Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dead Air Church - Fall for Greenville

My first attempt at sports photography! Not bad!

I totally underestimated how fast these guys were.

There I was, messing around with stuff and getting ready--and by the time I snapped and snapped, I got the two guys bringing up the rear. My second attempt was ALL BLURRRR, and it was three laps before I finally understood, start snapping as soon as they pass; just TAKE THE PHOTOS and do not attempt anything as high-minded as aim or focus. Consequently, this was the best of several.

I am now more respectful of actual professional sports shutterbugs, but they probably have pretty nice equipment, yes?

Fall for Greenville, our local street fair, is this weekend. This was the St Francis Hospital bike race, last evening.


The Official Dead Air Fall for Greenville Music award goes to Mac Arnold & Plate Full O' Blues (left) who sounded so fantastic, I bought their CD titled Backbone and Gristle.

Feeling particularly moved, I also bought one of their souvenir T-shirts, commemorating the 2nd Annual Mac Arnold Cornbread and Collard Greens Blues Festival--which is not one those things you get a chance to buy every day. (Yes, it's an actual local event organized by Mac, and I'm disappointed I missed it!)


At left, The Randall Bramblett Band. Entertaining enough.


South Africa's Civil Twilight. Very good; the guitarist has excellent, quite admirable abilities at harnessing feedback and is very impressive.

And the drummer is exceptionally CUTE. :)

The teenyboppers were madly shooting pics of the singer, he was a big hit.


JoJo said...

Are you shooting film or digital? The aperture opening and shutter speed also determines what will be in focus & what won't, if you are shooting w/ a manual 35 mm.

The first pic is awesome; I love the blurry and clear cyclists! Sometimes the best pictures are the ones you end up taking on the fly w/ your fingers crossed.

Anthony said...

Great to hear from you again; it seems like I checked in with you several times and didn't see anything new here.

Good first shot at a sports event. Practice, practice. It's the only way to go.

We've been out of touch for so long. I don't know if you've checked out What I See Out My Window.

development website templates blog submit seo said...

well i guess its digital

LarryE said...

but they probably have pretty nice equipment, yes?

It's not the equipment, it's the photographer. :-P

And, of course, the experience. Those folks whose work you see in the papers, online, on TV, etc., have likely been doing it for years, learning what works and what doesn't.

So don't be too hard on yourself.

polerin said...

larrye: well, yes, it is the photographer, but equipment suited to the task also helps. Digi-Cam's are great at general photography, but you really need to know how to massage them to get even a halfway decent shot at the speeds she was trying to capture.

Daisy, short exposure time and high ISO numbers.. though I suspect you knew that already given the fact you managed to catch the back of the pack un-blurred :)

(I've never tried sports photography myself... primarily interested in street and where people aren't. My dev art.

I really need to get out and catch more shows.