Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SC House overrides Governor Sanford! Sanity at last?

Head Goofball in charge!

Rich, evil greedhead Republicans who send their children to private schools (and therefore do not care about the public ones) have blessedly NOT prevailed after all. I am very, very pleased to report the following:

SC House overrides major Sanford budget vetoes

COLUMBIA — State lawmakers took first steps today to override the governor’s vetoes of the $5.7 billion state budget and his refusal of federal stimulus funds sought to avert deep public school cuts and big college tuition hikes.

The House voted 98-19 Wednesday to send the budget issue to the Senate and followed that up with a 93-23 vote to override Gov. Mark Sanford’s refusal to accept $700 million in federal stimulus cash. The votes came without debate.

“Woo hoo,” cheered state Education Department spokesman Jim Foster after the vote. He hoped the Senate would follow later Wednesday by also overriding those two key elements.

“We’re disappointed,” Sanford spokesman Joel Sawyer said. In the Senate, “we know it will be a lot closer. We hope we will cross the finish line with sustaining it there.”

Sanford, a Republican whose stance has won him national prominence, has said he won’t request that money unless it can be used to offset state debt. But the White House twice rejected that approach, emphasizing the money first had to be used to support education.

But leaders in the GOP-dominated Legislature expect the budget fight to end up in court. Sawyer said the governor is not ready to say whether he’ll raise a legal challenge.

A Chapin High School student has said she plans to refile a lawsuit aimed at forcing Sanford to accept the funds. Casey Edwards did not immediately respond to a message left with her father Thursday.

Meanwhile, Foster said the U.S. Education Department has now set a July 1 deadline to apply for the money.

Sawyer said he was not prepared to comment on that.
Yeah, I'll bet he wasn't! (giggle)

I am so glad the greedheads were outvoted. WOOT! (((happy dance)))

And what is that about "national prominence"? Let's change that to national laughingstock instead. HOW MUCH MONEY has the Governor's little economic-grandstanding stunt cost us, exactly? For instance, when he barnstormed the state for political support for his anti-stimulus fiasco--who paid for that? The South Carolina state taxpayers or the GOP?

Hmm, let me guess.

PS: Time to pray for the SC Senate. Take out those rosaries now!


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That dude is an ass. But he's got lots of company. I dunno, it just never ceases to surprise me anymore, how much stupidity is in gov't. Can't we just wipe the slate clean?

DaisyDeadhead said...

Sanford: Suit filed because lawmakers overstepped authorityBy Tim Smith • CAPITAL BUREAU • May 21, 2009

COLUMBIA – Gov. Mark Sanford said this morning he has filed a federal lawsuit over the budget because lawmakers overstepped their constitutional authority when they adopted a provision requiring him to apply for $700 million in federal stimulus aid.

“This is not about their vetoes and not about the stimulus,” he told reporters.

The lawsuit, which names State Attorney General Henry McMaster as the defendant, asks a federal judge to declare the stimulus section of the budget unconstitutional and to prevent its enforcement.

Sanford said his suit is a “pre-emptive strike” because he believes a lawsuit by a high school student is about to be re-filed in the South Carolina Supreme Court. Chief Justice Jean Toal declined to hear the student’s petition last month saying the General Assembly had not yet acted on the stimulus issue in its budget.

The governor has declined to apply for the $700 million, part of $2.8 billion in stimulus available to state agencies over the next two years, unless lawmakers agree to spend that money or an equal amount on state debt. The White House has twice refused Sanford’s request to spend stimulus money on debt.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Sanford, officials face deadline on stimulusTHE ASSOCIATED PRESS • May 26, 2009

COLUMBIA -- South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford faces a deadline to reply to challenges on lawmakers' effort to force him to request $700 million in federal money intended to spare schools from deeper budget cuts.

The state Supreme Court set noon Tuesday as the deadline for Sanford, Education Superintendent Jim Rex and Attorney General Henry McMaster to respond to lawsuits filed Friday.

