Sunday, March 4, 2012

Odds and Sods #56

Do you believe this is the 56th installment of ODDS AND SODS? I say this as an excuse for running out of snappy titles for them. (I promise, I will have one by next time!)


Garry Wills' incisive piece in the New York Review of Books, perfectly titled Contraception’s Con Men, is required reading for anyone who wants to understand the naked propaganda-war that is going on right now:

The bishops’ opposition to contraception is not an argument for a “conscience exemption.” It is a way of imposing Catholic requirements on non-Catholics. This is religious dictatorship, not religious freedom.

Contraception is not even a religious matter. Nowhere in Scripture or the Creed is it forbidden. Catholic authorities themselves say it is a matter of “natural law,” over which natural reason is the arbiter—and natural reason, even for Catholics, has long rejected the idea that contraception is evil. More of that later; what matters here is that contraception is legal, ordinary, and accepted even by most Catholics. To say that others must accept what Catholics themselves do not is bad enough. To say that President Obama is “trying to destroy the Catholic Church” if he does not accept it is much, much worse.

To disagree with Catholic bishops is called “disrespectful,” an offense against religious freedom. That is why there is a kind of taboo against bringing up Romney’s Mormonism. But if Romney sincerely believed in polygamy on religious grounds, as his grandfather did, he would not even be considered for the presidency—any more than a sincere Christian Scientist, who rejects the use of medicine, would be voted for to handle public health care. Yet a man who believes that contraception is evil is an aberrant from the American norm, like the polygamist or the faith healer.
Good reading, and an impressive 212 comments, also worth your time.


On History: Tariq Ali and Oliver Stone In Conversation was surprisingly watchable, informative and free of dogma:
Filmmaker Oliver Stone and author and filmmaker Tariq Ali present their thoughts on the politics of history and what they consider to be hidden aspects of American history. Their discussion ranges across several topics, from American involvement against the Russian Revolution to a profile of the labor union, the Industrial Workers of the World. Oliver Stone and Tariq Ali speak at the New York Public Library in New York City.
(You can watch it here.)


Media Matters reports: Rush Limbaugh Issues Statement Regarding His 3-Day Misogynistic Attack On Sandra Fluke. Meanwhile, one of Fluke's opportunistic classmates saw her big chance for blogger fame, and decided to pile on. Conservative suck-up Angela Morabito of The College Conservative proudly announces that Fluke "doesn't even speak for all skanks! She only speaks for the skanks who don't want to take responsibility for their choices."

Hm. Is she actually calling herself a skank in that sentence, or is she just a lousy writer? You decide.


William Burroughs, photo from Start With Typewriters.

Upon reading William Burroughs on Led Zeppelin (reprinted from the legendary CRAWDADDY, 1975), the first thing any writer thinks is DAMN, I wish I could write like that guy.

Some of the best bits:
Leaving the concert hall was like getting off a jet plane.
From the viewpoint of magic, no death, no illness, no misfortune, accident, war or riot is accidental. There are no accidents in the world of magic. And will is another word for animate energy. Rock stars are juggling fissionable material that could blow up at any time… “The soccer scores are coming in from the Capital…one must pretend an interest,” drawled the dandified Commandante, safe in the pages of my book; and as another rock star said to me, “YOU sit on your ass writing–I could be torn to pieces by my fans, like Orpheus.”

I found Jimmy Page equally aware of the risks involved in handling the fissionable material of the mass unconcious.
Jimmy told me that Aleister Crowley’s house has very good vibes for anyone who is relaxed and receptive. At one time the house had also been the scene of a vast chicken swindle indirectly involving George Sanders, the movie actor, who was able to clear himself of any criminal charges. Sanders committed suicide in Barcelona, and we both remembered his farewell note to the world: “I leave you to this sweet cesspool.”

I told Jimmy he was lucky to have that house with a monster in the front yard. What about the Loch Ness monster? Jimmy Page thinks it exists. I wondered if it could find enough to eat, and thought this unlikely–it’s not the improbability but the upkeep on monsters that worries me. Did Aleister Crowley have opinions on the subject? He apparently had not expressed himself.
We talked about Wilhelm Reich’s orgone accumulator, and I showed him plans for making this device, which were passed along to me by Reich’s daughter. Basically the device is very simple, consisting of iron or steel wool on the inside and organic material on the outside. I think this was highly important discovery. Recently a scientist with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced an “electrical cell” theory of cancer that is almost identical to Reich’s cancer theory put forth 25 years ago. He does not acknowledge any indebtedness to Reich. I showed Jimmy the orgone box I have here, and we agreed that orgone accumulators in pyramid form and/or using magnetized iron could be much more powerful.
Yes, it's all like that. Read the whole thing.



