Monday, March 30, 2009

Governor Sanford says he's in "a game of chicken"!

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford defends his game-playing at the CityRange Grill. (photo by Patrick Collard of the GREENVILLE NEWS.)

Dear God, it just never ends.


Rich, clueless, spoiled white-boy politician thinks this is all a fucking game!

Gov. Sanford defends decision to reject $700 million to Greenville audience

By Rudolph Bell
Greenville News • March 30, 2009

Gov. Mark Sanford brought the politics of economic stimulus today to Greenville, defending his decision to reject $700 million from Washington to members of a local Rotary Club.

Sanford told about 50 members of the Rotary Club of Greenville East that he was going around the state trying to make sure he is "not missing something" regarding his differences with lawmakers over how to use the money in the state budget.

The governor brought a stack of charts and pointed to some as he spoke at the CityRange Steakhouse Grill on Haywood Road.

Sanford said he was in "sort of a game of chicken" with lawmakers who want to take the $700 million and have created a "chaos budget" purportedly showing thousands of teacher layoffs and closed prisons if the money is turned down.

He called on Rotary Club members who agreed with him to contact friends, neighbors and relatives across South Carolina and urge them to share their views with their lawmakers.
And rest assured, those of us who think you are an evil, stupid swine, will spread the word too, Governor!


yellowdog granny said...

ahhh, another buttroy.

sheila said...

Never ceases to amaze me. Yet another numbnuts. You can find them in every state. These politicians better think twice. I seriously don't think people are gonna put up with their shit much longer.

Mista Jaycee said...

What a TOOOOL!
Hi Daisy I did it! The Coca Cola People didn't get me! Tell Mista Daisy He can do it too!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

I never noticed it before, but this guy looks just like Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor, aged about 20 years. That explains a lot.

jovan b. said...

The Idiot is in a game of chicken all right. Little does this know-nothing governor knows that he is the chicken. A chicken that cannot stand up to his special interest buddies such as Howie Rich.

Mark Sanford has been a total failure as governor.

And his record shows it.

Anonymous said...

He said the people that agree with him are the silent majority; and that the silent majority are soccer moms and people that don't really keep up with current events. What kind of defense is that? Then he went on to tell the story of an elderly black security guard that patted him on the back and said, "do what you think is right and good job." Obviously, Sanford is so out of touch he can't even tell when a man is telling him in Uncle Tom talk to go screw himself.