Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dead Air Church: I shall be released

I did not initially do a respectful obit for Mary Travers, because she once reamed me out when I did customer service. (sings: How many roads must a CSR walk down, before you talk to her niiiiiice?) But I've decided to relent, and today I say, REST IN PEACE, Mary.

Spiritual note: Once upon a time, I would never have relented. And now, you'll notice, it only takes me about 5-6 weeks. PROGRESS!

The following is Mama Cass Elliot, Joni Mitchell and Mary Travers, singing one of Dead Air Church's semi-official hymns, Bob Dylan's I shall be released. Awful instrumental arrangement in the background lets you know this was from 60s American TV (Mama Cass's short-lived variety show). Try to ignore it, especially the awful BRASS, ugh. Luckily, their pretty girl-harmonies survive the awfulness of the back-up.

Admit you like their sparkly outfits!


I Shall be Released - Mama Cass, Joni Mitchell, Mary Travers (1969)


Weasel said...

The outfits are part of the joy of the whole thing, I think ... A fair few of my friends and I are just waiting for the first time our younger relatives see pictures of our teenage selves and ask us what the hell we were thinking :).

You'll always find me sitting in the Dead air Church pews when Mama Cass is singing up front.

Sungold said...

Ew, the flute and strings are pretty dreadful, too. Makes you wish someone would remaster is and just leave their voices, which are really wonderful together.

I want Joni's skirt!

Sophia said...

Hi Daisy! I haven't read you in so long and forgotten what a
kick--- blogger you are! Followed a link over from Sappho at Noli Irritare Leones and read down through your trenchant stuff on ageism, white feminist racism, etc.
FWD may not link you but I will.

(Not sure if you followed my blog-morph to anonymity about a year ago--I was formerly at Junia's Daughter where you left some very kind comments back in the day).

SnowdropExplodes said...

Three fabulous voices, and a great song. But yeah, whoever arranged the backing should be tried on charges of musical attempted murder!

The outfits are totally fun.

antiprincess said...

oooh, you were customer-service-abused by Mary Travers!!

now I feel like I got customer-service-abused by Mary Travers by proxy.

I'm a little disappointed but not really surprised. One time when I was working at a hotel in Baltimore I met both Tom and Dick Smothers (my childhood HEROES the Smothers Brothers) and, while Dick was really great, Tom was a total ass. I was SHOCKED. just crushed.

John Powers said...

This whole post put a smile on my face, perfect for a Sunday.

Blue Heron said...

An interesting thing about Mary Travers is that during the heyday of PP&M, she was forbidden to talk on stage. Her manager Albert Grossman wanted to create some air of mystery about her. This is the same jerk who said that Jerry Garcia wasn't even a good guitar player.

My celebrity dissing came at the hands of Tony Randall. I was a poor student in Manhattan and lived approximately 60 blocks from my school in Yorktown. I asked him if he had a quarter for a subway token and he said he did. I have a coat and tie on, mind you. When I held out my palm, he sneered and said "but not for you" to the chortles and amusement of all present.

Couldn't stand him for the rest of my days but have at least outlived him.

sheila said...

Oh Daisy, I LOVE that video! Makes me think of when I was a teenager. *sigh*

mikeb302000 said...

Wonderful, Daisy. Thanks for sharing.

Kia said...

Nice to know there is hope for those of us who still have a hard time relenting. 5-6 weeks is no time at all in my grudge filled world : )

JoJo said...

Why'd she ream you out?

D. said...

Oh, yes, the harmonies. Better than the Band, even. Joni Mitchell is the only one of the three left, and her voice has gone all deep and smoky.

P.S. I remembered just in time that I wanted a copy of that review of Mind of the South you mentioned a few months ago (geocities goes away today). Got it, but I hope that guy Brooks has moved all that stuff elsewhere (ooops--he's got a blogspot account. So maybe).

DaisyDeadhead said...

Jojo, her package was either late, misdelivered, being held for some reason, addressed wrong, etc. Yes, I was the person who got to hear people's feelings about that! (Now, however, someone in India gets to hear about it instead.)

WELCOME SOPHIA, so great to see you here!

Robert, I can totally see Tony Randall doing that...

Sophia said...

Thanks Daisy! Popping back to highlight a couple of recent protest/action alerts at my place regarding the Glenn Close Bring Change 2 Mind campaign. Yes, Ms. Close, decrease stigma and shame about mental illness by glorifying yourself and labeling/dehumanizing your mentally ill family member--great plan.