Friday, December 18, 2009

Religious Right prays to Moloch (No Escape from Jim Demint, pt. 2)

Wowee Zowee, today everyone is talking about the Family Research Council Action PAC's "prayercast event" (where do they come up with these names?) that our Senator, Jim Demint, attended with the likes of hardcore right-wingnuts Michele Bachmann, Sam Brownback, Todd Akin and Mike McIntyre. MSNBC covered the three-ring circus at some length last night.

Talking Points Memo reports that Dr Dobson also dropped in, to see what condition his condition was in:

James Dobson participated via phone, offering a prayer and seeming to tie the health care bill and the country's overall political direction to none other than the Devil: "I just pray that You will frustrate the plans of the Evil One, and revive us again with conviction and forgiveness. Show us how we can further your cause, Lord and advance your kingdom, and we will be careful to give you the praise. Just begin a revival in our hearts that will restore us as one nation under God."
Wow, silly me, I was just thinking that anyone who wants to deny health care to anyone for any reason will burn in hell for all eternity. But then, I am an adherent of that OLD TIME RELIGION, straight from THE BIBLE, which categorically states that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for Dr Dobson, a very rich man, to go to heaven.

I think they missed that verse.

In any event, the whole thing has me nauseated. Clean hands and a pure heart? (That would leave out politicians, simply by definition, wouldn't it?)

Well, get your barf bag, here it is. South Carolinians will note Jim Demint's reverently bowed head (far left of screen) at around 1:57:

On a purely theological note--as a child, I attended a Free Will Baptist church with my beloved uncle Ernest (R.I.P.), in which everyone started praying out loud simultaneously in the manner of the prayercast-participants at the end of this video. (Also, many Pentecostal churches do this.) I admit, I've always kinda liked the idea behind this tradition, that God can hear everybody at once... but then again, if they are all praying for the same thing, as they are here (they weren't at my uncle's church), then one assumes they could just ask in unison for an end to universal health care, couldn't they?: Dear God, let the people continue to suffer in pain and poverty, without any affordable health care... wait, Daisy asks, startled, which God is this? (Moloch!)*

I am somewhat amazed (okay, a lot amazed) to see this once-pious style-of-worship employed by politicians for right-wing ends (notice they held the prayercast on a Wednesday night, when the most faithful Protestants attend mid-week services) -- just as I would be if I saw Mass or Benediction being used for the same purposes.

Why is this any different than Muslims praying for victory, or any other blasphemous mix of politics and religion? Oh right, they're Muslims and we're not.

These HERETICS are the scum of the earth. (AND they will burn in hell.)


*I primarily refer not only to the historical Moloch, but to Allen Ginsburg's Moloch:
Moloch the incomprehensible prison! Moloch the
crossbone soulless jailhouse and Congress of
sorrows! Moloch whose buildings are judgment!
Moloch the vast stone of war! Moloch the stunned governments!
Moloch whose mind is pure machinery! Moloch whose
blood is running money! Moloch whose fingers
are ten armies! Moloch whose breast is a cannibal dynamo!
Moloch whose ear is a smoking tomb!
Moloch whose eyes are a thousand blind windows!
Moloch whose skyscrapers stand in the long
streets like endless Jehovahs! Moloch whose factories
dream and croak in the fog! Moloch whose
smokestacks and antennae crown the cities!
Moloch whose love is endless oil and stone! Moloch
whose soul is electricity and banks!
YES! That's him!

This is who they are actually praying to. Moloch, who enjoys the illness and pain of working people, as they die right next to Dr Dobson's homes (plural), valued at well over a half-million dollars each. Money he took right out of their pockets, too.
Moloch! Moloch! Robot apartments! invisible suburbs!
skeleton treasuries! blind capitals! demonic
industries! spectral nations! invincible mad
houses! granite cocks! monstrous bombs!
They broke their backs lifting Moloch to Heaven!
I'd recognize him anywhere.


Ghost Dansing said...

yes Daisy, heretics indeed. i've frequently said these people are not Christians at all. Satan works in mysterious and diabolical ways. Dominique

Doc Anchovy said...

Moloch WalMart, bringer of lower everyday prices!

Anonymous said...

Mathew 6:5 And when you pray, you shall not be like the hypocrites. For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corner of the streets, that they may be seen by men. Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward.


ArrogantWorm said...

That's the reason I don't like giving to 'charity'. 'Charity' around here consists entirely of church, and I do mean - entirely -. Went to church last Sunday and the What I'm Thankful For speeches included everyone-but-Christians dying in the Towers' fall, a few reminices on those Foolish Jewish People and some heavy race issues. Oh, and a hideous 'using the poor and slovenly as a teaching method' 'inspirational' story. The only thing they missed was the Deserving Poor (turns out the Salvation Army food pantry took care of that nugget when I went to see 'em last week, got a ten minute lecture (from their boss, he made sure to inform me) on how I should be nicer and that they didn't - have - to help me, they're here on their days off. Which apparently means I need to ask how high when they say jump along with letting their staff make make various cracks.

Anyway, the only thing they forgot last Sunday service were the lgbt jokes, and I wouldn't put it past 'em to have said something after the service at the various get togethers. The church made more than a $1000.00 on donations this month (they have it listed in their Sunday pamphlet)and I'm pretty damn sure few people saw it because they also do missions to other countries to talk the people out of their own religion. Which one woman talked about for a good forty minutes, and it was condescending.

-alright, rantishness over. Well, mostly. I keep wanting to say a thing or two about material wealth whenever I go t'church but the old "Don't cross the Pastor in any matter" tends to rear its head.

ArrogantWorm said...

*****To be fair, with the Towers' Fall, it wasn't the "I'm thankful for all those -other- people dying." but it was "I understand why God would let them die, but what about Us Christians.". She even started to say eternal torment, but cut off on the beginning o'the last word. The woman is a teacher, she got to tell a story on how she corralled her class and nosed into their personal lives to have them state that God works in mysterious ways. Greatly disliked that bit, she shouldn't've given out the kids' full names or what their personal and family problems are to a bunch of people who don't know 'em from Adam, and she - certainly - shouldn't've aired them in class, let alone demanded proof in front of peers (or in such a despicable manner) on why God would let something bad happen.

I do wish there were different organizations around here for charity, though. Every time I give something I keep thinking the churches are snatching it up and keeping it for themselves. I wish they had a wall in different stores all year round so that people could just pick a letter off the tree and buy what's needed, instead of just the toys for tots thing on Christmas.

Dave Dubya said...

The message to these willfully ignorant bigots wrapped in piety was perfectly stated by Frank Zappa. "Jesus thinks you're a jerk".

Dennis the Vizsla said...

I notice that no one has ever seen Dobson and Sauron at the same time. Coincidence? Or are they really ONE AND THE SAME?

Mista Jaycee said...

Hi Daisy!
Just stopping in!

Rachel said...

If there be a hell, then there be a place for James Dobson right in the hottest suburb of it. And DeMint will likely be living next door. Right across the fiery street from Falwell and Helms.

Lindsay said...

I love that part of "Howl" so much. So powerful.