Friday, December 4, 2009

War is over, if you want it

Best thing I've heard today: Gloria Allred canceled her press conference with her stunningly-attractive client, Rachel Uchitel, just as Uchitel was poised to Tell All about her "relationship" with Tiger Woods.

Scandalmongers everywhere sobbed; Gloria never lets us down. This is a first!

After the cancellation, Allred's daughter, Lisa Bloom (yes, intrepid Court-TV junkies and scandalmongers love Lisa almost as much as we love her mom), announced on several news networks that mom would never cancel a press conference, except for one reason: Mr Green has arrived.

Mr Green! Love it.

And I'd love to know what kind of Merry Christmas the Uchitel family will have this year; something tells me the presents under the tree will be first rate indeed.


More scandals! DEAD AIR can barely keep up. As Renee reported, actress Meredith Baxter has come out as gay.

I first became very interested in Baxter when she dated... David Cassidy! Yes, I kept careful track of all the Cassidy-women: Meredith, Susan Dey, Judy Strangis, Robin Millan, and his first wife, the totally fabulous Kay Lenz. Embarrassing but true.

Camille Paglia once wrote the following about Baxter, which I found rather puzzling at the time... but now, suddenly makes perfect sense:

Baxter's 1992 performance as a real-life San Diego murderess in the two parts of "The Betty Broderick Story," "A Woman Scorned" and "Her Final Fury," remains one of the most impressive pieces of work by an American actress in the last 20 years. Though I've watched rebroadcasts of that tense docudrama times without number, I still thrill with admiration at Baxter's tough energy, pinpoint vocal work and insight into both sexual relations and American character. "The Betty Broderick Story" should be required viewing at every acting school.
Um, say what?

Of course (it should go without saying!), I enjoyed the Betty Broderick mini-series as much as the next scandalmonger... but hey, Meredith Baxter isn't Meryl Streep, okay? I wondered if Paglia (with whom I share my special great love for Elizabeth) had gone off the deep-end, or was possibly in love with Baxter.

Ha! Was I right or what?

Now that we know, I am wondering if they have actually dated or possibly got real friendly on one of those hot lesbian cruises.

It's interesting that Paglia lets her emotions interfere with her critical sensibilities, although she loves to accuse feminists like Naomi Wolf of doing the same thing. Paglia is always proudly blathering that she has "a male brain"; I wonder if effusively gushing over her favorite lady-friends is what she means by that?



Raleigh Demonstrators against Cliffside, from October 29th demonstration. Photo courtesy of the Canary Coalition.

On a political note, Duke Energy is still attempting to destroy the Blue Ridge Mountains with a coal-burning power-plant, smack-dab in the middle of one of the most beautiful areas in the world. I have covered this previously, and the brawl continues, with protesters busted this week also.

Jeanne Brooks writes, accurately:
Although coal-burning power plants are the largest source of carbon emissions in the U.S., that’s not the only concern. In August, U.S. Geological Survey research tested fish in about 300 streams across the nation and found every fish contaminated with mercury.

The smoke-stack emissions of power plants are a major source of the mercury, the EPA said, along with trash burning and cement plants.

Tiny particulates, associated with heart attacks and asthma, among other medical problems, are another power plant emission.

Removing mountain tops by detonation in central Appalachian states like West Virginia and Kentucky to mine coal is an additional, and ugly, factor. The debris has ruined and buried miles of streams.


Pausing for unpaid commercial for the wonderful MOMMIE DOTS line by Augisa & Co. All of their vegan, cruelty-free skin-products are terrific, but this one deserves a special shout-out.

I just sent the awesome Mommie 2 Be Bellie Butta to my daughter, as her pregnant self expands. Bellie Butta is made of aloe, chamomile, lavender and organic coconut oil; highly recommended for you future-mamas out there.


Locally, the Sara Lee factory is closing and laying off 200 workers. Our warmest positive thoughts, deadhead vibes and heartfelt novenas are with all the folks losing jobs at Christmastime, which just makes me wanna cry:
GREENVILLE, S.C. -- Officials with Sara Lee Corp. said 200 workers in South Carolina will lose their jobs when the company closes its bread factory in Greenville.

