Thursday, October 16, 2008

Odds and Sods - last debate edition

A self-defined radical lesbian feminist writer named Julie Bindel has been nominated for a Stonewall award. The problem with this person is her hateful writing against transgendered people. Why has she been nominated? Did they even READ her work first?

I won't link her nastiness here, but Lisa at Questioning Transphobia (previous link) has chronicled it well. She proclaims "a world inhabited just by transsexuals" would look like the set of GREASE. Not sure I get that, but hey, that rhetoric reminds me of various offensive shit I heard growing up. Is the whole world clamoring to transition? We must POLICE the gender-borders to insure people aren't illegally crossing over! She sounds like she believes trans people are a GATEWAY DRUG! Or maybe it's the Domino Theory as applied to gender: First you let them transition and .... the whole world will want to do it!!! And then the whole world will look like GREASE!!!!!!

It's the Cold War all over again.

A Facebook group has been formed expressly for the purpose of protesting Bindel's nomination, and Bindel herself has joined it to "monitor" the "harassment" being directed at her persecuted personage. Yes, she has even barged into the group formed to talk about her, taking it over to defend herself! Some people really do amaze me in their abject cluelessness. A good lesson in how NOT to behave, is yours for free, so go over to Lisa's and read.

Momentary digression: I find Facebook distracting in a way I don't find regular blogs. Maybe it's because my eye is "trained" to read blogs, while Facebook seems like a free-for-all with too much going on. It's like when I used to have penpals and exchange "slam books" by mail in my youth--did anyone else do that, waaaaay before the advent of computers? It was terribly distracting, since I would end up writing book-length letters to people I barely was a lot like blogging!

And so, my attention is majorly diverted, particularly when there are lots of attractive people around of varying genders, all looking fabulous, as if they are dressed up to go see Iggy Pop. (I'd name names, but that would be rude.) Suffice to say, I end up going over to their blogs, Flickr accounts and suchlike, to see more pics and read about their interesting activities. FUN! But yes, as I said, distracting.


Christina Hendricks heats up the office on MAD MEN, photo from The Way of the Future.

And speaking of bisexuality (nice segue, yes?), my new celebrity crush is Christina Hendricks of MAD MEN, whom some of my fellow Scifi geeks will recall from the cult-series Firefly. I first saw her in one of those Lifetime TV-movies about anorexia, titled Hunger Point. Admittedly, I really enjoyed the movie, in a daytime-soapsuds sort of way... and then I see her on MAD MEN looking exceedingly VOLUPTUOUS, and I wondered if the movie had any influence on that fact, or was she cast in Hunger Point primarily for that reason?

Christina Hendricks' character is the fabulous Joan Holloway, who sizzles even (especially?) when she is firing some poor, hapless, weeping secretary... I don't mind telling you: I would LOVE to be fired by Joan! ("Hey, no problem, girlfriend, this job sucks. Can we get together for coffee later?") Interestingly and predictably, there is a lot of talk about her weight. Googling her name and the word "weight"--however, I see that there are lots of folks who feel just like I do, starved for a woman with real CURVES on TV. Since MAD MEN is set in 1962, it is completely historically accurate and realistic that a Marilyn-Monroesque woman would be the office diva. (In one episode, Joan and her typing pool sob after learning of Marilyn's death.)

Nonetheless, Christina's ample form has attracted attention from many quarters:

Christina Hendricks as Joan on "Mad Men" could single-handedly bring back hips. Real hips. The kind that will send a skinny man skittering across a dance floor. And I must admit that my jaw still drops when she sashays on screen with a rump as big as a holiday ham. My first reaction is always: She's huge! What a silly reaction to a woman who is probably a size 8 or 10.

Then I realize that most leading women on TV, such as Holly Hunter and Teri Hatcher, are pipe cleaners, and so I never expect to see prime-time zaftig. It's as odd to me as a virgin martini. Frankly, I am so accustomed to seeing protruding hipbones that I have to adjust my own visual definition of what is womanly. That's pretty screwed up, in fact.
Yes, I'd say so.

Well, not me, people! MORE CHRISTINA, MORE CHRISTINA! Christina, 24/7!


And finally, as everyone knows, the last presidential debate between the two candidates, Senators Barack Obama and John McCain, was last night. Working my ass off and preparing for retail inventory, I scurried in only towards the last half, and found myself staying up late to watch the debate rerun on MSNBC.

(When it comes to politics, some of us are just plain junkies.)

I gotta ask: Is there STILL any question who should win? Who isn't ready to bomb-bomb-bomb-bomb-bomb Iran? Which person is more thoughtful, careful, cautious? I don't want someone in the Oval Office who is eager to nuke other countries at the drop of a hat, you know? McCain's vengeful, angry, warmongering vibe radiated off the screen, in countless ways.

