Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Boiled peanuts, revisited!

Note: I've been getting a ton of hits on the boiled peanuts recipe (from 2008) and decided to reprint it here.


One of the greatest delicacies of the south is boiled peanuts. Now that it's football season, decided to blog the recipe.

Nothing tops sitting out in the bleachers of a high-school or college football game, county fair or concert, chomping away on these salty, delightful wonders! That's what it's all about, my friends!

I decided to use the Boiled Peanuts Recipe from What's Cooking America:

Judging from the many variations on recipes for boiled peanuts, there appears to be no wrong way to boil green [raw] peanuts. The important thing is the many tastings needed to determine when they are done. You must taste test the boiled peanuts for saltiness and firmness, as some people prefer soft nuts to firmer ones.

4 to 5 pounds green (raw) peanuts in shell
4 to 6 quarts water
1 cup plain salt (Daisy's NOTE: Some people use more. You will have to figure out what your salt-quotient is! Paula Deen recommends 1 1/2 cups of salt to 2-3 lbs green peanuts.)

Wash unshelled peanuts thoroughly in cold water until water runs clear; then soak in cool, clean water for approximately 30 minutes before cooking.

In a large pot, place soaked peanuts and cover completely with water. Add 1 cup of salt per gallon of water. Cook, covered, on high heat for 4 to 7 hours.

NOTE: the cooking time of boiled peanuts varies according to the maturity of the peanuts used and the variety of peanuts. The cooking time for a 'freshly pulled" or green peanut is shorter than for a peanut that has been stored for a time.

Boil the peanuts for about 4 hours, then taste. Taste again in 10 minutes, both for salt and texture. Keep cooking and tasting until the peanuts reach desired texture (when fully cooked, the texture of the peanut should be similar to that of a cooked dry pea or bean).

Remove from heat and drain peanuts after cooking or they will absorb salt and become over salted.

Peanuts may be eaten hot or at room temperature, or chilled in the refrigerator and eaten cold, shelling as you eat them.

Freezing boiled peanuts:
Prepare peanuts as indicated above. Drain, allow to cool, and freeze in airtight containers. They keep indefinitely.
The usual southern method is to eat them outside, where you can throw (or spit, if you're hard-core!) the empty shells on the ground.

Excellent for football Saturdays! Enjoy!

PS: This post was also inspired by Jackie's fantastic Peanut Butter post at The Vegan Diet!


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Mmmm, I could go for some of those right now. Or failing that, salt potatoes.

jovan b. said...

I thought about getting boiled peanuts when I went to the Class A Division II state title game in Orangeburg, that was until I heard of the prices of the stuff.

But, I was very glad that my alma mater, Williston-Elko, won the Class A D2 state title, their first since 1980.

white rabbit said...

Boiled peanuts????? :-O

Bloody hell...

JoJo said...

Where does one buy green peanuts though? I dont' think I've ever seen them!

Great recipe Daisy but I have to admit, it's a heck of a lot easier to just go to the store and buy peanuts. lol

Marion said...

I think the Health Food Store might have some raw peanuts in the shell. The recipe sounds awesome and I really want to try them. Thanks, Daisy, I will keep a look out for raw unshelled nuts!

sheila said...

When you wrote: "some people prefer soft nuts to firmer ones."....I have to admit I chuckled and then glanced at the screen to see if a joke was coming. ha ha ha!

But BOILED peanuts? I've NEVER heard of those! Huh! I've heard of roasted, but not boiled. Interesting.

sheila said...

p.s. I've never heard of green peanuts either. lol

atlasien said...

In Atlanta, Raymond's World Famous Peanuts stand, complete with special boiled-peanut-based multiracial harmony slogan:

It's a great local landmark, a piece of the rural South stuck right in the middle of the city.

Anonymous said...

bioled peanuts are like heroine for me. i can eat them every second of the day.
here in the south, there is always a pot cookin em, just about any house you walk into.
we like em always, especially while we wait for some cracklin bread and black eyeds.
or from jim boy on the side of road out of town and he makes em best, even cajuns.
raw green nuts are usually found in the fruit/veggie section at the grocery. but they're in huge buckets down here y'all, so we got no trouble with finding them.

Bryce said...

anon, where i grew up green nuts were kept in big buckets @local markets.