Left Side of the Aisle #46 - Virginia kills "Personhood" bill (Lotus - Surviving a Dark Time)

Ayn Rand Worshippers Should Face Facts: Blue States Are the Providers, Red States Are the Parasites (AlterNet)

'Snob' control: Karen Santorum guides husband on gaffe (Politico)

Notorious Nigerian witch-hunter to preach in the US (The Humanist)

March Forth With Hope (March with Hope Foundation)


LarryE said...

Just had to say thanks for the linky-love. :-)

bryce said...

love burrougs quotes

cant type 2day sorry !

West said...

So, let me get this straight... The Catholics can't impose their religous ideology on you... but you feel free to impose your political ideology on Catholics. Just go find another job that provides birth control- just go work for another godless pagan, or a secular company. And for goodness sakes, the woman was 30. She don't need birth control-- she needs a REAL MAN... Her biological time clock is ticking like a freight train...She don't need birth control, she needs fertility pills...

West said...

And Daisy, a Jesuit school didn't join her, she joined a Jesuit university for the sole purpose of picking a fight... Do you think that is fair or just? I mean really?...

West said...

16 Trillion in the whole... 65 trillion in future liabilities, 10,000 boomers a day hitting retirement age... and all you radicals can think of is your own selfish desires... birth control... You are willing to be so selfish as to deny the elderly what they need to exist with dignity, just so you can be on the pill... I mean really. 237 STD's, I think it would be fitting if you all got one... lol... that would be a hoot, wouldn't it...

DaisyDeadhead said...

Does this mean you can't answer my Goldman Sachs questions on the other thread?

DO NOT bring subjects up and then markedly change the subject when you are out-argued, that is considered very RUDE behavior in Blogdonia, both on the Left and on the Right. You have officially given me the right to ignore you. I will allow it this once, but STOP BEING RUDE or I will start deleting.

It is called CONCERN TROLLING, look it up please.

The Catholics can't impose their religous ideology on you... but you feel free to impose your political ideology on Catholics

Correct. This country was founded on the separation of church and state, if you don't like that, move to Italy where the Roman Catholic church runs the joint and you should feel right at home.

she needs a REAL MAN.

Dumb-ass sexism will also be deleted, last warning.

And Daisy, a Jesuit school didn't join her, she joined a Jesuit university for the sole purpose of picking a fight... Do you think that is fair or just? I mean really?...

As fair as you trolling MY blog for a fight, isn't it? What's the difference, West? I mean really?...

PLEASE read the guidelines, you are very insulting: "and all you radicals can think of is your own selfish desires" is a personal insult. I will put my work for the poor and disenfranchised up against YOURS or anyone else's, any day of the week.

What exactly have *you* done for people, West? Are you absolutely sure your record of unselfishness is better than mine?

Conservatives always have to raise the stakes and make it PERSONAL doncha?

Consigliere said...

West, sorry, but "she needs a real man" is damn close to "she was asking for it" in my book. I am not the boss of you, and I am not the boss of Daisy either, and I do appreciate you being part of the show and all, but you need to take a minute and walk away before posting to think about how what you say comes across.

Also, "Just go find another job" is darn close to "Go find another apartment if you want to live with your black husband." or "Go find another school for your kid with AIDS." I know that's not how you meant it, but it kinda feels that way to me.

You get onto Daisy and call her heartless, but really West, take a minute and re-read those things. Do you really think that women need to just find another job? How about if their boss decides he doesn't want to pay for pap smears but is willing to pay for breast implants? You see, having a BOSS control every aspect of your life is no more fun than having the *government* do it.

But really West...."REAL MAN" is over the line, and you should know that.

West said...

Daisy, think humor and dialogue. I wasn't being disrespectful, I respect your opinion. I wasn't trolling for a fight, I was no worse than the other posters. I enjoy the interaction. I don't know about the Goldman Sacs question, but we probably agree. I am gonna look up concern trolling, sorry.
The dumbass sexism was meant to be humorous.
Didn't know I made it personal?

And as far as the Seperation of Church and State, Don't you think that means the government can't establish a state religion? And besides- I always say godless pagans can do as they will, and that prohibition doesn't work- and we do agree on abortion, don't we?
I think maybe since I am a conservative, I am held to a different standard, I don't think that is fair.
Daisy, I wish we were neighbors...

WEST said...

I apologze for the "real man". I have daughters, so I meant no harm, but now I see. I would never think that about my own daughters. Perhaps I should know by now that humor does not translate very well- but when others make light of Breitbart dying- then the atmosphere is not necessarily 'clean" to begin with.
But I also think you just make my point-- about governments and bosses. I think that both with minimal control are better. You see, "that governs best which governs least." A tyrannical boss is at least better than a tyrannical government. At least you do really have the opportunity to search for a better boss, but it is hard to get a better government. See from where I am coming?

Again, sorry...

DaisyDeadhead said...

West, you're a new blogger. When someone trolls your blog, you'll understand. Its like your house... you wouldn't bust into someone's house and insult them, and a blog begins to feel like the online equivalent of that.

