Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reverend Billy brings us all the (old) hits!

What on earth would I do without the totally indispensable Reverend Billy's Rhythm Revival!? Last night, he played an amazing singer I was only marginally aware of, South Carolina's own Baby Washington. Immediately, I knew Dead Air has been waiting all this time for her wonderfulness. Let's hear it for husky-voiced, alto girls! (I am one, too.) Just take a listen to this.

The old-timey drive-in visuals for this first one are great, too. This particular tune sounds like a Bacharach-David song, who influenced the songwriters Holley and Raleigh, according to the guy who put it on YouTube. It shows!

That's how heartaches are made - Baby Washington


This is an excellent up-tempo, Northern Soul song... GREAT!

Think about the good times - Baby Washington


Soul ballad with some antique cars as accompaniment (?)... hey, I was just thrilled to find the song!

Nobody knows, nobody cares - Baby Washington


And then, Reverend Billy wound up his show with a surf band, The Pyramids.

Penetration - The Pyramids


Here they are with shaved heads in Bikini Beach. And check those choreographed dance moves; the lead guitarist even does a back-flip, impressing Annette Funicello (Frankie, you will notice, was never impressed by anything). Not sure what the guy in the monkey suit is doing sitting at the table, I guess you'd have to watch the whole movie. And then Don Rickles, of all people, appears in the middle of the video, with a bird on his head. Those wacky 60s!

Bikini Drag - The Pyramids

I bow before the good Reverend and profusely thank him for his knowledge of musical arcana!


sheila said...

Baby Washington is a NEW singer? Wow, she sounds like the singers from the 50's. Beautiful voice and sound. Maybe it was all the subliminal memoriabilia in the videos, but she just reminds me of the 50's sound.

Daisy said...

No, she's from the 60s. That's why I named the post "old" hits.

yellowdog granny said...

i remember her..and all of the songs of the 60's and of the 50's for that matter..that's the music of my 'ute'...ha..
I will have to check out reverand billys rhythm revival...if this is a taste..thanks for this..terrific.