Thursday, October 2, 2008

Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere

I've had a hectic work schedule, so my apologies to everyone I owe email to, as well as regular snail mail and phone calls! (Cousin Bethie, this means you.) I'll get around to it, I swear!

Meanwhile, you all get to listen to the Who. You really don't need much else in life.

Fun visual effects in this one, as the primitive black-and-white camera (1965, British TV) swoops around every which-way, trying to look suitably psychedelic for the times. Keith Moon looks maybe 14 years old, as he smashes away at the drums. God, I miss him. I forget which writer (possibly Greil Marcus or Dave Marsh?) said Keith kept Pete from taking himself too seriously, balancing The Who in a way that was forever lost when he passed.

Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere

From the same year, American TV (does anyone remember Shindig?)--

I Can't Explain

PS: Don't forget to watch the Vice Presidential debate tonight! To keep you occupied, by way of wonderful Cracker Lilo, comes the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator! Amaze your friends!


JoJo said...

Did you see Keith Oberman last night? He showed a lot of the Palin interview clips when she met Katie Couric. Good lord. That woman is dumber than a sack of hair.

Dave Dubya said...

If you need a drinking game, or other medication of choice, or a contest for moose novelties, to enjoy the debate tonight...

Play Palin Bingo! Cards are at...

mikeb302000 said...

I remember Shindig. There were a bunch of other ones too. I'm sure you remember them better than I do. Hullabaloo was one, Dick Clark of course.

I had a strong jolt of sadness mixed with gratitude seeing Keith Moon so young and healthy. Some of us survived that turbulent time, some didn't.