Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fascism update

Our Occupy film series continues. Last night we saw the documentary COINTELPRO 101, which was pretty alarming stuff, even if you already know about a good deal about Cointelpro, as I do.

The extremely well-coordinated mowing-down of Occupy encampments, is especially chilling in light of the film.

As if the Patriot Act wasn't bad enough, fascists are now trying to outlaw picketing. The Bill of Rights is being flushed down the toilet. (The Bank of America doesn't like it, so it's history.)

Once upon a time in America, we can tell our grandchildren, there used to be this great thing called Free Speech.


As I stated in January, my talented consigliere, Gregg, was ticketed for carrying a sign that was "too big"--according to some arcane local ordinance. This will be at least a $135 fine, possibly more. He has asked for a jury trial.

Soon after this event, this blog comment is addressed to me:

Political signs are every bit as much a fashion accessory as a pair of cute shoes. Both get appreciated by people with similar taste (and either mocked or ignored by everyone else). There the similarity ends, however, because my cute shoes actually serve a functional purpose.
--and of course, as someone who has been physically threatened for carrying signs, I was completely dumbfounded by this comment. (I still am.) When was the last time she was fined for wearing cute shoes?

Once again, we are back to the disconnect I have described so many times... the (pseudo-radical) big-city kids not understanding (or caring) what it's like here at Tea Party Ground Zero.

And I don't know why they don't. Surely they realize that there IS a Ground Zero, somewhere? Well, this is IT. I live here. My incontrovertible proof is that this is Jim DeMint's old congressional district. This is where he got his start, before moving onto the Senate. Doesn't that tell you something? This is the home of Bob Jones University, which still requires chaperones and calf-length skirts, and disallows TV and movies for their students. Downstate is the annoying Congressman Joe Wilson, famous for yelling "You lie!" during the 2009 State of the Union address. Rick Santorum's campaign-manager described Greenville County as the most conservative county in the USA. I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

When some spoiled, lucky Yankee announces, oh, signs just are a fashion accessory, I would like to challenge them to come here and hold one for just one hour on Main Street. I'd love to see them break into tears.

But I think it's interesting that sign-carrying is going to be outlawed, just as the trendy kids have decided it means nothing. What a coincidence!

They talk the kids into being embarrassed by sign-carrying, so when it is finally outlawed, they will dutifully shrug. The mass media has done its job admirably, and the mass-media junkies nod in zombie-like unison.

"Sign-carrying is uncool!"--they bleat on cue. And now, there will be a law proclaiming so.

Ideas have consequences.


zhinxy said...

Oh, Daisy, the DISRESPECT! I sometimes swear the "nice white third wave" college kids out there have bought into the Republican and Fox news propaganda that their only - a - little- more - liberal -than -Beltway -Liberalism is RAGING RADICAL SOCIALISM. Playing nice on the internet is the new protest, or hadn't you heard.

There's a few things in play. One is they see all the hippies and agitators of the past much as their own Boomer ancestors, who were radical when it was fashionable, then joined the establishment soon after. But since a lot of the worst third wave kids want to be establishment themselves, are sure the properly PROGRESSIVE! RADICAL! EVEN! Establishment will be the salvation of all, they both have to see their parents as fuddy duddies, and ones that made the right choice. Not sold out! Not really, they did things that MATTERED.

But that old protest thing is still granola, embarrasing, a trend that went out with beads. It's CUTE that old hippies think protesting means something!

DaisyDeadhead said...

zhinxy, very interesting and insightful! Makes sense.

In our Occupy group, it is interesting that the ones who really are into the actual sign-carrying are older... but I do notice the young people come to the movies and potlucks and such. (They like movies and food!) This is better than nothing and shows that they don't really think they know everything. But yeah, it IS like holding a sign itself, embarrasses them somehow.

One guy brings his (teenage) kids, and they hold a sign for a few minutes before announcing "I hate this! Everybody is looking at me!" Etc... they are only saying out loud what the kids a few years older WILL NOT say. :)

Thanks for your comments, as always!

SnowdropExplodes said...

Makes you wonder what would happen if they tried to ban wearing political slogans on t-shirts.


Only days after clearing Congress, US President Barack Obama signed his name to H.R. 347 on Thursday, officially making it a federal offense to cause a disturbance at certain political events — essentially criminalizing protest in the States.
RT broke the news last month that H.R. 347, the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011, had overwhelmingly passed the US House of Representatives after only three lawmakers voted against it. On Thursday this week, President Obama inked his name to the legislation and authorized the government to start enforcing a law that has many Americans concerned over how the bill could bury the rights to assemble and protest as guaranteed in the US Constitution.
Under H.R. 347, which has more commonly been labeled the Trespass Bill by Congress, knowingly entering a restricted area that is under the jurisdiction of Secret Service protection can garner an arrest. The law is actually only a slight change to earlier legislation that made it an offense to knowingly and willfully commit such a crime. Under the Trespass Bill’s latest language chance, however, someone could end up in law enforcement custody for entering an area that they don’t realize is Secret Service protected and “engages in disorderly or disruptive conduct” or “impede[s] or disrupt[s] the orderly conduct of Government business or official functions.”
The Secret Service serves as the police that protects not just current and former American presidents, but are also dispatched to monitor special events of national significance, a category with a broad cast of qualifiers. In the past, sporting events, state funerals, inaugural addresses and NATO and G-8 Summits have been designated as such by the US Department of Homeland Security, the division that decides when and where the Secret Service are needed outside of their normal coverage.

more at the link