Monday, June 30, 2008

How to disappear completely!

Left: Buddha statue at DIVINE CONNECTION, Black Mountain, NC.


At AlterNet, Rob Peters asks Is Personal Blogging Fast-Fading?:

Perhaps we've realized that blogging every day isn't as fun as it sounds. A happened-upon red swirl of autumn leaves before a backdrop of unusually artful East Vancouver graffiti may very well be a blog-worthy topic. Life's minor muses are perhaps what inspire the pleasure blogger to pick up a keyboard in the first place, but it actually takes work to develop new material on a regular basis. No, writing never becomes easy no matter how long you do it.

Some difficult truths have been brought to light by the personal blogging blitz of the last few years. One such revelation is that most of us aren't as interesting as we think. Waking up every day and jotting down some deep thoughts about breakfast is a difficult way to sustain any kind of readership. A creative writing teacher once told me that everyone has lived one novel-worthy story. One being the operative word, I think.

It's as if we've gone through a few generations of blogging natural selection. The ones left are the big alpha bloggers, well suited to the harsh -- and fickle -- web environment. Said alphas have learned how to make money from their wordslinging, transforming what was once a very grassroots medium into something much more commercial. The pleasure bloggers just didn't have the genes, nor the capitalistic instincts, to survive.
Sounds ominous. Are we being declared dead? Is this like the infamous Death of Hippie?


This test is interesting, in that it literally measures how well one fits the wifely gender role as prescribed for middle class white women in the 1930s, which... surprise, surprise, the expectations for women within marriage haven't changed too awful much in over 70 years. (Thanks to Jaelithe!)


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

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John Powers said...

Hope you're feeling less pain now!

I was curious about why Alternet would publish such a post, but then saw that the "newsy" part of it was about microblogging.

My sense of it is that more people are posting stuff online than ever in ways that are like blogging, just not called blogs.

The idea of blogs as a journal is too limiting. And the whole idea that people's writing is either good enough to sell or not is plain insulting.

You are a wonderful writer. My bloglines feed is really long and the overwhelming majority of my "must read" blogs have no monetization.

thene said...

Mmm, I guess that's why I don't Deadjournal so avidly as I did 5 years ago, but ProperBlogging marches on whenever I don't have Teh Bloglazy.

I scored 6 on the 1930s Wife quiz. :( Very Poor (Failure), it said. But I still cling to my vulgarity and pajamas - I don't care what they say!

La Lubu said...

Hmmm, I scored a zero on the Proper Wife test, but I think it's mostly because I left husband-oriented questions blank (being single), while checking things like "cooks in pajamas" and "eating garlic". I was surprised there weren't any questions about nose-picking, farting or belching (which I also would have checked....god, I suck as a wife!!)

Blogging dead? Hippies dead, for that matter? Bah! Ever noticed how much fun things become again, after they stop being trendy?

Helen G said...

Mmhm, blogging is s-o-o-o 1930s...

*scowls at high-scorers*

I mean. -23 ffs!
Minus 20 frickin' 3!!!

Just as well I don't have a husband, really, or he'd be running off to have an affair with that woman out of Brief Encounter, or something...

Vanessa said...

It's funny, my blog posts have been getting *more* personal as time goes on.

Also, on that test i got a five. Lol!

annie said...

i started blogging a little over 3 years ago, after several years of reading various blogs. loved al franken's blog-which was out there before the birth of air america.

anyhoo, i admit feeling less than enthused about it these days, but have also noticed that comes and goes. the part about being less interesting than we may have imagined resonated with me. the good thing is, blogging forces me to keep attempting to write something. no matter how mundane!

Zan said...

Amusingly enough, I would make an amazing husband according to that, but a really really rotten wife :) I got a -12 on the wife quiz, but an 84 on the husband quiz.

JoJo said...

LOL!!! I was 20%, "A very bad 1930's wife" hahahahaha

Anywho, now that I have found Facebook and am loving that to death, I find myself not hitting the blogs as often as I used to. But I still enjoy it and limit my reading to those on my blog roll.

I do like writing, however, and it doesn't matter to me if no one is reading or commenting, or I get lots of comments.

when it stops being fun, I'll stop doing it.

the fruitfemme said...

Well, shit, my blog posts are supposed to be *interesting*???

For real, though, why not blog an ordinary life?

p.s. Daisy, stop calling my parents. I return all my videos on time & I get all my porn from good vibes now and I am *sure* I didn't give out Mom & Dad's number. (although, they may have gotten that number from mom or dad themselves, of course--but i'm not responsible for that!)

Jaelithe said...

I'm glad I was able to pass on such an entertaining gem.

I still don't know how on earth I scored so high.

a very public sociologist said...

Death of personal blogging? No way. We live in a very reflexive age where people want to know about people. As long as this is the case there will be an audience for yours and everyone else's outpourings.

Seraph said...

Black Mountain! My bf lives there. I consistently forget how close Asheville is to Greenville.

And I love "boring" personal blogs. I might not buy them in book form but looking at other people's lives is fun for me.


Yes, I was beginning to feel like I was losing my blogging mojo for awhile as I struggled to come up with some "interesting" content, but now I'm getting back into the game :o)

And apparently I'd make the crappiest 1930s wife ever considering I scored a mere -2 (ie. FAILURE) on that test! LOL!