first gal who ever wished she could shed her shirt to simply duck under the sprinkler for a second...

It's notable that the post just got a new round of linkage in Australia, where the women are enduring a long hot summer right now... the original post was written in July. As summer entered the Southern Hemisphere, the post was widely shared once again. I am deeply honored that I have voiced the feelings of so many women, of all ages, classes, races, countries and backgrounds.

And for the record, the men are still complaining. While they love love love to look at the boobs, they seem very distraught over the idea that seeing them everywhere might become commonplace... they may actually catch sight of old, wrinkly, fat or weirdly-shaped ones. (The fact that we have historically been forced to look at their old, wrinkly, fat or weirdly-shaped boobs, doesn't seem to occur to them.) They want women without shirts, of course, but... do you mean... ALL WOMEN? It seems to terrify them.

Obviously, we're on the right track!


Thanks to all my regulars who have supported me in the past year, particularly as the trolls periodically invaded. My Christmas Facebook Friendship Drive is officially over, but please let me know if you'd like to friend me anyway... I was delighted to meet so many new readers!

Happy New Year to you all!


[1] The standard reply to this complaint is: But we have women over 40! I have no idea why they consistently employ this rather inane non sequitur, as if it makes any sense at all. It's like saying, wow, we don't have any people from New York, but we have people from Canada! We don't have any green beans, but we have popcorn! Um, okay.

[2] Of course, this master-blacklist doesn't really exist. ("The secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.") From what I have been able to discern, the non-existent blacklist is mostly drawn up over obscenely-expensive drinks in trendy Manhattan/DC/Los Angeles/other-coastal-area bars. Thus, if you live in one of these cool areas, you can worm your way into an invitation and actually get to talk to these people in person! And you can then have significant input on the makeup of the master-blacklist (that doesn't really exist, of course).

[3] I almost used a rock-band name here (Dead Kennedy), but decided that would be disrespectful, so I refrained. Footnote because I want credit for wit anyway!


The Fabulous Kitty Glendower said...

And if you conclude trans-sexuality is not a feminist issue and say so (and why), every thing else you say is worthless and not worthy of being linked.

Men first, always.

CrackerLilo said...

I am so, so, so sorry that you learned these things the hard way. At least on your own blog, you don't have to worry about getting banhammered. I think a lot of it really is, as you said, to do with the larger world and the problems around us. We can take things out on each other here, and the fact that we see our own monitor rather than your face makes us much too fucking brave sometimes, I think.

I don't get ageism. I mean, I know most of my blogfriends are also in their thirties, but I don't try to freeze people out based on age. Gods willing, you know, we all want to live long enough to be old, right? And I don't even think 50s is very old. Sometimes I think that's the appeal of vampire stories right there--characters with all the wisdom of old age, who don't ever look or move old. I'm shaking my head over how Kennedy could benefit from age, but not you or other bloggers. But I won't even ask that question, 'cause I know the answer.

I look forward to seeing more of your frivolous side, and more of your seriousness as well. I don't blog often about very serious issues, but I'm grateful for people like you who can do it with style, wit, and grace.

DaisyDeadhead said...

You just contradicted yourself. If "trans-sexuality" is not a feminist issue, then what does your final statement of "Men first, always" have to do with that?

"Men first" is a feminist statement, and you conclude your post with it appears you ARE saying that trans sexuality IS a feminist issue worthy of discussion.

I think it's amazing how some radical feminists who hold these views don't actually want to discuss their ideology on their own blogs, and censor all comments (mine, in particular) that dare to start that dialogue, but then, you know what they say: Your mileage may vary.

If you'd like to discuss the issue, Kitty, I'm ready, ain't skeered. FTR, I agree with what Andrea Dworkin wrote in 1974, which as you know, I posted here. Why do you think she was wrong?

(Not that I expect an actual dialogue of course, but one can always hope.)

Rachel said...

"My boyfriend is ____, am I hot or what?"


Happy New Year, Daisy! :-*

John Powers said...

Happy New Year Daisy!!! Happy you're going to have more fun this year and I hope not just on your blog.

Among the many reasons I love your blog is you ain't skeered.

Good luck and take joy!

John Powers said...

I meant to mention that I really like the pout-face pic :-)

La Lubu said...

Great Tommy reference. But who the hell is Joss Whedon?

