Friday, March 27, 2009

City of Tiny Lites

Greenville, facing southwest from Richardson Street.

It appears I will spend most of my day off haggling with stubborn insurance companies, so not much brilliance from me. President Obama, I tirelessly backed you, now if you would be so kind, please fix our dilapidated health care system? (At least I have WNCW's stellar radio broadcast, Frank on Friday, to keep me company... which of course is where today's blog post title is from.) My heart goes out to everyone else currently in Medical Insurance Hell, such as Renegade Evolution.

I haven't written about the AIG scandal, mostly because I don't really understand it very well. I am patently unable to rant and rave about things I don't fully get in the first place. I mostly end up scratching my poor little head. (I have a hard time even fathoming that kind of money.) However, I do see a similarity in the AIG bail-out fiasco and our health-care system dilemma: Nobody wants to reward AIG with millions of dollars for their mismanagement, and likewise, nobody wants to fund a health care system that has as many bloated items in their inventory as the Pentagon and its once-legendary hundred-dollar hammers. How can a single monthly prescription cost over $250? This is obscene. Who wants government to pay Big Pharm and support their continued robbery of the American people? Not me. I want the drug companies fleeced, not the government!

These are deep systemic problems, and they make my head hurt.


Some stuff to check out:

Sylvia Plath's son, Nicholas Hughes, has committed suicide:

The son of the poets Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath has taken his own life, 46 years after his mother gassed herself while he slept.

Nicholas Hughes hanged himself at his home in Alaska after battling against depression for some time, his sister Frieda said yesterday.

He was 47, unmarried with no children of his own and had until recently been a professor of fisheries and ocean sciences at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
What can you say?


Obama pissed me off yesterday, with his much-ballyhooed "online town meeting", as he impatiently and arrogantly waved away questions about marijuana legalization, which you know (duh!) might bail the economy out of this horrible mess. Obama seemed to find the question amusing, possibly flashing back to the days when he enjoyed a blunt or two himself.

By way of Salon's Drug War Rant, comes this perceptive observation from a commenter at Daily Kos:

But did he have to be so.... Amused with it? I'm sorry, I understand that it's marijuana, ha ha funny funny...but it was a serious question asked by a lot of people and I really think it deserved just as serious of an answer as the rest of them did [...] it was a JARRING difference from how he approached all the other questions. [...] I found the use of this particular question, and using it as a mechanism - an excuse to laugh off serious questions about the myriad of issues about pot - to be very disingenuous.
And from Andrew Sullivan, of all people:

Obama's Pathetic Pot Answer. The chuckle suggests a man of his generation. The dismissiveness toward the question of ending Prohibition as both a good in itself and a form of tax revenue is, however, depressing. His answer was a non-answer. I'm tired of having the Prohibition issue treated as if it's trivial or a joke. It is neither. It is about freedom and it's deadly serious. As for your online audience, Mr president, have you forgotten who got you elected?
Chris Selley in the NATIONAL POST writes:

In other words: get a job, ya bunch of hippies. He couldn’t really have sounded any more condescending unless he’d thanked contributors, complete with air quotes, for their “groovy” questions. I’m sure the audience would have lapped it up.

Now, admittedly, the President might well be right about what legalization would do for the economy. Imagine all the out-of-work drug enforcement workers, prison guards and support staff, the mass suicides from correctional industry lobbyists, and the tens of thousands of newly released inmates thrust into an already terrible job market. But that’s hardly the point he was trying to make. Rather, he was aiming for laughs.
Selley's piece is titled Obama on the War on Drugs—status quo we can believe in, which also made my head hurt. (As we've always heard, the truth hurts.)

Direct hit, Chris.


To the astute but anonymous reader who asks me via email, why do I link so many people who won't link me back? Hmm, good question. Mostly, it's so I can have the links handy when I switch computers around...I can't have my bookmarks everywhere, and this is the next best thing. My blogroll is composed of people I enjoy reading, whether they like me or not. And I think it might compromise some people's reputations (I'm lookin at you, lefty atheists!) to include me on their blogrolls.

And then again, as I closely examine some of the blogrolls in question, I also believe only women under 50 are permitted. Or at least, no women over 50 are represented. We don't exist and are invisible.