If you continue to blog and start to write very personal things about your life (as you would talk about in your home), you'll see what I mean.

West said...

Sorry, I see. Maybe I thought we were friendlier than we were. I look forward to your opinions and blogs. It seems funny to me- we are really so far apart ideologically, but we seem to agree from the opposite ends, I guess our middles line up-sometimes- just from the opposite ends. But I didn't mean to offend or insult, I really didn't. I guess, when you say things that I think are mean about Santorum and his deceased child, I don't think what I say is any worse. Most of the time I just have a hard time understanding why one would put so much trust in the government when is just a few short years another election comes up- and the winds of change can blow in the opposite direction pretty quickly. I do enjoy your radio show- and never have I been so exposed to the "Grateful Dead." I understand the house thing now- next time I'll come with coffee and humility. I must more realize, and remember, that words on paper don't often sound like they do in my head...

DaisyDeadhead said...

West: I guess, when you say things that I think are mean about Santorum and his deceased child, I don't think what I say is any worse

Someone who runs for office is a POLITICIAN and I hold them to a very different standard than a regular person. Specifically, someone who seeks to represent ME as president. I mostly criticize my own representatives, who are supposed to speak for me, and they don't. I don't think they speak for a lot of people they claim to speak for. I don't think they work for working-people's interests, or poor people's interests, and I try to speak for people who do not have anyone else speaking for them. One reason you react to me is that you haven't heard anyone like me speaking in media! Well, why not? Where are the regular people like us? Where are the people who say ANYTHING different? Watching some network right now... actually just listening and not actively watching... and UNLESS I TURN AND LOOK, I can't readily tell you which network it is, MSNBC or FOX or CNN or HLN... why? Because they are all in lockstep and sound exactly alike on the BIG issues (i.e. war with Iran, which they can't wait for.) Only Fox deviates from this formula, but mostly on the social issues. Wouldn't it be nice if the media-monopoly on news and opinion was broken? We might actually get some REAL libertarians or leftists and other kinds of people talking on the air! As it is, now, Whoopi Goldberg is the media's idea of a liberal.

One reason talk radio caught on so big in the first place, is that people heard their feelings spoken aloud, and they hadn't before. I would like to do the same for OUR side. The larger question is why the mass media is so BLAND and obedient to the government line. This is true whether its W or Obama, they get their little notepads out and repeat whatever the White House tells them. This is because they no longer know how to think for themselves... colleges indoctrinate, not educate. Sorry, I am digressing, like I do on the air! :P

In short, my feelings:

A DEMOCRAT or REPUBLICAN operative (Santorum) is a public figure who will likely never read what I write or hear what I say. (Plenty of other influential people have said far worse than I have, and I am sure Santorum HAS heard them.) Insulting someone who never hears it, is quite different than insulting someone who does hear it, don't you think? I hear/read YOUR insults, is the difference. Santorum doesn't know me from Adam's Housecat.

Now, if I got to be a famous radio personality, as my Consigliere insists I will, then I will have to weight such words more carefully. That is one thing I HAVE taken away from the whole Rush debacle. Some radio person in a small town might have said the same as Rush did, but has NO (or very FEW) real advertisers to lose! For instance, I have one paying advertiser, my sponsor, the Green Party, who agree with me mostly... and besides that, it relatively easy to please ONE advertiser, rather than 12, as Rush has learned. (Some of his advertisers probably agree with everything he says too, but as you get more and more advertisers, that is less likely.)

Anyway, I might not make fun of Santorum and the fetus, if I was very popular and thought he might actually hear that.

Also, upstate SC is a very PROTESTANT area, and highlighting the goofy Opus-Dei-ish Catholicism that Santorum has always been associated with, is something I think needs to be done. He has been a darling of the hard-core-Catholic faction for a long time, and people need to know that, and exactly what that means. It means a worship of fetuses that might shock you, West. Old Catholic ladies have given me toy fetuses and fetus-feet jewelry and everything else. It DOES border on the bizarre, and again, I want people to know that.

Thank you for hearing me out.

West said...

That last comment was a great read, Daisy. I enjoyed reading it.

West said...

...and that makes me realise I don't watch any of the news channels, and I work during the day, so I don't get to listen to Rush. I listen to talk radio going to work, and coming home. So I do listen to talk radio- but mostly I read, and read. But I must admit- I find myself extremely frustrated with liberals that believe more of my, (and other peoples) money will solve problems- when we are just so broke... oh, and I really did enjoy reading that last post- good info. Hope you got my Sachs answer.

xena said...

Hi Daisy. I'm glad you post odds& ends regularly. It would have been a little awkward to leave this comment in the middle of a political discussion.

Some of the New Deadheads are over at Ren's chatting about more of our favourite Dead--the Walkers on AMC. I thought the discussion was missing our favourite Original Deadhead.

Come on over if you're a fan of the show :-)

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