Happy New Year, Daisy. I'm going to First Night with my daughter, and we're going to listen to a good R&B band, a good gospel group, and maybe some Celtic music. No blues this year; First Night was hit by the bad economy. :-( Wish I had your weather. It's a minus- factor with the wind chill tonight (brr!).

Have a good 2010.

D. said...

Official "you go, girl!" response.

(One of the little things I've picked up is that if you don't do your "thing," no one's going to ask you to. So rock on!)

Happy New Year!

sheila said...

First off I like that you ended this on a funny note. :)

I wish you the merriest of New Years...God knows we all need a new year after 09.

One of the reasons I visit you daily is for your spunk and cuz ya aint afraid (or skeered, lol).

One of the things that people have forgotten over the previous 8 years is how to speak their mind. And then now all of a sudden they start to use it and aren't sure how to handle it.

Okay, sorry. I was trying to refrain from politics. (one of my resolutions) lol.

Love ya, and a happy 2010 to you my friend. (and I HATE saying that cuz it reminds me of John McCain. Ughhhh. he ruined a good line)

The Fabulous Kitty Glendower said...

My “men first” was sarcasm. As in, the status quo always puts men first, and this includes men who demand females take up their interests before females tend to their own interests.

I just wanted to point out how you are not the only one who is not defended whenever you veer too far off a tight party line. That is the way it is on the net. The people who are defended en masse are always supporting a position that benefits white males before any one else, particularly female at birth women.

That is all.

What is there to be scared about? I have no power over you. I have no club to squeeze you out of, or demand to not associate with you like others do.

Ghost Dansing said...

Happy New Year Daisy....

JoJo said...

BA-RILLIANT post Daisy! I laughed quite a bit. Those pictures you posted of your reactions are just PRICELESS! #6 and #7 had me really in snots. I've been making that argument about women not being able to take off their shirts for years.

I was, however, distressed to hear that people have banned you from their blogs b/c of what you write here.

A very Happy New Weir to you Daisy. May 2010 be a better year for all of us.

JoJo said...

PS Can you believe it's 10 degrees warmer at my house than it is at yours? :O

mikeb302000 said...

Happy New Year, Daisy.

Thanks for that wonderful post, like so many of yours.

About the ageism, I have it in reverse. I tend to favor people in our age bracket and quickly value what they have to say. I often the younger ones with a bit of a condescending smile. That's probably as bad as the standard ageism, but that's me.

About the gun nuts, just leave them to me. I loved what you said about the ones who can't handle the 1st Amendment. I'll definitely be borrowing that one.

All the very best in 2010.

Marion said...

I visit your blog simply BECAUSE you are not 'skeered' to voice your opinion. And BECAUSE you are my age. And BECAUSE you remember music I have largely forgotten and you post that music, making my day so much better.

I'm hoping for more of your evocative posts in 2010, go, girl! Happy New Year!

Virginia S. Wood, PsyD said...

Among the other things that people have forgotten how to do, may I include "think and write clearly"? This was an awesome post on both counts. Very thought-provoking.

I'm going right over and "friend" you. I can't believe I haven't done it already.

white rabbit said...

Happy New Year to you Daisy.

Keep on trucking! ;)

As regards gun nuts, I'm just glad that the topic of guns is one of two (abortion is the other) that aren't issues over here. The latter should be legal. The former illegal. Problem solved.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello daisy its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo hav had a tumultchoous yeer!!! it is times like theez i am glad i am a dog!!! shoor sumtimes we bare owr teeth at eetch other but then its just a gud ressling match and evrybuddy is frends agin!!! ok bye

Judith said...

I think you are right that a lot of bloggers have had no real activist experience IRL. And since our whole country is polarized, blogs only reflect the whole.

Agree with you that it was weird how Mary Jo got so ignored in celebration of a Kennedy. I even saw censorship on her Wikipedia entry and it was spooky. I printed it out out of fear that it would be erased.

People in my blog gangs are very cooperative and connected worldwide, so I think a blog simply is a kind of mirror. It mirrors the attitudes of the writer/owner of the blog.

Blue Heron said...

I like the chinatown quote, perfect and also the new devil may care attitude. I am privileged that you occasionally give my blog a look and a shout and remain your fan, even without having any activist street cred myself...

Dave Dubya said...

We love you because you stir the pot and tweak rigid thinking. You get people to think about their own prejudices and beliefs and politics. Sometimes you are the mirror they can't handle looking into.

"Go to the miror, boy."

Happy New Year! You have your tie-dyed tribe with you. Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.

berryblade said...

