Saturday, October 4, 2008

Odds and Sods - post Veep debate edition

Voltage Records, Asheville, NC.

Photo chosen (from my Flickr-for-cheapskates account) to go with Legends of Blues, a newbie blog just added to my blogroll. David provides Howlin Wolf, Lightnin Hopkins, John Lee Hooker and other great music on a regular basis. Whenever you're feeling the need to hear some blues, drop by and have a listen!

Also new to my list of fabulous blogs, Scrutiny Hooligans of Asheville. (Major points for the great blog name!) And don't forget: Stop Parkside!


Political Teen Tidbits includes this letter to Governor Palin from author Cassie:

How come [Governor Palin's daughter, Bristol Palin] gets to make a decision but the rest of the girls and women in America don’t! You won’t even let me learn in school about all the decisions I might need to make!

Governor Palin, when I had my first boyfriend, my brother talked to me and to him about why we shouldn’t have sex. Actually, we had to sit down in my boyfriend’s living room with his parents and my brother and hear all about STD’s and love and all the reasons we were too young for sex. AND they told us about condoms and other ways of preventing pregnancy even though we promised to keep all hands above the waist until at least 16.

Did you have a talk like that with Bristol and her boyfriend? Did anyone show him how to use a condom? These are fair questions because of the policies you advocate for.

I am glad that Bristol decided to have her baby. Will she and her boyfriend raise it? Will they give it up for adoption? Who is going to pay for her to give birth? And for all the other doctor visits?

If you want your family life to stay private, the please don’t bring your family on stage with you when you campaign, and please stop being a hypocrite.
You go girl! I said much the same thing, in my piece on Palin for Feministe. I was surprised that some people didn't get it, but Cassie has phrased it far better than I did!


And speaking of Feministe, you MUST have a look at Jill's new KITTENS! SQUEEE! (((dies from cuteness)))


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The 10th edition of the Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy will be October 6th at XXBN. I know, not much notice! But if you know of any appropriate blog posts or have one of your own, send it in ASAP.

M.J. Rosenberg writes about how the GOP is attempting to stir up racism to garner Jewish support for John McCain:

Of course, the Republican Jewish operatives never believed Obama was hostile to Israel. What they were -- and are -- counting on is that Jews won't vote for Obama because he is African-American. They are having some success with that approach. The race issue is all they have but it's something.
A must read!


Currently watching an old Steve McQueen movie, Nevada Smith, written by Harold Robbins, of all people. Nosing around on the net, I learn that Harold Robbins was an advanced, senior-citizen cokehead, which makes sense since most of the characters in his later novels were strung out all the time. I ingested countless of Robbins' dirty, nasty novels in one sitting as a teenager, and embarrassingly, well into my 20s. I actually believed that story about his Chinese exotic dancer wife dying from a bite from a diseased parrot... turns out it's all made up.

Damn, it was just like one of his books, and it FELT true...(((sigh))) I'm just one of them gals who prefers legends and myth to reality...

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I saw the kittens! They are adorable.

David Wornica said...

Thanks for the plug! I look forward to future updates, dog your style!

David Wornica said...

Thanks for the plug! I look forward to future updates, dig your style!

Ah F7 and a wireless keyboard, never a good combo.

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