Monday, October 27, 2008

Her equal would be hard to find, she likes the warm and sunny spots

Below, my Cousin Bethie's cats, Elvira and Pharoah.

Elvira, the brown-striped tabby, was originally my daughter's cat, then mine, and now resides with Cousin Bethie. Pharoah was rescued by Bethie's husband while on a routine work assignment, the day before he was scheduled to go to the shelter.

Elvira's ears are a bit flattened because she is spooked by my reappearance in her life. Obviously, cats do have memories! She seems afraid that I will take her away, or at least, becomes noticeably nervous and disoriented whenever I reappear. (Do I look different, but sound the same? The opposite?) She might be further confused by my voice, which sounds a great deal like my daughter's. (She always recognized my daughter's voice instantly and would run to greet her.) Elvira is almost 12 years old now.

She hated Grand Old Man with a deep and furious passion.

When I pet her, she looks up at me--meowing and purring immediately. It's as if there is a tactile memory that reawakens; just between us.


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JoJo said...

AWWW!!! Pretteh kittehs!!!! The bottom pics, the cat has siamese-like markings.

Sylvia said...

Awww, kitties! :D

ArrogantWorm said...

Very Cute!

John Powers said...

What goes on in the head of cats, I don't know. Apparently it's a lot which makes me more curious for not knowing. So happy you linked to Old Possum, the one book of cats that makes sense of it.

Marion said...

Ahhh, cats! I miss them so much. Their personalities are much more in sync with mine than my dogs. Thanks for the photos!