Saturday, October 10, 2009

Party on the Patio

Will you just look at those polite Swedes? They just sit there! Toto, we ain't in the USA anymore! (This song usually brings out the bra-tossers and beer-inspired whooping, but as we see, not in Sweden.)

Recorded in 1984 in Stockholm, it's that lil ole band from Texas.

Have a great weekend! :)


Party on the Patio - ZZ Top


Hattie said...

They were probably so stoned they couldn't move, if I know my European rock concerts!

Doc Anchovy said...

I got to work a weekend of ZZ's first real National tour right after they'd released their third album, as we were "house lights" at one of the little clubs (500+ seats) they played in SoCal. It must have been 1973, because I don't remember the shows. It was nothing like this, at any rate.

I've liked the band and especially Billy Gibbons, ever since.

Rock on.