Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Links and general notice

Being unemployed means having time to watch my beloved Elizabeth in old movies like "Rhapsody" (1954) with Vittorio Gassman.

Emergency unemployment benefits are running out for South Carolina, however, since as of last month our unemployment rate is lower than the national average. Not exactly sure how that works.

I had some car trouble last week, but I now have a rebuilt transmission and I am ready to rock and roll.


Timely Linkage:

Corporations Wrote a Law Requiring Climate Denial be Taught in School. Tennessee Just Passed It. (Treehugger)

One Author Tackles Trayvon Martin and the Deadly Legacy of Vigilantism (Colorlines)

You Sank My Battleship: Etch-A-Sketch Gaffe Buries Romney’s Momentum (Politicus USA)

To the meat eaters: PLEASE be careful eating Gulf Coast shrimp! (Southern Beale)

Paul Ryan’s Budget Includes $3 Trillion Giveaway To Corporations, The Rich (Think Progress)

And most worrisome: Supreme Court's Health Care Ruling Could Go Many Different Ways (Huffington Post)


At left: Amusing and totally true cartoon by David Horsey.

As we see, the Republicans and the Tea Party continue their open war on the people, without interruption. And they aren't even sorry for attempting to destroy the world.

I dunno about yall, but I can't wait for the War Crimes Tribunal.


And that reminds me... we have a BRAND NEW POLICY here at DEAD AIR: Whenever rude Tea Party idiots show up here and try to defend the evil, selfish, immoral Rich Criminal Pigs currently attempting to ROB THE PEOPLE? I print a new Tea Party cartoon. Obviously, they need one.

I once tried to politely explain that blogs are the equivalent of one's HOUSE and LIVING ROOM and therefore, you should not be rude and insulting to your hosts. I have finally realized that THIS IS how they act in their friends' living rooms! They are thoroughly rude and probably fart, burp, pee on the rug and insult people. NOW I get it.

Why did I ever expect them to understand an analogy intended for civilized people? My mistake!


JoJo said...

I'm enjoying my prolonged unemployment, poor though we are. But I don't watch much TV unless my man is home. He's a TV junkie. I enjoy the peace and quiet.

bryce said...

gr8 comic. reminds me of somebody...

West said...

Great comic. I enjoyed it. It was funny.

Excellent point on the Shrimp Daisy, thanks. I showed it to my wife. I gave up the shellfish long ago. They are just filters for the water- and they hold the toxins- just like the oil. Excellent post- hope lots of readers take this to practice.

West said...

Don't mean to serial post here Daisy, but that was an excellent article on Treehugger about climate change. We really must work to defeat the control special interests have over our government, both national and local. We really need to work to deafeat the groups like, the SEIU, and the military industrial complex.

DaisyDeadhead said...

All comments currently on moderation until further notice. Be patient and I will approve them when I get back!

Mama Moretti said...

You're so popular, missy!