Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Can I ask for my vote back, Mr President?

Tonight, as President Barack Obama makes a mockery of his Nobel Peace Prize and decides to escalate the Afghanistan War, I take formal leave of the Democratic Party.

I am now, officially, out the door.

I am also reminded of Lyndon Johnson's famous speech defending our similar cranked-up intervention in that Southeast Asian debacle so very long ago... Deja Vu all over again.

I regret my vote already. I should never have trusted.

And I can't do any better than Keith Olbermann on MSNBC last night, addressing the president personally:

So, much of the change for which you were elected, Sir, has thus far been understandably, if begrudgingly, tabled, delayed, made more open-ended. But patience ebbs, Mr. President. And while the first one thousand key decisions of your presidency were already made about the economy, the first public, easy-to-discern, mouse-or-elephant kind of decision comes tomorrow night at West Point at eight o'clock.

You know this, Mr. President: we cannot afford this war. Nothing makes less sense to our economy than the cost of supply for 35,000 new troops. Nothing will do more to slow economic recovery. You might as well shoot the revivified auto industry or embrace John Boehner Health Care Reform and Spray-Tan Reimbursement.

You know this, Mr. President: we cannot afford this war. Nothing makes less sense to our status in the world than for us to re-up as occupiers of Afghanistan and for you to look like you were unable to extricate yourself from a Military Chinese Finger Puzzle left for you by Bush and Cheney and the rest of Halliburton's hench-men.

And most of all, and those of us who have watched these first nine months trust both your judgment and the fact you know this, Mr. President: unless you are exactly right, we cannot afford this war. For if all else is even, and everything from the opinion of the generals to the opinion of the public is even, we cannot afford to send these troops back into that quagmire for second tours, or thirds, or fourths, or fifths.

We cannot afford this ethically, Sir. The country has, for eight shameful years, forgotten its moral compass and its world purpose. And here is your chance to reassert that there is, in fact, American Exceptionalism. We are better. We know when to stop making our troops suffer, in order to make our generals happy.

You, Sir, called for change, for the better way, for the safety of our citizens including the citizens being wasted in war-for-the-sake-of-war, for a reasserting of our moral force. And we listened. And now you must listen. You must listen to yourself.
Text of Olbermann's entire commentary (with video) here.


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I am sick over this, and very, very disappointed.

Your thoughts?


D. said...

GMTA indeed.

I don't believe in Evil Twins, but yike!

(I have no political home anymore. I don't even have a political bus shelter.)

Bryce said...

fucked up beyond all recognition

BlueBird said...

Why are people surprised at this?
America is an empire now, and the presidency is filled by corporate figure heads, and Wall St. types.

Remember the supposed early peace candidate Obama, and all the attacks on Hillary over her "vote" on the Iraqi war? Hmmm, I never believed him then, I don't believe him now. How naive can you get?

D. said...

Bob Herbert being prescient yesterday.

We have always been at war with Grand Fenwick.

Dave Dubya said...

Obama knows the Reich Wingers have his Dealey Plaza waiting for him if he tries to end the war too soon.

This war's end is on Obama's second term agenda. If he makes it that long. He could be the greatest one term president if he chose to do the right thing.

Ruth Moss said...

So your lot, and our lot, are wanting to keep on with this stupid war?

*shakes head*

Jackie said...

Very sad.

Sadly I have found that campaign promises are hardly ever met no matter what party, no matter what country.

ann said...

i'm not american and if i were, obama would never have got my vote - still after the kneejerk reaction of iraq the need for change was well understood - personally hillary was the best man for the job

still having said that, there is a bigger picture where afghanistan is concerned and there is a need to be there - to fight the global threat of islamic fundamentalism and domination that seeks to destroy the western world that we know and enjoy

it is not a pretty picture, but as leading nations the usa and the uk and europe have a duty to protect the world and to restore order and freedom to the afghan people - i count my blessings i am not a woman who lives (no, exists and barely survives) life under taliban rule

recommended reading - Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns

Prudence said...

I live in the UK, so he's not my president, but I too was very excited about his election and I would have voted for him. It's disappointing how he's not made the difference that we thought he would, I hope he realises what he should do soon. He should put an end to all the madness which Bush started, regardless of how much effort it will take. Troops have to leave Afghanistan eventually, so why not sooner rather than later?

Anonymous said...

we repubs tried to tell you but you wouldn't listen now i hope you are happy with your democratic socialist or should i say communist policies and czars you voted for

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Remember the supposed early peace candidate Obama, and all the attacks on Hillary over her "vote" on the Iraqi war? Hmmm, I never believed him then, I don't believe him now. How naive can you get?

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