Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday music: Let the Good Times Roll

Judging from appearances, I'd say this is from the late 80s, but no way to be certain. (I invite all deadhead-readers to jump in with chronological estimates.) Bobby is wearing some extremely dorky short-shorts. The late Brent Mydland is on keyboards, which means this performance was recorded before July 1990.

I don't know where this concert venue is, but the crowd is ENORMOUS!


Grateful Dead - Let the Good Times Roll


JoJo said...

Bobby was sporting that ponytail during summer tour 1989. That'd be my guess for when this was shot.

Joan Kelly said...

My brother went to a Grateful Dead concert this past weekend in L.A., and I thought of you. Not like that's the only thing about you that exists, just that, well, I don't know a lot of Dead-lovers besides you brother I guess.

ZenDenizen said...

Sorry, OT but I'll take those dorky short shorts over those weird man-pris that hit mid calf anyday :)