Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Welcome to the camp, I guess you all know why we're here

White Rabbit knows I simply could not resist stealing this graphic!! (Stalin as a condom is utterly perfect for this post.)

Okay, sports fans, I have calmed my ass down since Saturday, so that's good.

I still have a variety of hits coming from Heart's hardy Ellen Jamesian faction, the faction currently roasting her on a spit. This sordid spectacle reminded me of some patriarchal lyrics by one of my favorite white men, recalling the mass-defection from another (fictional) cult-leader: We forsake you, gonna rape you, let's forget you, better still.

As Oliver North once so memorably said: I no longer give a rat's patootie.

And several supportive emails I received (yes, my lurkers support me in email!) agreed: It is patently ridiculous to seriously posit the idea that I was the one to viciously hack Heart's website (not even sure what "hacking" involves, the old hippie/borderline-Luddite admitted) and/or the one who "handed over" incriminating Biting Beaver quotes (you know, the blogger I am not sure I ever read?) to the bored-teenaged-male-masses, so they would suddenly hyperventilate on cue and rush over to Heart's blog in a collective fury.

Of course, this begs the question of how one gets teenagers to do what you WANT them to do? Anyone who thinks I have ever possessed this magical ability, has clearly not been reading this blog on any sort of regular basis.


The Ellen Jamesian blogs have now taken their various purges private. Damn, I hate that, since I know I am now being discussed and accused of everything but the Manson family murders. I'd like to be able to defend myself against these accusations being made about me behind closed doors, but... well....they wouldn't be Ellen Jamesians if they were open and allowed dissent or discussion. They are welcome to come here and confront me openly. None have, preferring to lob their grenades anonymously and send me threatening, cryptic emails. Trashing someone's reputation is a vicious, evil, nasty thing to do. But I realized long ago, when I first criticized Heart's presidential campaign, that this day would likely come, and Heart (who first made the charges against me) and her defenders/cultists would someday seek revenge. Too bad she waited until her influence was waning and disappearing, though... she might have waged a pretty good war.

I am reminded of Ursula K. LeGuin's novel THE LATHE OF HEAVEN, about George, the hapless fellow whose dreams all come true. A megalomaniacal psychiatrist, Dr Haber, learns of George's amazing dreaming-power while treating him for insomnia; George is afraid to sleep, since he cannot control his dreams. (For example, he dreams his sister dies, and she does.) Thus, the good doctor begins "programming" George to dream about those things Dr Haber WANTS to come true: an end to hunger, an end to war, world peace, etc.

Problem is, it doesn't work that way. George can't quite believe there could be a world with no hunger (which is a given in this futuristic novel)...he has never seen or experienced such a thing and cannot envision it. So what George dreams is, there has been a worldwide plague and a large portion of the human race dies off, leaving enough food for everyone remaining. In one of LeGuin's most fabulously-written passages, George slowly wakes and feels himself gain flesh around his middle; he has never before had extra weight. He knows, with a sick, scared, guilt-ridden dread: there is now plenty. Because six-sevenths of the world has died.

Poor George just keeps getting it wrong in exactly this fashion. When he tries to dream of world peace, there is an invasion of aliens, because George just doesn't have it in him to imagine world peace.... there has to be a common enemy to unite the human race. So, there is world peace, all right, but not exactly peace.

And Heart wants to reunite her cult followers, but can't quite do this without introducing a common enemy. Guess who?

Not exactly peace, although it may introduce peace over there in Heartville.

At the end of the novel, the aliens stay...they become part of the new world George has made; a jumble of alternate worlds and histories that he has dreamed. It is incredibly beautiful and poetic, as George (finally cured of his "effective dreaming") embraces the reality he has unwittingly created.

As we all do, of course.

And you know, I don't mind being one of the aliens in feminist Blogdonia, either. Really, I don't. Just allow me the right to stay.


Turn it up!

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - Bad Reputation


sheila said...

I'm with Ollie North. You know? I actually have an Ollie for President shirt from waaaaaaaay back, lol. I do!

Bryce said...

awesome post, d.

& just thought of that sting song about being an alien-lol.

Shinade aka Jackie said...

I am Clueless but that is par for the course!

Can I just say that I hope you are having a good week?

Lisa Harney said...

I agree about Heart needing a common, external enemy to focus everyone. She's used the strategy repeatedly to keep the fires burning - attacks on little light, Ren Ev, and so many others, just so everyone remembers who the "real enemies" are.

