Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crestfallen campaign update

Regarding the 4th Congressional District Democratic primary runoff election, held Tuesday the 24th: Ted Christian got roughly the same percentage of votes that he got during the primary on June 10. (33% on the 10th, 32% on the 24th) The estimated turnout, according to local talk radio, was around 2% of the upstate electorate. That is just scandalous, IMHO.

Ted credits his weasely opponent's hitpiece for his loss, but I credit the microscopically-low turnout. Paul Corden, the candidate who will be running against hyper-conservative, Bush-groupie Rep. Bob Inglis in the fall, pledged that he is the "real Democrat" in the race, yet never discusses the war and seems completely oblivious to the fact that "real Democrats" can't get elected around here. A DIFFERENT kind of Democrat (or other type of politician) will be necessary to penetrate the boredom and overall sense of futility people have around voting.

And so, I am taking Ted's widget off my blog, weeping all the while. We are presently licking our wounds and talking about what we should do next. I am all about the Green Party, which may be too lefty for Ted, but we'll see.

(((sings several rounds of FOR HE'S A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW))))

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Ted Christian said...

Just now switched the site back to independent. At the risk of reading it in another mailing, I think I've about had it with political parties generally.

Serena said...

It certainly saddens me. I actually had a little hope for the Upstate for the first time ever but it wasn't to be.