Saturday, March 14, 2009

Left Lane Cruiser

Good live jams today from the intrepid (and very loud) Left Lane Cruiser-- featured at the redoubtable Bohemian Cafe, where I stop in every week or so to hear the tunes. Then I usually head next door to Horizon, where I purchase some excellent music to satisfy my soul, and take note of whatever Gene says we should be listening to. (Left Lane Cruiser was also being taped for WNCW's wonderful TOWER OF SONG radio show.)

So, I bought the Left Lane Cruiser CD, titled Bring Yo Ass to the Table, because I really wanted to hear it, but at a reasonable decibel level.

And hey, just for the record, I saw the Ramones three times back in the day; I know LOUD. But sheer teeth-rattling volume never used to give me the kinds of headaches it does now. Just getting old, I reckon. ((sigh))

But hey, I'll buy the CD and turn it down, okay? You guys seriously rock!


RamoneSmith said...

Looked up LLC on Wikipedia, and realized I'd never even heard of "blues punk" before. What a great genre - and LLC does sound good.

And the Ramones... at the Sugar Shack on 4th Street in 1978 or so? Black sneakers, leather jackets, and ripped blue jeans. They seemed so NYC (in a good way).

RamoneSmith said...

Oops, I guess it's punk blues, not blues punk. Those are probably entirely different things...

For info:

sankofa said...

Left Lane Cruiser is the powerful.