Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Dead Air photo gallery

My reasons for posting these photos are entirely mercenary--but you can still comment on em if you want! (NOTE: Is this my cue to complain about how difficult it is to space photos on Blogger? Wordpress is much easier!)

My cheapskate free-Flickr account only allows 200 free uploaded photos, and these particular photos are about to "drop out" of my account. I'll never find them if I don't bookmark them now, and uploading to Blogger guarantees they will be here when I want them. (I have frequently forgotten to do this and consequently, misplaced a lot of great, already-uploaded photos.)

And so, a post motivated purely by the desire for photographic preservation!


First, Lake Hartwell (border of South Carolina and Georgia) last Labor Day:

The downtown Greenville Mariott while under construction, which is almost finished now... but here is its exoskeleton:

(I kinda wish they'd left it like this!)

One of the peaceful trails/gardens at Falls Park, downtown Greenville:

NASCAR's Jeff Burton wants you to use correct change! (NASCAR coke machine):

My Dragon*Con photos are rapidly disappearing, so have a look at the set if you are a sci-fi/fantasy geek!

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!


Anya said...

Very beautiful pictures :))
Its lovely to see it all !!
Thanks for sharing

jams o donnell said...

Great set of shots! Excellent choices for WW

debonairdebacles said...

Cute pics! You're right, much easier to space pics on Wordpress.

Now I have an urge to dig up a pic of me wearing a Kellogg's NASCAR shirt for my blog!

Blue Heron said...

The problem with blogger is that all of your photos go into a Picasa folder that is available for the whole world to use. I see my photos getting absconded with daily due to the google image search. Copy write is so twentieth century...I sell my work from time to time and it creates an issue, yet I also have the need to share my images so I keep posting.

Going where those chili beans don't grow...

K.C. Jones said...

Oh my God! You go to DragonCon!!! Are you coming this year?! I go every year! We can meet and be nerds together!!!!

*And this, kids, is how sad my life is-that one photo was the happiest moment of my day...

SnowdropExplodes said...

I wonder what happens if I misuse the correct change...?

Roxie said...

Are you coming to Dragon*Con this year?

DaisyDeadhead said...

KC and Roxie, I'm still not sure, but here's hoping! (((fingers crossed)))