Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday!

25 years ago--a quarter of a century!--I gave birth to a child and named her after a Syd Barrett song!!!

I shoulda known there would be some fallout from that! What was I thinking? :P

Happy Birthday, Delusional Precious! All my love to you on this very special day.


Syd (in the hat) is in this video, the original. Enjoy!

See Emily Play - Pink Floyd


Starla said...

thanks, mom!! :)) love you!

John Powers said...

post + comment = big :-)

Ruth Moss said...

Aw, lovely post and lovely commment; happy birthday Starla!

Ann oDyne said...

What were you thinking?

1. it is very important to have a name that's a song.
2. Syd Barrett is a Legend.
3. It's a pretty name.
4. post-partum is no moment to make decisions which are life-long ... for anybody.

Wishing the birthday girl
Many Happy Returns Of The Day.

Marion said...

Happy Birthday,'ve got an incredible name...and an incredible Mom!

yellowdog granny said...

a belated happy birthday..