Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What about Bob?

Both photos of Bob Inglis were taken by me at the Town Hall Meeting in Travelers Rest, SC, August 18th.

I met Congressman Bob Inglis yesterday! Yes, I strode right up to him as he was lunching in my place of employment.

A woman in the restroom had remarked, rather bemused, Bob Inglis is sitting out there. I peeped out and lo and behold, there he was. I walked right up and introduced myself as a campaign worker for Ted Christian, LOL. Yes, I did!

He and his companion, whose name I have forgotten already (some GOP-heavy, one assumes, in suitably Republican threads), stood up (like gentleman, no kidding) and shook my hand. Such southern politeness and civility! Joe Wilson showing his ass is even more unbelievable in comparison. They were friendly and joking, even as I told them I never agreed with them. They were gracious, terribly likable and kind.

Wow, I thought, no wonder he gets elected.

It turns out that Inglis has read my blog, the profile of Ted linked on Christian for Congress. Considering Ted's mean Inglis-cartoon graphics, I was a little shocked (I certainly wouldn't watch mean cartoons of myself!), but of course, politicians have to check on the opposition. I don't think he read the Town Hall Meeting piece, and I didn't mention it. Okay, fell down on the blog motto there (Ain't Skeered), because I didn't want to be rude.

At the mention of Wilson, Inglis said to check out the before-and-after pictures of himself, sitting in front of Wilson during Obama's speech. Right after Wilson shouts, Inglis looks pained and brings his hand to his forehead. Obviously, a campaign set-piece of Inglis's, and very funny.

Unfortunately, the far-right Black Helicopter faction here in South Carolina is gunning for Inglis as they are (quite unsuccessfully) gunning for Senator Lindsey Graham. The big difference is that Graham can count on the whole state, and centrist Democrats will save him. Inglis has no such electoral cushion, here in hyper-Baptist, upstate-Bob Jones-land. The right wing in Greenville County is very, very solid and strong; Senator Jim Demint is their patron saint.

Inglis' real problem will be in the GOP primary, where the wingnuts will be out in force.


A few weeks ago, I met with Gregg Jocoy, Major Green Party dude, and talked about the possibility of running for office. YES! YOUR HUMBLE NARRATOR! I was thinking of something modest like County Council, School Bored (as the Yippies used to call it), one of those. The goal being, running for office gets the necessary concepts out there... and then we really don't care who uses the ideas or who takes up the banner for change. Whenever and however Green Party concepts (ecological/sustainability proposals) are presented to the mainstream, it can only be good. Green Party ideas, once regarded as total fringe, are gaining in popularity everywhere, even here.

Gregg assures me I could run under my blog name 'Daisy Deadhead'--in the same way football stars run under names like Biff and Tiger. I would, however, have to use my surname, which I think I could live with.

It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

However, there is the marginal possibility that I could actually get elected and have to do the job! Yow, that is rather daunting.

Here in upstate South Carolina, there are no educational requirements for any political office but sheriff (of all things)... this was dramatized back in 1996, when Debi Bush, a high-school dropout, was elected to the school board. (Under intense criticism and facing almost-national consternation, she very-publicly attained her G.E.D.) Well, I have a high-school diploma, certifications in lots of extinct computer-programs and, as Zonker Harris once said, I've been kicked out of some pretty good colleges!

Thinking it over. A fund-raiser with some rock bands would be fun, huh? :)


Who's to blame
When parties really get out of hand?
Who's to blame
When they get poorly planned?

Crashers get bombed
Slobs make a mess
Ya know sometimes
They'll even ruin your wife's dress
Crashers gettin bombed
Who's to blame?
Can you pull it back in line?
Can you salvage it in time?

(Green!) Party out of bounds - B-52s


sheila said...

That's funny, I would have done the same to one of my reps if it were the case. Although, remember my mayor? Calling me snide and snarky when I asked for help with an issue. Atleast your person was more pleasant, lol.

still waiting for my teitter apis to reset. I hate those. 12:44 is the reset time. Seems like forever.

Bryce said...

go for it, D!

Ted said...

The original-

I can't with an entirely clear conscience encourage you to run for office, but we politicians don't have those anyway. Count on a link to your campaign site.

John Powers said...

I do like the fact that one of your top concerns is actually being elected and having to do the job. Like any other job, there are times when it's really going to suck.

Elections in my little locale are coming up in November, so far as I know the only offices on the ballot are judicial. But sometimes I get blindsided by local questions or offices on the ballot that I have no clue about beforehand. The last time school board candidates were on the ballot I was unable to find out anything about the candidates in advance.

The good thing about the kinds of offices you are contemplating is that someone who tries to get the word out actually does have a chance. The downside is these offices can be really thankless tasks. School Boards are an excellent example. Mostly school board meeting are open, so I'd go to a couple before you made any decision about that. In most school districts school boards are mostly tasked with saying "no" with little input as to whether "no" is really the right answer.

My hunch is there is some office which upon investigation you'd think you'd be good in that role. I'd only recommend running for an office you really think you'd be good at.

Being on a school board can be a lot like being placed between the jaws of a vice--I'd think extra hard before considering running!

Doc Anchovy said...

I guess "Congresswoman Deadhead" does have a sort of "ring" to it. The press would have fun with it anyway...

white rabbit said...


Black Helicopter Faction???

I'm mystified and intrigued. I expect they are a horrible bunch but the name is pretty cool. No doubt it has a context but I haven't a clue.

white rabbit said...

By the way...


You could have Zonker Harris as your running mate. Okay, he's a cartoon character but so is Sarah Palin - or that's my theory ;).

D. said...

Daisy? What the hell is in the water down there all of a sudden?

Marion said...

Wow.I think you'd be incredible as an elected official! I'll be watching closely to see where/what you decide to run for!