Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dead Air Church - Feast of St Francis of Assisi

St Francis in Ecstasy by Michelangelo Caravaggio (1596) is also known as St Francis Receives the Stigmata, or The Stigmatization of St Francis.


Canticle of the Sun (by St Francis)

Most high, all powerful, all good Lord! All praise is yours, all glory, all honor, and all blessing. To you, alone, Most High, do they belong. No mortal lips are worthy to pronounce your name.

Be praised, my Lord, through all your creatures, especially through my lord Brother Sun, who brings the day; and you give light through him. And he is beautiful and radiant in all his splendor! Of you, Most High, he bears the likeness.

Be praised, my Lord, through Sister Moon and the stars; in the heavens you have made them, precious and beautiful.

Be praised, my Lord, through Brothers Wind and Air, and clouds and storms, and all the weather, through which you give your creatures sustenance.

Be praised, My Lord, through Sister Water; she is very useful, and humble, and precious, and pure.

Be praised, my Lord, through Brother Fire, through whom you brighten the night. He is beautiful and cheerful, and powerful and strong.

Be praised, my Lord, through our sister Mother Earth, who feeds us and rules us, and produces various fruits with colored flowers and herbs.

Be praised, my Lord, through those who forgive for love of you; through those who endure sickness and trial. Happy those who endure in peace, for by you, Most High, they will be crowned.

Be praised, my Lord, through our Sister Bodily Death, from whose embrace no living person can escape. Woe to those who die in mortal sin! Happy those she finds doing your most holy will. The second death can do no harm to them.

Praise and bless my Lord, and give thanks, and serve him with great humility.


Note: I found several versions of this, and decided I liked the anime version best! I hope St Francis doesn't thinks it's cheeky or disrespectful. I don't know what the subtitles are saying (Spanish?) and just pray they aren't sacrilegious!

Sarah McLachlan - Prayer of St. Francis

Although I realize St Francis' feast day was officially yesterday (October 4), I wanted to recognize him for a Dead Air Church service. I love St Francis.

In a moment of great personal panic, I once prayed to St Francis for a very specific sign. I received it within the hour. If I had not been so very desperate, this fact might have frightened me or seemed eerie or spooky. As it was, it became the opposite; a soothing hand was placed on my head, assuring me that everything was fine, and I had done all I could do. I breathed deeply and felt the presence of great spiritual compassion, what Buddhists have named karuna. St Francis did not save my life, but my sanity.

I owe him everything.

St Francis, pray for us.


Debs said...

Great post Daisy. Even though I'm not a Christian, I do like St Francis of Assisi too. Have you seen the film Brother Sun, Sister Moon? You must have - well I saw that as a young teenager and it set off a major obsessive phase of mine about St Francis Assisi, and other saints in general too. I started writing essays about them and everything (I'm a bit odd like that) - so anyway, thanks for this lovely post. xx

Anonymous said...

lovely song.

JoJo said...

Yeah St. Francis was a good guy, that's for sure. And my adopted home city bears his name. ;)

Kikipotamus said...

I don't consider myself Christian especially, but I have always felt an affinity with St. Francis of Assisi. I have Prayer of St. Francis framed and when I put it up in a new home, I often create a shrine around it.

Deoridhe said...

Lovely song, Daisy.

I arrive, head hanging in penitence for having missed your post on my blog, to beg forgiveness and announce I updated the damn thing, though it's with a wool ball of yarn-thought after several kittens got at it.


Morganna said...

Wow. That made me feel happy and I'm an atheist!
Although I do love St Francis-he's always seemed to be the most loving and gentle of the saints that I know about.

mikeb302000 said...

In St. Francis Basilica in Assisi, where his remains lay, you can feel the spirituality in the air. I swear to you it's tangible. said...

Quite effective material, thank you for the article.