She also tries to maintain plausible deniability. She tries to appear noncommittal while implying whatever it is she's decided to imply, and Sis/Pony and others kick it up to outright attacks.

It's all very blatant. And a huge part of it is that she claims ownership of womanhood and feminism.

Rootietoot said...

Ellen Jamesian! Hahahhaaaa! what a perfect comparison! I love John Irving.

mikeb302000 said...

I love Joan Jett.

Kim said...

Wait, whoa, what?
DAISY is the hacker???
But this is insane!

Heck, I WAS around when all that happened, I DID read Biting Beaver. 4chan is responsible for the BB stuff and they also did go after Heart a little, though to a much lesser degree.

To my knowledge, all Daisy ever did was dare to critique Heart.

PS. Daisy, check your email already!!!

white rabbit said...

|Now about stealing the condom...

Could you knit me a replacement?

*hopeful look*

wv: supeoded

white rabbit said...
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Meowser said...

There's just one question I have. How many votes did she get?

(But yeah, of all the people to accuse of hacking...hasn't she even heard of script kiddies? They don't even care who they take down, as long as they get somebody.)

SnowdropExplodes said...

I loved "Lathe of Heaven". One of the most moving moments for me was the realisation that George originated in a world that actually self-destructed through nuclear war; his dreamscapes are shaped by horrors that those living in the realised versions of them cannot imagine.

Perhaps another interesting thing from Lathe of Heaven that's relevant to Radfemmery: when Dr Haber asks George to dream of a world without racial strife, rather than have different races living in harmony, George simply dreams a single homogenised race. It seems almost as though that's the way some radfem thinkers approach solving any conflict...

Kind of appropriate captcha word: "imangl"

DaisyDeadhead said...

Snowdrop, I've read the book over and over, I love it so much.

I also like how George's dream of his wife is a "softened" version of the way she really was. Such a strongly feminist commentary, without hitting you over the head with it. And the same with the racial dream: strongly political without being ostentatious or obvious.

She is a master-storyteller.

Renegade Evolution said...

It comes down to the following things Daisy.

These people are liars, suffer from some persecution issues, and are pathetic. Its funny, because I have seen some of them talk about their Mad Skillz and Lawyerz, yet, when they accuse people of hacking (woohoo, join the accused of hacking club, we have cookies) there is no proof. None, Zero. And if some of them have such skillz and lawyerz, you'd think they could find some- you know IP addresses, destination paths, so on- but nope. None of that, because the alleged hacking never happened- at least not from the people they are accussing. And come on, IF they HAD proof- they'd put it out there, I mean what better way to put the last nail in a coffin, right? But since there is no proof- they just have to go on with the smeering and calling people all kinds of shit for demanding proof. Hey, slander and lies are great when they do it....and anyone who questions their shit tactics is just MEAN and an OPRESSOR out to get them!

It's pathetic and complete shit. And Pony/Sis is a righteous asshole who has engaged in threats, personal attacks and all kinds of bullshit before....then again, with this lot, I can back up what I say with proof...and you know proof is a tool of the patriarchy and all!

Rolls eyes.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Renegade Evolution: woohoo, join the accused of hacking club, we have cookies

I want peanut butter! :D I've earned it!

Also, I like ginger snaps. (Still haven't seen the movie, though!)

D. said...

10@10 this morning had the Runaways' version of "Cherry Bomb." I guess it's a Joan Jett day.

And as we all know, Heart is the rock group of Ann and Nancy Wilson! Accept no substitutes!

(Mr. Townsend was an abused child and may have still been working it out, but that line is still inexcusable.)

DaisyDeadhead said...

D: but that line is still inexcusable

True enough, but I understand the sentiment... when a questing religious or spiritual soul completely and totally trusts a leader and they turn out to be liars or counterfeit?

Off with their head.

hexy said...

I can't help but boggle at the idea that you're "the hacker", or that you somehow influenced the actions of Anonymous.

They're accusations that clearly point to the accusers having no idea how these things they talk of actually work.

belledame222 said...

Oh, I remember reading "Lathe of Heaven" when I was a kid. wigged me out, I remember. might be the only LeGuin book I finished, come to think of it -blush-

Kim said...

PS. I had various pieces of the whole Tommy soundtrack going thru my head yesterday AM after reading this Daisy. :)

Not a bad thing: "What is happenin' in his head? Ooooooooh, I wish I knew. I wish I knew."

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