Friday, October 30, 2009

SC Assistant Attorney General Roland Corning found in cemetery with Viagra, stripper, sex toys

South Carolina deputy assistant attorney general Roland Corning, photo from CBS News.

And a Happy Halloween to all of you, too!

Alan Colmes just posted on the latest South Carolina politician to exhibit Bizarro Universe behavior:

GOP SC Asst AG Caught With Stripper, Sex Toys, Viagra
October 30th, 2009

South Carolina Assistant Attorney General Roland Corning, 65, was seen pulling into a secluded area of a cemetery alongside an 18-year-old stripper, arousing the suspicion of Columbia, SC police officer Michael D. Wines, who eventually searched the car. The woman was an employee of the Platinum Plus Gentlemen’s Club.
[The search] revealed a sex enhancement drug (Viagra) and some sex toys. According to the report, Corning told the police he had a prescription for the medication and the other items were always in the car “just in case”, he needed them anytime he wanted.
The married Corning is a GOP activist in the state and a former legislator best known for his opposition to abortion.
CBS News adds:
Corning was fired, [Attorney General Henry] McMaster said on Wednesday.

"We received credible information about inappropriate behavior Monday afternoon," McMaster said Wednesday. "And by the close of business, he was no longer working here."

Such a trip to the cemetery "would not be appropriate, at any time, for an assistant attorney general," McMaster said.

There was no answer Wednesday at a number listed for Corning, who was a Republican legislator in the late 1980s and early 90s. He was hired in 2000 by the attorney general's office, where he worked on securities cases.

South Carolina has had its share of scandal lately, most notably Gov. Mark Sanford's "disappearance" in June. His office told reporters he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, but he was really in Argentina visiting his mistress.
Cemetery fun!

Who says Republicans don't know how to have fun on Halloween?


D. said...


Really, are all of the state's male married Republicans cheating on their wives? One might get that impression. (Innocent whistle.)

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Man ... you have an interesting bunch of politicians out there!

jovan b. said...

the hypocrisy of the conservatives in this state is off the charts.

Mr. Corning was probably one of those people that was pushing for a sex toy ban in 2006 (it didn't pass committee, obviously), and he was probably one that was pushing for a sin tax sponsored by one Sen. Mike Fair of Greenville.

sheila said...

When I stop laughing I'll come back and comment. OMG. What the hell are people thinking?

Ann oDyne said...

it's always those repressed types who want to punish abortion-seekers.
a pox on him.

the hypocrisy of him paying an EIGHTEEN year-old girl who has to sell sex has rendered me speechless.
I hope his wife does to him, what I'd like to do.

Thank you Officer Wines!

white rabbit said...

'the other items were always in the car “just in case”, he needed them anytime he wanted....'

Erm yes

Quite so

Nicholas Sullivan said...

I hope his wife does to him, what I'd like to do.

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