Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fire on the Mountain

In every blogger's life, stuff happens that you just can't write about... and I am there right now. Lots of interpersonal strangeness on my job, people unexpectedly coming and going, and I'm sorry to say I can't tell you about any of it.

In any event, what would I do without my UNCLE DAVE? Relaxing last night and drifting off to sleep listening to his excellent jams. Decided to share one of those songs with you here. Not the best visual quality, but it sounds pretty good.

It just seemed appropriate right now:

Almost aflame still you don't feel the heat
Takes all you got just to stay on the beat
You say it's a living, we all gotta eat
but you're here alone there's no one to compete
If mercy's in business I wish it for you
More than just ashes when your dreams come true


Fire on the Mountain - Grateful Dead


Owen said...

Hi Daisy,Stumbled on your blog somehow, and just wanted to say... any blog that puts Fire On The Mountain up in video is ok in my book...

Umm, if you have a second, and look a few posts back at my place, around May 10th, there's a post about some recent photos done by Heather Ainsworth at a Dead show in Albany. If you go farther back, in the labels list at right, there are a few for "Grateful Dead" with some photos of Dead shows back in the late 80's... Anyway, thanks for the Fire video,

mikeb302000 said...

Daisy, Good luck with the work stuff. I hope "This too shall pass" works on it for you.

Dave Dubya said...

We all have these "issues" things to deal with.

At least we have the very best "kind" music therapy.

Listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock your soul.


sheila said...

Man, that's an oldie. I've gotta start looking around youtube for old seem to find some classics!

Hope you 'work your shit out', lol. I hate when that kinda stuff gets in the way of an otherwise good day.

Annie said...

the dead did a killer scarlet/fire in mountain view. really.

Robert said...

Great Blog. Grateful Dead are the best!

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