Thursday, May 28, 2009

They call it Stormy Monday...

...but Tuesday's just as bad.

Wednesday's worse, and Thursday's oh so sad.

It's storming, and these are my favorite stormy songs.

First, Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan in Hamilton, Ontario, recorded on December 6, 1983. (The song was originally written by T-Bone Walker.) Some of the video isn't quite synchronized to the action, but honestly, does anyone care?



Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan - Stormy Monday

I first heard this version of STORMY when I was down and out on the West Coast...and it got me through a whole month, in which I played it virtually non-stop, even as I got evicted from my commune.

Yes, someday I will tell the whole story, but I don't fare so well in the telling. ;)

This will probably get pulled by the evilllll powers-that-be (yes, I'm lookin at you, Warner Music Group!) --so have a listen now. The vocals were swapped out constantly on old Santana records, so I am sorry to say I have no idea which singer this is, but he's fabulous.

But it's Carlos who really cooks, and takes us into some special, safe place where the storms can't touch us.

Santana - Stormy


Anya said...

Thanks for the great songs :)
I enjoy it (@^.^@)

sheila said...

LUUUUUUUUV that tune! And OMG Carlos is sooooooooo young there! Or am I just getting old? lol

mikeb302000 said...

Carlos Santana was the very first live concert I ever went to. It was 1969 in the Masonic Temple in Elizabeth NJ. It could have been early 1970.

Thanks for the memories. I loved the other video too. Stevie Ray always makes me sad and grateful at the same time.

Rootietoot said...

LOVE Stevie R.V. LOVE him.

yellowdog granny said...

there is a better version by an old blues singer but her name slips my mind.(old farts desease)
oh how exciting..getting the bums rush from a commune..that's spectacular...

jovan b. said...

You got it real bad yesterday. There were at least two Severe Thunderstorm Warnings for the City of Greenville.

Owen said...

Mmmm... goooood music ! Tasty ! Liked these so much, and some other of your recent posts, could not resist doing a little post just for you, with a couple of photos of Carlos no one has ever seen before, because they've been in my closet for the past 20 years or so... gratefully... owen