Friday, March 6, 2009

ZANY SEARCH TERMS--ongoing fun for all

As promised, the ever-ongoing ZANY SEARCH TERMS thread! (Part I here)

During the past few weeks, these particular search terms were used on various search engines, primarily Google and Yahoo, to find this blog.

(Feel free to add your own from your own blog, if you have one!)


vegetarian octuplets on TV

Is Bob Jones dead?

Aztec fleas

Albert Hoffman bicycle ride speech acid

cause of death alcohol poison in my house without my knowledge do I still consider liable

daisy won't hold hot air

misfile comic porn

myrtle beach biker rally all fucked up now

new york times Jessica simpson cartoon sorry tony, i found someone else ronald mcdonald

Lindsey Graham evil

jackson browne & merovian kings

Meredith Kercher bloody hair in hand

I need to know exactly why Bob Dylan and Sarah broke up!

Alabama man gets attacked by ex-girlfriend with a crochet needle

Was John Updike on antidepressants?

allen ginsburg gender neutral pronoun

high fructose corn syrup commercial brothers actors

bethenny frankel fucks cab driver

can you recycle cat shit?

what is implied by the comments regarding daisy and tom and the secret society to which they belong*

Grateful Dead blogs with sense and sensibility

Daisy Duck blowjobs

"he hit me and it felt like a kiss"

porn stars crying

tarot reading in south by old Christian woman ONLY


*apparently a GREAT GATSBY question


Daisy said...

Wow, you get some wacky ones! I just looked at some of mine from today, and the weirdest ones are:
furry xxx cats
u.s. curly number puzzle

ps: that last one scairt me a little bit.

yellowdog granny said...

people that find me are usually looking for a granny to have kinky sex with..really spooky..

Renee said...

Every time I look at the search terms they weird me out as well. How the hell did they get to your blog looking for Aztec fleas?

Meowser said...

"Daisy Duck blowjobs"? I don't even want to THINK about what would possess someone to Google that.

(Not that some of the other items are evidence of stellar mental-health stewardship either, but...that doesn't even make any sense!)

feralhistorian said...

Wow! What a bizarre list of search terms! The one that intrigued me enough that I had to try it myself was "Jackson Brown & Merovian Kings." Even after inserting the correct word ("Merovingian"), I never did figure out what they were looking for.

joan said...

Aren't they too much fun! Checking them is one of my favorite past times. Enjoying your blog!

Starla said...

LOL, this is funny. =D
i miss you. our phone is messed up, and has been for a while. we are working on getting it fixed. just wanted to drop in so you didnt think i vanished. i love you!