Thursday, June 19, 2008

Q-and-A with Daisy - VOLUME TWO

Left: Thanks to Yellowdog Granny!


Wow, has it really been almost five months since I publicly answered my mail? Goodness mercy. Slack, that's me.

My excuse: I saved the fun emails in another file, then promptly forgot all about them. I found them whilst searching for something else entirely, which seems to sum up my whole life.

And so, at long last, we go forward with Q-and-A with Daisy, VOLUME TWO!


Q: I can't figure out what kind of Christian you are. You claim to be Catholic and then you quote Buddhists and Hindus. You talk about the saints and then you welcome people with gender confusion and affirm their psychosis. You casually use the F-word. What kind of Christian are you, anyway?

A: The fun kind!

Q: I suppose you know that you are no vegetarian if you eat cheese and eggs? Please stop calling yourself one!

A: Bite me!

Q: What is your real name, and why won't you tell us? Is it LaToya?

A: I explained in the comments of the gargantuan thread in question, why I would not reveal my real name. I have also divulged a great deal of very personal stuff in my blog; I live in a smallish town and my name is pretty distinctive. I am usually the only person with my name that people have met, and it would be easy to figure out who I am and who Mr Daisy is. He shouldn't have to pay for my sins, which as he would say, he does already!

You don't have a right to anyone's real identity on the internet. What's YOUR name, anyway?

If you don't want to answer that question, why am I expected to?

Q: You wrote about your name, so don't you think it's different?

A: You write about your workplace, so why won't you tell me where you work?


Left: at the South Carolina Farmer's Market.

Q: You said you intended to go to 75% raw foods. Which books on the raw foods lifestyle do you suggest?

A: Living Foods Lifestyle, Rawsome, Complete Book of Raw Food, Living in the Raw, and many more here.

Q: When are you going to write more about the presidential campaign?

A: When the candidates choose their veep nominees, I will be all over it like flies on shit, pardon expression. Right now, not much going on, IMHO.

Hopefully, counter-demonstrations will also be going on during the conventions. I wish I could join them, as I did in my youth, but don't think I can run from riot police as well as I used to.

Q: I think your blog is really stupid, I can't believe the dumb things you write about.

A: Just keep clicking on it. Stats are stats!

I will try to keep amazing everyone with my stupidity. It's a dirty job, but... etc.

Q: Thanks for the Outlaws song, dude! I didn't know the name of the band or what the fuck they were singing. I couldn't have found it on my own. I love it!

A: My pleasure and ROCK ON!

Keep those cards and letters coming in!


ArrogantWorm said...

Can't do this everywhere, obviously, but the cemeteries have fruit trees here and there's a (pretty small, considering) family owned n'run farmer's market and quite a few roadside stands from people who grow their own veggies and have some extra. Dad used to do it until we moved, but now, no room, apartment complex. Found better prices at the roadside stands too, overall. Only really works if you live in a small town, but seems to be a decent alternative.

JoJo said...

I have one for you: Aren't you concerned about ecoli and/or salmonella from the raw food diet? Or do you grow most of your own stuff?

thene said...

A: The fun kind!


white rabbit said...

My real name is Hubert Toadthrottler but I keep quiet about it ;)

Oh and response to meme thing on blog today.

Daisy said...

Hey Jojo, sorry I missed your question.

Short answer: I guess I should worry, but I don't.

queen emily said...

Q: Why are you so awesome, Daisy? Nature or nurture?