Sara Lee officials told the Herald-Journal of Spartanburg that they have to close the bakery in January because they lost a major customer.

Spokesman Mike Cummins said the plant makes frozen dough and bagels for the food service industry. Cummins said a few workers may be offered jobs at other plants, but the rest will get severance packages and help finding another job.

Sara Lee began operating the Greenville plant in 1984 after acquiring it from King's Hawaiian Bakery.
We are with you, folks, and wish you all the best.


And speaking of Christmas, as always, I am currently inundated with endless holiday music at my workplace. (My definitive Christmas music post is here!) However, I have noticed that John and Yoko's famous "Happy Christmas/War is Over" is pointedly NOT one of the songs being played over and over.


Maybe because the war isn't over?

(If you want it.)


Speaking of Christmas and capitalism, several different versions of the official DEAD AIR Christmas season kick-off tune have been yanked off YouTube already. Yes, boys and girls, The Grinch is alive and active and wants to CHEAT US OF OUR JAMS!

But I found one anyway, she snorted derisively. Listen now, before they yank this one too!

Come to think of it, they never play this one in public places either. ;)

Father Christmas - The Kinks

[via FoxyTunes / The Kinks]


CrackerLilo said...

Yeah, there were lots of jokes around my work about how we'd all love some visits from "Mr. Green." I don't give a rat's fat ass about Tiger Woods' affairs, though. He's just playing golf very well; he's not really set up to be a moralistic role model. As I've said, I pretty much expect pro athletes to cheat.

It sucks to see that factory close down. I hope the Duke Energy plant can be blocked.

If I have to hear Christmas music, I wish it'd be better quality stuff like that Kinks song or "Happy Christmas/War Is Over." As it is, I get into parody crap like "Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire" (a demented mashup of Nat King Cole's "Christmas Song" and the Chipmunks Christmas song.)

white rabbit said...

At the risk of blatant self-promotion, I got scandal today!!! ;)

sheila said...

I'm not so fond of the Christmas/War song. So I'll skip that part. Okay, so REALLY? Meredith dated David Cassidy? Say whatttt? Really? I always loooooved him.

I was surprised she's gay. But I always liked her. I hope shes happy. I just want everyone to be happy :)

What was the first segment? Ughhh. Ummmm. OH yeah! Tiger. lol! Did you hear he hit a tree? Blahhaaaa Haaaa! I'm shocked that Mr. Perfect has a flaw. I mean if you consider multiple cheating a flaw. Good lord. If I were his wife, I'd use some of that re-negotiated pre-nup $$ to get tested for STD's.

Bryce said...

i could use Mr. Green as a friend too,lol.

passinthru said...

Um, you might want to think about whether crediting praise of an actress to "unmentioned lust" is appropriate here, or just extending a stereotype of lesbians as unbridled.

Personally, I've always liked Meredith Baxter-Birney's work, and I LOATHE Meryl Streep. She's a colorless prom queen in every role.

My credentials for this evaluation are a lifetime in the theatre and a family business as actors, but you can speculate on my sexual preference if you like. :D

DaisyDeadhead said...

Passinthru: you might want to think about whether crediting praise of an actress to "unmentioned lust" is appropriate here, or just extending a stereotype of lesbians as unbridled.

No, it is a stereotype of Paglia, who IS unbridled. ;)

I don't think it's "unmentioned"--I think they have probably met before. (The way everyone seems to just know that Shepard Smith and Anderson Cooper are gay; I assume Paglia knew already.)

My favorite actress is Diane Keaton, whom I have discovered brings out some real critics! Elizabeth Taylor is the Actress-Goddess I LUST FOR.

PS: We tolerate NO criticism of Elizabeth on DEAD AIR. :D

(Wizard-of-Oz Scarecrow voice: Of course, some people do go BOTH ways.)

BwcaBrownie said...

Dear Daisy - all praise Dame Elizabeth, earning her own living since she was 9 years old, aligning herself (against the tide) with AIDS sufferers, and Michael Jackson, and PREVAILING. She is a monument.
We often read that all of the Gone With The Wind cast have passed from life, but I marvel that the two National Velvets are still with us.
Bless them.
oh and I adore Diane Keaton too.
Woody and Warren. just one part of her amazing.