Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Photos below are of the Halloween benefit for Dogs For Autism--today at Earth Fare Plaza in Greenville.

It was a fabulous day, with great food, folks and entertainment... even if a bit rainy.

Below: The classic rock band is Ordnance 2110, who don't appear to have their own website. (And after much Googling, I still don't know what the band name refers to!)

The highlight was the dog costume party. The dogs loved it!

My favorite is "Medic dog" with the Red Cross insignia, although the sweetest disposition belonged to "Party Animal"--suitably bedecked in an array of colors.

More photos on my Flickr page.



berryblade said...

This is the best post ever of all time.

Dogs are the best people.

Bryce said...

i love 'GT Yellow Jackets' dog. he even has a stinger in his tail.

Daisy said...

Those doggies all look so pawesome!

Kowalski said...

Hey, good to see that you did post the pics, cool!
I think beyond service dogs for blind people there is little awareness for service animals in general.
For anyone who's interested in learning more, I recommend Kateryna Fury's blog. (She's got a category called "Service Animal Awareness" which is listed in the sidebar).

DaisyDeadhead said...

Kowalski, thanks so much for your comment... swamped with work and could not reply until now.

I was very impressed with the Dogs For Autism organization! Really great idea! The children are very responsive to the dogs, when they will not (always) respond to people; the dogs can "herd" kids when they tend to wander off, in a way that adults/humans can't. (Also, they serve double-duty as protection against victimization, so that they may explore their world without danger, as able-bodied children do.)

I was thinking about how this probably happened informally hundreds of years ago, as autistic kids (without the official Rx, of course) were assigned dogs by their families or villages, to watch out for them, who became the first "service dogs"; homeless people also tend to pair up with dogs, and they could also be thought of as a type of service dog.

As a cat person, I must admit, you couldn't train a cat to do that. LOL.

As I said, I was very impressed with the group and the professionals who train the dogs specific to each child. German Shepherds are preferred (see link) because they are both herding and protective.

Thanks for your comment and looking at my doggie pics! :)