Sunday, October 11, 2009

Party on the Patio, pt 2

Fall for Greenville last night! I am very pleased with the overall quality of these photos, which somewhat compensate for my bad photos of the candlelight vigil this past week.

Guess what I figured out? Floodlights and stagelights make night photos so much nicer!


First, fabulous Wanda Johnson, whom I have wanted to hear forever! She's utterly fantastic ...and she deserved a bigger stage.

Only one of my photos was good enough to include here, and this is it. This in no way reflects on Wanda's magnificence. (She inspires so many dancers that I got lots of photos of people gyrating rather than photos of Wanda.)

Second, Charleston's Sol Driven Train, who aren't bad, but seemed rather distracted and uninspired. I think Greenville might be a bit too conservative for them.

And finally, I saw the Lee Boys at Bele Chere last year, and enjoyed them immensely. Unfortunately, my photos of them at Bele Chere weren't too good.

I am SO pleased I heard them again, a truly mighty noise... and check these photos out, she bragged.

(More photos at my Flickr page.)

I hope your party on the patio was good, too!



JoJo said...

Great pictures! And you were so close too!!!

sheila said...

Good pics! I have something for you today! :)

patio maryland said...

I love those pictures. Nice post!