Sanford vetoed a budget provision that requires him to request the federal funds for education. Sanford vetoed that and the Legislature overrode the veto and gave Sanford five days to request the money. Sanford hasn't asked for the money and legislators say it's up to the court to force him to act.

Sanford has filed a federal lawsuit to assert his control of the money.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Federal judge returns battle over stimulus money to state court****
By Tim Smith • CAPITAL BUREAU • June 1, 2009

COLUMBIA – A federal judge this afternoon sent two stimulus lawsuits removed last week to federal court by Gov. Mark Sanford back to the South Carolina Supreme Court to be heard.

U.S. District Judge Joseph Anderson told a courtroom full of lawyers today that while the jurisdiction question over what court should hear the two suits is “far from clear,” he decided to send the cases to state jurisdiction.

Sanford, who has filed a third stimulus lawsuit in federal court, removed the two other cases because he said the primary issues were ones of federal law and involved federal money. The governor has refused to apply for about $700 million in federal stimulus aid available over two years unless legislators agreed to spend an equal amount on debt. Legislators have ordered him to apply in a section of the budget and also included $350 million of stimulus aid in their spending plan.

The Supreme Court, which had scheduled oral arguments on one of the cases last week, is expected to schedule arguments again sometime this week, lawyers in the case said.

Lawyers for students who had sued over the issue and school administrators who filed the second suit told Anderson they believed the issues involved were state issues which should not be decided in federal court. They also complained that their suits were removed to federal court without their consent and therefore must be returned.

A lawyer for Sanford argued the cases belonged in federal court and were properly removed.

Sanford can take Anderson’s decision to a federal appeals court, though lawyers in the case said they believe the court would probably not agree to hear the issue.

The governor has scheduled a press conference for 3 p.m. to discuss today’s ruling by Anderson.

DaisyDeadhead said...

State will seek stimulus dollars***

Governor calls decision 'terrible'; educators hail court ruling

By David Dykes and Ron Barnett • Staff Writers • June 5, 2009

Greenville News

Gov. Mark Sanford said Thursday he won't appeal a South Carolina Supreme Court decision ordering him to apply for federal stimulus funds that he considered wasteful but that educators said would immensely help the state's schools.

In their ruling, the justices said, “Under the Constitution and laws of this state, the General Assembly is the sole entity with the power to appropriate funds, including federal funds. Therefore, the General Assembly has the authority to mandate that the governor apply for federal funds which it has appropriated.”

The governor said that while he was disappointed with Thursday's ruling, he plans to abide by the court's decision and will sign needed paperwork for the stimulus dollars.

“This decision is terrible news for every taxpayer in South Carolina and even more so for future taxpayers who will ultimately bear the responsibility of paying for this so-called 'stimulus' without seeing any benefit from it,” Sanford said.

Educators, however, quickly hailed the court decision. They had predicted that hundreds of teachers would lose jobs and colleges would see steep tuition increases without the money.

“The citizens of South Carolina are the real winners today,” said Molly Spearman, executive director of the South Carolina Association of School Administrators.

The association said the ruling will pump an additional $184 million into school districts for the coming school year, plus $105 million for state universities and other public schools.

The state's highest court ordered Sanford, a Republican, to request the $700 million in federal stimulus money.

The court's action compels Sanford to follow the lead of the General Assembly, which recently approved a budget using federal stabilization funds and instructed the governor to apply for the money.

Sanford had refused to apply for the funds unless lawmakers agreed to spend an equal amount on reducing the state's debt.

Sanford argued that spending all of the stimulus money would “paper over” and avoid government restructuring that he said was vital to South Carolina's long-term competitiveness.

(Read the entire ruling here)

Anonymous said...

You libs crack me up. Should we get ourselves out of debt, or spend more money in a ridiculous education program that doesn't put out more than is put in. It's simple logic, they teach you that in Econ101. Debt is bad. We spend more on education than any other nation in the world and yet other countries have better success rates with their students. Government is not the solution, government is the problem. I'm 24 and I understand that.

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