That's probably why.


Miss Jackie is writing about IRON over at The Vegan Diet... check out her recipes, you animal rights purists! Particularly her wonderful Iron Booster Fruit Smoothie... I am allergic to bananas but I've found strawberries and blueberries work well. Also, here is a great liquid iron supplement from Floradix, but 1) it tastes like cherry rust and 2) it's expensive (but certainly, not as expensive as red meat) and 3) it only keeps about a month after opening (refrigerated), so you have to use it up fairly quickly. But you can add it to smoothies and the rust taste isn't as noticeable.

A small price to pay for not eating animals.


I loves you guys, and hope to be back here before this evening, depending on the cooperation of the aforementioned insurance companies. (Ha!)


Dave Dubya said...

This seems to be the hot topic of the day.

I'm sure you all saw Obama take the marijuana question at his online townhall yesterday.

I think he dodged the issue by limiting it as in, "would legalization improve the economy and job creation". He said it would “not be a good strategy to grow the economy”. Maybe not by itself. One could then ask him, could it be PART of a good strategy, and isn't it a responsible budget policy.

At least he said the words, and that’s a start. Now that the issue has been mentioned, it can be brought up again. And again, until it takes root as a legit issue, and it could happen yet. But he is selecting his battles and for now they are prioritized elsewhere. I still have hope.

I think the “seed” is planted.

Then there was another raid on a California cannabis clinic. I hope he is challenged on that one. The raid is making him a liar.

And I hope someone also asks him if he plans on continuing the wasteful and destructive war on cannabis, or adopt a more sane and humane policy.

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." - Gandhi

lilacsigil said...

Actually, some prescriptions do genuinely cost thousands of dollars a month. The catch is that in every other wealthy country, the government will subsidise it so you actually pay somewhere between $0 and $35 (about US$28). The actual cost of the drugs is a red herring - it's the private healthcare system that is punishing you for being sick.

(from an Australian pharmacy worker who thinks women over 50 online are freakin' awesome)

Mireille said...

Just a short note from a lefty atheist, I like your blog. I sorta figure everyone should believe in what they believe in if it makes life easier to get through as long as they don't try too hard to make me believe it, too. There are of course some religious people out there that do exactly that, but I think sometimes, some atheists are a bit to quick to judge. Imagine that. And if I had a blog, and you linked to me, I would totally link back.

Meowser said...

Obama scoffing about marijuana does not surprise me. He is not and never has been a progressive (he only seems so in comparison to Bush). He is a centrist, maybe a tiny bit left of B. Clinton, but not much. Why anybody thought he was anything else, I have no idea. (I know you knew better, Daisy, but I swear a lot of people didn't.)

What did surprise me was him scoffing at the "online community." Uh, Mr. President, dude, sir, you have your frigging JOB because of the online community. Not least because it was the online community that spread the word about what a jackbooted cryptofascist and utter incompetent Bush really was; most of the paid media wasn't going to touch him, and only did so eventually, reluctantly, because the online community forced them to. Without Bush making such a spectacular trainwreck of his administration and everybody knowing it, Obama probably loses. And they can fry Obama's ass too if he's not careful. If he doesn't know that, he'd better figure it out before 2012.

Oh, and about my blogroll: It's not really mine, I inherited it from the woman who founded the blog, and I haven't touched it since coming on board. I do plan to rectify that eventually, and when I do...hell yeah you'll be on it.

yellowdog granny said...

I was pissed that he didn't give the question a more serious answer..because all those people he laughe at voted for his ass..and will be less inclined to vote for him again in 4 years if this matter isn't at least given serious consideration..feck!

Ann oDyne said...

If the late Mr Plath had been studying the fish at a warm happy pretty place, I'm sure he would be with us still, but really, how awful to live a life where hundreds of Total Strangers dissect your parents' lives and careers everywhere you look. poor guy.

Jackie said...

Thanks for linkback. Added your post to Digg.

Amazing how AIG has impacted Worldwide. Thankfully I now I am retired I don't have to worry about about insurance anymore as I cannot afford it. I don't go to doctors, sold the car and live in a complex with good security so who needs them??