Friday, March 30, 2012

Cover of the Rolling Stone

Hilarious old song written by Shel Silverstein, explaining how rock stars have all the friends that money can buy, so they never have to be aloooone.

A real gem from the 70s, enjoy.

Cover of the Rolling Stone - Dr Hook and the Medicine Show


JoJo said...

Shel Silverstein wrote that song? I LOVE that song!!!! I was in like 3rrd or 4th grade when it came out.

Conseglieri said...

I was a student at Glynn Academy, which is a public high school in Brunswick GA, in the early and middle 1970s. In either 1975 or 1976 a radio station out of Jacksonville FL, WAPE, "The Big APE" held a contest for a concert. The school which gathered the most M&M/Mars candy wrappers won a concert by Rita Coolidge and Kris Kristofferson. By producing tens of thousands of scraps of paper with "M&M" written on them, aka "facsimiles" of the wrappers, our school won by a land slide.

Rita Coolidge was pregnant, and her delivery made it impossible for her to perform.

Instead, we got Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show. Opening act? Iron Butterfly. No s**t.

West said...

Excellent, I think I had this 45. I turned it up- and my wife and I sang along. HaHa.

Ann O'Dyne said...

Mr Silverstein's Ballad Of Lucy Jordan was the best thing Marianne Faithful ever did, and revived her career. Johnny Cash is known for Boy Named Sue, and SS was also brilliant in 10 other ways - books, poetry, plays god bless him.

I love Consegliere's story above.

senchi said...

love it - never heard b4!