Monday, March 2, 2009

Odds and Sods - Snowed-in edition

We've got snow in South Carolina! It happens about once a year, and everybody goes crazy. Sitting here watching THE VIEW and wasting some time. They are talking about Michelle Obama's official portrait, which is stunningly lovely!

Tell me again, how did we get stuck with Elisabeth Hasselbeck? Oh yeah, she was on Survivor. Why does that make her qualified to talk about politics (or anything else)? Does anyone know? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

I remember she campaigned for Sarah Palin, which gave me unsettling Stepford Wives flashbacks when I saw them onstage together.

BTW, has anyone seen The Stepford Husbands? (Highly recommended for rank hilarity, if you should feature a "bad movie night" at one of your parties!)

Recommended random reading:

Marion talks about her sweet doggies developing cabin fever and related canine oddities up there in the Great White North. I had no idea dogs could be as neurotic as cats--another animal stereotype destroyed. The vast majority of dogs I have known (with the exception of my mother's neurotic inbred schnauzer, mentioned on the linked post) have been far healthier mentally than their owners! In addition, I've always heard that "big dogs" were free of neurosis.

Definitely a post for the dog people!

Meowser (from dogs to cats!) writes a bang-on post about one of my big worries... mammograms, false positives, false negatives, and all of that hairy-assed shit. If you have boobs, go over there and READ, right now!

Check out the lovely photo of Renegade Evolution being just so reasonable, as befits her reputation in some stubborn feminist circles.

The caption is "How do we boost morale?" and the photograph offers one helpful solution!

Me and the good Comrade PhysioProf and his atheist friends, discuss why atheists have to be so insulting, calling religious people wackaloons, and suchlike. BONUS: Barefoot Bum, ex-Kerista denizen who once worshiped a goddess so he could have multiple wives, informs me "Atheists don’t hate religious believers, at least not most of them, we have contempt and disdain for their stupidity and credulity." (Well, that IS a comfort.)

BACKGROUND: Barefoot Bum was a KERISTAN, and once belonged to what was possibly the flakiest (certainly, the most well-known) group-marriage cult on the West Coast, outside of the Manson Family. They had a highly-developed pagan theology, with multiple rituals to go with it. I guess believing in weird shit was acceptable back then, as long as he was given a different woman to sleep with every night, as reward. EVERY ATHEIST HAS THEIR PRICE, right, Barefoot Bum? You've all heard of "no atheists in the foxholes"--apparently, there are no atheists in group-marriage cults, either, baby. ;)

The argument is still in progress, so feel free to jump in!

Should Dubya be indicted for war crimes? Check out Peace Arena's Ramsey Clark: Why Indictment is a Must

And in case you needed still another reason to love Aunt B! A post about abortion, titled, Why I'm Flip:

I’m flip about abortion because most anti-abortion folks in this state aren’t themselves serious about ending abortion. They always make it like if pro-choice people were just sorrier, if we just threw ourselves on the ground crying about what a great tragedy abortion is and how it’s always wrong, wrong, wrong, but sometimes we need it, pretty please, they could be moved to maybe let us have abortions when our own lives are at risk (with them getting to determine what “at risk” is) or when we’ve been raped (with them getting to decide if we’ve been “raped” enough). But that’s not true. There isn’t sorry enough.

And if there isn’t sorry enough, I refuse to be sorry at all.
Amen, amen! (Isn't she just so great?)

And finally, my DEAD FROM THE CUTE link for this session, comes from Fruit Femme... will you just look at those little angels!?!?!

(((gurgly grandma noises, in extremis)))

And now, I go try to start my car, which is in minor shock from snow.


RamoneSmith said...

Didn't Harlan Ellison once tell a crowded sci-fi convention that 90% of science fiction fans were idiots, and then when the angry protests subsided he followed up that 90% of everybody were idiots?

Well, vis-a-vis atheists saying mean things about believers -- in my opinion 90% of atheists, like 90% of believers, are idiots. You can't take things that individuals say as representative of the philosophy. I think you can take the best arguments made by both sides and see which makes more sense to you.

Actually, in my heart-of-hearts, I believe that 91% of believers are idiots compared to only 89% of atheists. But there are idiots-aplenty on both sides, that's for sure.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Ramone, you undoubtedly refer to an event that I also attended. (HI RAMONE!) You are far more tolerant than I remember, so that's good. :)

And what you describe is properly called Sturgeon's Law, oft-quoted by Harlan Ellison.

Renegade Evolution said...

When reason fails, firearms are always a good option.

Comrade PhysioProf said...

Thanks for the link, Daisy!

Meowser said...

Wow, snowed in in South Carolina? In March?

No such thing as climate change, my arse.

(And yay, a trackback! Thanks!)

Natalia said...

You're lucky with the snow.

*grumble grumble*

We had wet, useless snow on Sunday morning.

And now it's pretty much turning toward spring.

I guess I did experience winter in Ukraine - best shut up now and be grateful.


But I *miss* getting snowed in! That's what made the Carolinas so much fun.

Medea said...

Regarding the famous "There are no atheists in foxholes"--Robert Graves said that precisely the opposite was true: there are no devoutly religious men in foxholes. Those who came with religion, lost it. Many of them probably regained their religious feeling after the memories of the trenches had subsided, though.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I remember the Stepford Wives was filmed in my home town in the early 70's. It was kind of creepy.

Good luck with that snow, at least you don't have several weeks until spring starts.

yellowdog granny said...

oh my Goddess...I had forgotten how they acquired elizabeth hasslemouth...survivor..
holy shit!....I get so mad at her I want to hop on a greyhound, go to nyc and seek her out like a bullshit bullet and kick her ass...sheesh...I hve to go lay down.I'm wore out.

Jenny said...

My word, that barefoot bum certainly hasn't gotten over the whole "Us vs. them" mentality of cults, has he?

sheila said...

Yeah, it's funny how you can be on a reality show one minute and sitting next to Barbara the next. She makes me queasy. She's like a mini Hannity. A complete Republican puppet. Makes me sick. But I like Whoopie.

Octogalore said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Octogalore said...

I made a comment on the CPP thread you linked.

I have a confession to make. Years ago, I used to be fond of saying: men don't mature, they just age.

I now realize how unfair and sexist such a statement is, and am suitably ashamed!

But? After reading that thread, I have to admit... I am falling back into old, unfair, sexist patterns.

Marion said...

You're a sweetheart, Daisy...thank you!

Snow...well, what can I say. Once upon a time, I loved it, because it would be beautiful for a couple of days...and then it would be GONE!

But when one adds Ice to the mix, well, it lingers and lingers and lingers...