Thursday, March 15, 2012

Haley Watch: Governor Nikki's "book"

Her book has the properly Republican title: "Can't is not an option"--supposedly something her mother said. The subtitle is "My American Story" (just in case you thought it was from somewhere else).

George Will once referred to such omnipresent politician-accounts as "one of those word-salads you write 'with' someone"--and that seems to be an accurate description of Haley's little Horatio Alger tale. Unfortunately, the ghostwriter is not named, which might be a good thing for the ghostwriter; we do not want to hold an innocent party accountable for the soon-to-be-published bullshit.

What amazes me is, she hasn't even been in office two whole years... and a book already?!?

Will Folks (the governor's ex-boyfriend) is now making jokes that her first appearance in the upstate will be at the amusingly-named (under the circumstances) local bookstore Fiction Addiction. (tickets required!) Of course, Folks will NOT be left out of the biography; Nikki's busy PR team successfully spun his accusations as a vicious attempt to keep this fabulously wonderful, plucky nonwhite lady OUT of office, that white male meanie! (As I have stated before, I believe Folks' account.)

My question is, does it not matter that she is totally incompetent and gave away the Port of Charleston? Apparently not. Obviously, her fresh, attractive appearance and high-profile status as South Carolina's first nonwhite woman governor, easily eclipses whether she actually does a decent job or not. (Or whether she is corrupt, as even several Republicans have concluded she is.)

And by the way, Haley recently lied (again) about her daughter winning a pageant. Truth-telling is most assuredly not her long suit.

I warned yall not to vote for her. (sigh)


bryce said...

i took yr advice, d! sorry rest of sc didnt.

looks like good housekeeping. "govt haleys recipes " ! barfo

SnowdropExplodes said...

Hmm, that title just had me thinking of how it might continue:

"Can't is not an option. It comes as standard. You'll have to pay to have it removed."

West said...

Yeah, at least it isn't something dumb like, "The Pipe Dreams of my Fathers." Quit your Haleyatin' Daisy.

Laci The Dog said...

Reality is an illusion!

Maybe she can't quite shake her Sikh heritage no matter how much she tries to change her looks to appear to be a Farangi.

Well, Nikki, whose sari now?

Jai Ho!

Laci The Dog said...

P.S. my copy of the The Complete Indian Housekeeper and Cook arrived today.

No, Nikki didn't write it, it was written for Memsabs in the Subcontinent!

But, it does seem a good addition to my comment.

Consigliere said...

Well, As FITS News reports here, Glenn McConnell has announced that he will NOT run for his seat in the legislature, so the speculation is that McConnell believes that he may become Governor after she resigns or is convicted.

And remember're not talking to a group of people who swooned over "The Audacity of Hope" any more than we swooned over "A Man From Hope" by Clinton. Your comment makes it sound like you support do understand just how corrupt she seems to be? In one of the articles at FITS News, for example, her IRS forms say she was paid $22,000 to do accounting work for her parents, while her *job application* says they paid her $125,000....she lied somewhere, and I suspect that lying on a job application for a non-profit hospital gig may be a crime she could face prosecution for. No amount of song and dance will make that problem go away.

Sadly, I suspect her husband or some other stooge may pay the price, leaving her free to take her spot on Fox News.

West said...

consiglerre, excellent point. I am not a partisan hack. I only support Haley to the point that she is something different- as opposed to doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. I really do not trust government very much at all- Haley included. I know very well that the same minions are running the state government- and they still tax my property.