Thursday, May 14, 2009

Your redneck-hippie guide to the PGA Tour!

Welcome to the tournament! These trailers are all over the place. Only Budweiser is more ubiquitous.


Yes, we provide only the very best guides to American culture here at DEAD AIR!

My apartment complex is about 20 feet from Thornblade, one of the premier golf courses in the south. As stated in this space last year, it is time for the annual invasion of the golfers. Of course, I speak of the BMW Charity Pro-Am Golf Tournament. It's some major hoopla, and people flock here from all 50 states and abroad. The celebrities in this year's tournament include Terry O'Quinn, Dennis Quaid and Greg Kinnear.

Since the Golf Channel is parked at one of my apartment complex exit-gates, I was able to stroll right through, unnoticed and undisturbed... until one over-eager security guy sternly reminded me not to walk on the green. (Dude, I wouldn't dream of it.) The golf clubs, cars (BMW provides all the shiny new "courtesy vehicles" for the event) and assorted sports accoutrements simply reek with money... in fact, the whole place radiates cash, even more than it usually does. Ordinarily, someone like me could not afford to be anywhere near the premises, except as a caddy. But Mr Daisy and I walk through this neighborhood all the time, and know the intricate twisty-turns far better than the yearly visitors. (Not to mention the fact that their golf balls hit my spare-room window every day during golf season.)

Unfortunately, I don't know from golf, so I can't explain any of these photos on a sportsman's level. But I can certainly explain them on a redneck-hippie level!


The people lined up on Thornblade Boulevard to watch this shot, were whispering intently and staying very still. I figured this meant something important was happening, so I took a photo of it.

You can't see the golf ball, but it's real close!


Practice range at Thornblade... our apartment complex is right beyond the line of trees, mere feet away. We live at the very edge. The trees are very nice, and we can usually pretend it's a park when the golfing population is low. ;)


An unsuspecting geese family flees, confused and wondering what all these mega-rich people are doing in their habitat.

I know exactly how they feel.


And more photos below...


John Powers said...

I'm not much for golf--or any sports for that matter. But something I like about golf are loud pants.

senchi said...

those poor geese!

Kia said...

I originally found your blog due to some pics of Greenville.

Hope you and the geese survive the weekend.

sheila said...

Oh my husband would be in his most absolute GLORY! I'm gonna show him this post. He'd probably should have asked 'this daisy' if you could send her some brochures!'

(he has a putting green company) lol. His dream is to retire to a place like this.

mzbitca said...

My husband loves the golf and through his work he got free tickets to a pretty big tournament up here where I live. It was crazy how utterly quiet it all was, and of course, how rich

Elayne said...

very nice looking course, I would imagine the rest of your area looks similar - lucky you!

new zealand has some stunning golf courses - if you get the opportunity come over and play.

Maralyn said...

Quite effective info, thank you for the post.