Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Voodoo Chile, slight return

Our Lady of Fatima appears to Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco in Portugal in 1917, stained glass from St Mary's Church in Greenville, SC.


We are discussing archetypes, mountains, deserts, religion, Jesus, Philip K Dick novels, psychedelic drugs and other cool stuff over on the Rapture thread, so if you one of those old hippies into all that, bring it!

On the thread in question, I embarrassingly confessed that I once had a profound mystical experience listening to 70s progressive ART ROCK, God help us. (((blushes bright pink)))

To make up for that, and to mend my musical reputation, I hurriedly add that I also had a mystical experience listening to THIS... yes, along with most of the rest of population of Berserkely and all points Westward.

Only someone possessed of the Holy Spirit could make a guitar (or anything else) sound like this. And he played it upside-down and left-handed, which as any religion scholar will tell you, cinches the deal.

PS: And if people want to talk about Voodoo, go for it!

Must be played very, very loud for maximum spiritual benefits.


Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) - Jimi Hendrix

And if I don't meet you no more in this world
Then I'll meet you in the next one
And don't be late
Don't be late.


JoJo said...

Don't excommunicate me from Deadhead/hippy land, but I am the first person to admit that I only like one, maybe 2, Hendrix songs. I just cannot stand that kind of guitar playing. It's why I don't care for Santana much either.

But do tell! Who was the art rock band that gave you the mystical experience and are you SURE it wasn't the shrooms??? lol ;)

Annie said...

hendrix... sigh. remember going to see rainbow bridge, daisy?

mikeb302000 said...

The Blessed Mother and Jimi in the same post. Where else could I find that? You're the greatest, Daisy.

Daisy said...


Annie, saw it several times, although the detials are ummm, hazy now! (ha!)

Jojo, it's too embarrassing to repeat, but it's in the Rapture thread comments. (((blushes)))

Obviously, you just need to turn it up. :P

hotdogman said...

Hendrix certainly rocks like no other. This post makes me want to drop something on my communion wafer....