I HATE sweaty boobs. This summer is horrible + the medication = doesn't help.

TBQH I'd rather read blogs by older womyn than my age because for some reason all the bloggers my age think sucking dick will lead them to liberation. Yeah... right. ANYWHOO

Love this post Daisy, can't wait to keep reading you for another year :)

Lindsay said...

Your point about the differences between bloggers today and the activists you worked with is interesting.

I have noticed that online "communities" are a lot smaller, narrower and more fragmented than the political movements of the '60s and '70s, which included a huge range of different groups trying to accomplish different things, but who agreed on enough to work together and get lots of things done.

What I wonder is whether this difference is, as you say, just because most bloggers haven't done any real-life activism, or if activism itself has changed over the years, become more fragmented, less trusting of outsiders, more obsessed with purity or authenticity?

Anyway, Happy New Year! This younger person appreciates your wisdom.

Cassandra Says said...

I love you. Especially for the Kennedy thing, which really was Flynt part 2. Are/were these people potentially useful allies that we can/could hold our noses and work with when necessary? Sure. Are/were they good people? Oh HELL no.

I think I've vexed people by pointing out that there are all kinds of problems with sexism in Whedon's work too (and also that it's REALLY FUCKING BORING, imo). It's kind of hilarious. I mean, I love metal, and yet I can admit that there are all kinds of issues with it from a feminist point of view, and refrain from making pouty face if someone points these issues out. So why can other people not do the same? Are we really so immature that any criticism of people whose work we like is a grave personal insult?

I'm not even going to start on the ageism. Do these people think they're never going to get old themselves? Are they really that mad at their Mommy still? Apparently so.

Amber Rhea said...

It's been a strange year for blogging, that's for sure. Multiple times this year, I became convinced that the internet had lost its collective fucking mind!

Carrie said...

Yeah, the Internet is a goofy place, and blogs provide a constant flow of bizaar entertainment that didn't exist before. Blogs also reveal the mentalities of various generations that I find rather fascinating.
Must admit, though, that it is the anger and resentment that is most revealing... the collective craziness of everyone out there.

Bob S. said...

I think this is ironic

I think it's amazing how some radical feminists who hold these views don't actually want to discuss their ideology on their own blogs, and censor all comments (mine, in particular) that dare to start that dialogue, but then, you know what they say: Your mileage may vary.

Change it to your view of firearms and the same thing applies to you.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Bob, as stated in the piece you obviously didn't read, I have no problem with guns. It's their owners that are so often assholes.

And thanks for the handy-dandy illustration.

Bob S. said...


As stated in the piece, it was about the discussion of things that you didn't want to handle.

You didn't like people coming here to talk about things that you brought up.

No one thought you wanted to ban all guns (if they did I missed it during in the comments) but we did want to talk about why it was "wrong" in your opinion to give away a firearm.

You didn't want to discuss that you started censoring comments about from folks who asked about or questioned your views. Just like you complain about others doing.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Bob, you will not give me orders or talk to me disrespectfully on my own blog and tell me what I must and must not discuss. Sorry. Save that shit for the wife. I'm not your huckleberry.

You didn't like people coming here to talk about things that you brought up.

Correction: I didn't like rude assholes coming here to talk about things that I brought up.

The fact that you still do not seem to understand the difference, probably means you are one of the rude assholes.

You didn't want to discuss that you started censoring comments about from folks who asked about or questioned your views. Just like you complain about others doing.

Um, no.

You DO realize I was endlessly stalked on unrelated threads? You DO realize that I was stalked for a month on my own blog, and even followed onto another blog where the troll attempted to pick a fight with me on a thread about BERNIE MADOFF???!?

This has to do with assault rifles how?

Behavior like this will no longer be tolerated. Get a clue. (First warning for you too.)

Bob S. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
DaisyDeadhead said...

Bob, wow, all that typing, POOF, gone. LOL.

Please type a whole bunch more, so I can do that again. It was FUN.

Joan Kelly said...

I'm sorry to ask an off topic question, and please feel free to ignore...

what is a huckleberry? it sounds negative the way you used it, but somebody called me their "huckleberry" the other day (it was a woman friend, joking but affectionate) and it seemed like a term of endearment. I just have never heard it used before this week, and then suddenly it's my friend and you in quick succession.


Really Knows How To Focus On The Important Things, in Los Angeles

Bob S. said...