Barack Obama deserves major credit for not rising to the trash-Sarah-Palin first I thought he should let her have it, but after various commentators congratulated him on his cool and restraint, I realized, no, his instincts were perfect. (That's just what I would have done.) He is too smooth and smart to cave in to that pettiness.

Just think how EXCELLENT he will be on the world stage.

Novenas in triplicate for my favorite Chicago politician, ascending to heaven as we speak.


Debate III: Edgy McCain sheds no new light (Politico)

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Thank You, Right Wing Pundits (Daily Kos)

So much for McCain's outreach to women voters (Crooks and Liars)

Obama Three for Three: Short Takes on the Final Presidential Debate (AlterNet)

And McCain's "regular American"--Joe the Plumber--presented to us for our ongoing edification? Turns out to be an unlicensed plumber and tax evader.

Well, what did we expect? John McCain has had problems choosing his friends ever since the Keating Five scandal.


Annie said...

we did slam books in junior high!
i like big butts and i cannot lie!
obama sealed the deal!


Lisa Harney said...

I thought you'd like this debate recap, Daisy.

Also, thanks for spreading the word on Bindel.

Alyson said...

know what I want? the clothes on Mad Men!!! Those fabulous dinner dresses...sigh.

belledame222 said...

Joe the Plumber...yeah. Also it turns out he's actually making something in the area of 40K.

which is sort of interesting. I mean,

--oh JESUS, some pop-up ad with a SCREAMING monkey just came onto my screen and gave me a heart attack, I'm dead, I forgot what I was going to say, never mind.

Cats said...

The need is for greater tolerance and acceptance in these times..

polerin said...

Did not do slam books,
she will leave you naked in a desert,
and all I have to say is:
(click on these links in order, 99% sfw except for politics)
John McCain is now known as Creepy McLickyface in our house.

Also, yay for early voting!

Renee said...

I am still in a complete state of shock that Bindell was nominated for an award. I have been following the whole debate on questioning transphobia. The whole thing with radical feminists and their trans hate is absolutely sickening to me. It simply recreates the very hierarchy that they are supposedly fighting against.

JoJo said...

We called them "slap books" where I grew up. I loved them.

The thing I love most about FB is being able to connect w/ people in real time. Have little chit chats w/ people all over the world. It's a blast. I like it better than blogging, actually.

My girl crush is on Summer Glau from "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles". She's freakin HOT.

As to Bindel, I guess there are freaky zealots in all walks of life. She should be ashamed of herself.

Anonymous said...

Count me as one who LOATHES Facebook! I wish everybody wasn't so into it right now.

Dave Dubya said...


Okay, now that my pulse is back to normal...

It was not my understanding that visiting your blog would stimulate indecent thoughts of lovely women.

I'll let it slide this time.

Anonymous said...

Who cares whether "Joe the Plumber" has no license? Who cares if he only makes $%40,000 a year? Who cares if he owes back taxes or has liens? Why does the public need to know those things?

I've been stunned by the nastiness expressed by morally superior progressives toward this man. He's a private citizen that asked Senator Obama a question. Nothing more, nothing less. Why did the press need to vet him as if HE was the one running for POTUS? What was the point?
I'm absolutely disgusted by "progressives" that either laugh/mock this man or brush off the vetting as "getting what he deserved". Please explain to me why he deserved to have his personal information splashed over the NYTimes and aired on all the major networks. What did he do to deserve DailyKos bloggers posting his phone number, social security number, record of speeding tickets, etc. posted on internet? How is it funny that this man lost his job (thanks to the press)?

Don't you people see how DISTURBING this is? Don't you see what this portends for a free society where individuals are allowed to express their opinions without facing sanctions (economic, social, etc.)?

So much for "progressive" compassion for the little guy. No wonder wingnuts get so much mileage out of calling "progressives" elitist. You people EPITOMIZE elitism.

Daisy said...

He's a private citizen that asked Senator Obama a question. Nothing more, nothing less.

You are way behind the curve. This guy was a McCain campaign contributor before his little stealth "I have a question" charade with Obama. (Reported by Keith Olbermann) This guy was a PLANT and a FRAUD.

If you buy the Joe-the-Plumber okey-doke, you'll obviously buy anything.

Also, what about the racist joke comparing Obama's "tap dancing" to Sammy Davis, Jr? I suppose that's okay with you too?

We obviously have very different values. To me, a racist tax- evader engaged in fraudulent charades for the media, deserves to be exposed.

How is it funny that this man lost his job (thanks to the press)?

Was his boss black? Does his boss worry about his black customers?

Maybe he should have thought of that before the Sammy Davis Jr joke. If I'd made a joke like that, I'd lose my job, too.

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