Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More on Ted Kennedy

Okay yall, I am hereby signing off for the day. Trolls, stay back, or at the very least, try not to wreck the joint too badly.


If I see one more liberal and/or feminist (!) blog talking about the late Senator Edward Kennedy as some kinda righteous man, I'm gonna spew.

Here at DEAD AIR, we calls em like we sees em, and rich drunks who let women die agonizingly-slow deaths rather than tarnish their reputations or make daddy mad, are not mourned, regardless of their politics. REGARDLESS.

I guess it's because she was, you know, just a girl. It's not considered cool to talk about her now. If he weren't a Kennedy, he would have been locked up, yall KNOW that, right? (Is upper-class privilege suddenly okay when exercised by liberals?)

I am now lighting vigil candles (yes, those are my St Nicholas and Our Lady of Guadalupe candles) and saying novenas for the souls of Mary Jo Kopechne and Ted Kennedy. And saying prayers for the woman Ted shit all over: Joan Bennett Kennedy. I am almost as sick over all the "Ohhhh! He was much happier after he married Vicki!" horseshit that I've been hearing on TV. So, he fucked up Joan, wiped his ass with her like toilet paper, moves on to woman 22 years younger, and yes! He's much happier now!

(((fights back urge to vomit)))

I can't believe even feminists are falling for this. Bros before hos, even on feminist blogs!

ANY Senator from Massachusetts would have been a liberal, you realize?

Okay, I'm outta here. I will try not to discuss this again, since it sure don't make me popular. But I have to wonder where my feminist sisters are in this one--certainly, they've harshly criticized men who have done FAR LESS. (?)

(((Daisy departs in cloud of indignation and fury)))


recursiveparadox said...

I've got your back. They'll have to take us both on:

JoJo said...

Um, Daisy....can you clarify...I'm not sure how you really feel about Ted. lolololol ;p

Actually what you describe is exactly the way I feel about Michael Jackson. Everyone is practically canonizing him and he was a pedophile.

D. said...

Huh. Edward Brooke was in fact a Republican, but not a conservative one. (The other Senator from Massachusetts, '67-'78.)

jailhouselawyer said...

As you know, I didn't give him a good send off either.

Jon said...

Anything that gets Michael Jackson out of the news is OK with me. As a fellow twelve stepper, I felt as though I ought to show a little compassion for the guy. I've certainly sat in meetings and heard people admit to murder. Also as a trade unionist I've learned to get along with some pretty dubious allies. Still, I'll admit sometimes the guy was repulsive. That's why I appreciated this from the progressive Christian, Diana Butler Bass. You could call it a tempered response.

K said...

Yeah I'm not diggin' the whitewashing of Kennedy's history either... I'm honestly surprised to see few feminist blogs include critiques like yours.
Granted, it's only been a day, but that one day has been enough to see positive retrospectives posted.

JoJo said...

Not that I'm a Republican or conservative, but a few years back, Massachusetts did have a republican gov, William Weld, who was also a Deadhead. Go Figure.

~Macarena~ said...

I will try not to discuss this again

Please don't hold back.

mikeb302000 said...

I decided not to write anything about Kennedy. But the pro-gun folks I keep arguing with have been absolutley merciless on their own blogs about his passing, always talking about the tragic Kopechne drowning.

I accused them of really hating Ted for his gun politics and then using his drunkenness and womanizing and allowing poor Mary Jo to drown as ways to best smear his name.

But, now I'm reading your comments which I feel are free of ulterior motives, just calling it as you see it, as you said. Also, on the Italian News yesterday, which is also unbiased as far as Kennedy's politics goes, they spent half their report on Kopechne.

In the end, I suppose I feel like you do. He's done some pretty shabby stuff, and there's entirely too much aggrandizing of his life going on right now.

Ann oDyne said...

Ellie Greenwich has died.
Her melodies were the soundtrack of my youth. Nothing for feminists to enjoy in her lyrics either, but that was the era. Da Doo Ron Ron.