Since you seem to be so hypocritical on your own blog, I posted my reply at my place.

Stop by and comment, I won't delete your comments.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Bob, as my dearly departed grandma used to say (namesake of this blog, it should be noted): That'll happen on the second Tuesday after the third week hell freezes over.

Joan! You always ask the fun questions.

From Huckleberry: Quite how "I’m your huckleberry" came out of all that with the sense of the man for the job isn’t obvious. It seems that the word came to be given as a mark of affection or comradeship to one’s partner or sidekick. There is often an identification of oneself as a willing helper or assistant about it, as here in True to Himself, by Edward Stratemeyer, dated 1900: “ ‘I will pay you for whatever you do for me.’ ‘Then I’m your huckleberry’”...

Doc Holliday famously goaded gamblers with "I'm your Huckleberry" right before poker games, as well as gunfights/duels, if you saw the movie TOMBSTONE (Val Kilmer as Doc).

And I just reversed it: I'm NOT his huckleberry.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Bob, I guess nobody reads your blog, because I haven't had a single hit from your place yet.


Shoot, got excited for a second there.

(If a gun freak writes a blog post, but nobody reads it, does it make a noise?)

Bob S. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mike W. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
DaisyDeadhead said...

Any more trolls? Step right up for deletion!!!! :P

Fucking freaks.

Mike W. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
DaisyDeadhead said...

Keep it up, and I will write a pro-Obama comment, link it to your blog and make it look like you wrote it.

You don't get to come here and call me names. This is MY blog, and *I* call the names. You don't like that, don't let the doorknob hit you in the ass.

jovan b. said...

Daisy, at least you delete posts from rude jerks like Bob S. I didn't have time for all of that. 2009 was also no fun for me on my blog as well, as I banned someone from my blog for the first time ever after he acted like a douchebag after my post about the April 15 'tea parties'.

Mike W. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bob S. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mike W. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
DaisyDeadhead said...

"Now be gone, before somebody drops a house on you too!"

southernfemalelawyer said...

Miss Daisy - I *heart* you. Looks like they came after me after you poofed them. Poor widdle things must be tired. What sucks is that it made me change my comments policy AND I deleted them all (after I read what they did to you).

The GOOD thing is it led me to this blog!

xoxox - sfl

Mike W. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mike W said...

Daisy, I could hardly sleep last night thinking about your wonderfulness. I have totally reversed my views about guns and have commenced beating my assault rifles into plowshares! GIVE PEACE A CHANCE, FLOWERS ARE BETTER THAN BULLETS! I have seen the light, because of your amazing words on your brilliant blog. God I love you, but of course, not as much as I love President Obama, our shepherd! NAMASTE!

DaisyDeadhead said...

Mike, go and sin no more!

Mike W. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mike W said...

Daisy, I wish you weren't married, you are so fabulously sexy and wonderful. As I said, I could not sleep, thinking about you.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Mike, what a sweet thing to say.

Mike W. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
DaisyDeadhead said...

Mike, apparently you haven't caught on. You are wasting your time, dude. All comments by you will be transformed in just this manner. And nonetheless, you continue like an ignorant dickhead. See, this is why we worry about gun freaks; you are resoundingly STUPID AND WE DON'T TRUST YOU WITH GUNS, asshole.

Go away, or next comments will have you praising Malcolm X, Andrea Dworkin, Whoopi Goldberg and Karl Marx.

Dumb as fucking dirt.

Mike W said...

Daisy, since reading your blog, I have decided radical feminism is right on. All people are innately bisexual, and now I am marveling at the work of Andrea Dworkin! What a genius she was! I have been far too rigid in my sexual expression. Next cute guy I meet, I will offer him a blowjob and I will let you know how it was.

Next I will be reading "Value, Price and Profit" by Karl Marx and learning all about our corrupt capitalist system! YOU HAVE FREED MY MIND, dearest Daisy, and now I am learning what it is to be a human being instead of an ignorant dickhead.

You have liberated me! How can I ever repay you?

Mike W. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mike W said...

Daisy, wow, the blowjob was better than I ever dreamed. I now have to figure out how to tell my wife I am really gay.

Any tips on that?

Again, thanks so much for changing my life!

Bryce said...

D, u r killin me!!!!!!!!!

Sandwich365 said...

Daisy, Daisy, you're my Shero! You make me laugh, donkey-nod and pee my pants all at the same time. My new drug of choice. Thank you. Keri

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