K.C. Jones said...

Having trouble sleeping-I thought about your post all day! I was inspired to also post about Kopechne, only mine is just a poem I wrote at 4 in the morning. Check it out-I think you'll appreciate it.

CrackerLilo said...

I'm sorry people couldn't let you feel what you felt and say what you wanted. I feel like almost the only one who didn't really have any strong feelings about Ted Kennedy, but you're familiar with him and obviously had tons to say. It came out of principle, not just simple meanness, and compassion for women who didn't get nearly enough.

Oh, and sorry about your governor. ;-)

Joan Kelly said...

Well I personally am glad that you care about Mary Jo, and haven't been swayed into the mass Ted-was-a-saint delusions afoot since he kicked the bucket.

Also, immaterial but always has confounded me - why, when his name was Edward, did he get called Teddy instead of Eddie? I thought Teddy was a nickname for Theodore? Or was that his middle name and I'm just out of the name-loop here?

SnowdropExplodes said...

@Joan Kelly:

"Ted" or "Teddy" are common shortenings of Edward, for example British PM Edward "Ted" Heath.

DaisyDeadhead said...

I just posted the following comment on the ALAS thread:

It is notable that Ted Kennedy also

testified at the 1991 trial of his rapist-nephew, William Kennedy Smith,
even though there was no subpoena and he didn't have to. He did it strictly to HELP OUT HIS NEPHEW. The Palm Beach jury was dazzled by his celebrity, and it helped win Smith's acquittal.

Patricia Bowman, the accuser, said Kennedy was drunk and wandered around the compound in his boxers a bit before passing out, and was in no condition to know anything that happened on the beach (where the rape occurred). Incredibly, in Kennedy's testimony (which I watched) he even said as much, but his PRESENCE, alone, was such a big deal.

I remember the (male) pundits were calling the whole incident (there's that word again, INCIDENT) "Bill and Ted's excellent adventure" and "The Kennedy Easter Weekend Tour" and cutesy stuff like that. Ha ha.

I noticed, watching the CNN bio last night, that Mary Jo got very short shrift, but the William Kennedy Smith rape trial (and Ted's pivotal role in it) was not mentioned at all, period.

These things start to add up, you know?

Joan Kelly said...

SDE - I still don't understand why, but I believe you that it is so.

Daisy - I also feel like, really, everygoddamnbody else is mourning "the lion" and STILL people get mad because ONE woman says "not me!"?? Take time out of their fucking days to get mad at your one voice saying "hey does no one care about the women he harmed" because you alone are going to ruin the fucking funeral procession or something?

Dear god don't let the hippie not-fawn over sweet Teddy for all he did for everybody!

Jesus H. Christ already.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Joan, yeah, glad you read the thread that way, thought it was just me. ;)

mikeb302000 said...

I forgot about that Palm Beach triaL I know the lawyer who defended him, Roy Black, one of the slickest for getting guilty defendants off.

I agree Ted's testimony there was just more evidence of what kind of above-the-law kinda guy he was,and thought his nephew should be too.

narcissistic.claptrap said...

Thank you for your two posts on this topic. We avert our eyes all too easily from any data that does not support our hypotheses. Ted Kennedy is a classic example of a person whose rhetoric had no connection whatsoever to his personal choices and actions.

I agreed with many of his political views, but have never considered him worthy of even the slightest admiration.

@K.C. Jones - thanks to you, too, for sharing your poem. There are 5 lines in there that stand alone as an powerful indictment of both the man and the folks who insist upon turning a blind eye.

DaisyDeadhead said...

KC, yes, that was great, and forgot to tell you that.

Everybody go read it!

DaisyDeadhead said...

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: R.I.P., Ted Kennedy

As always, damn funny. :D

D. said...

Oh, yeah, Fake Steve Jobs!

The comments, though... Eh.