Saturday, August 8, 2009

For the Record

The Blogger known as Heart, aka Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff on SEX-TV, with two of her eleven children.


The blogger known as Heart, Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff, appears to be having an emotional meltdown. I don't really care too awful much, except that she has gone after ME now... accusing me of some pretty weird stuff.

This is an official statement, as they say in Washington.

I am sorry Heart is losing her shit (well okay, not really), but this is apparently because she is a guru without a group, a leader without sheep. Her former droogs are in the process of abandoning her in droves, for insider-reasons of their own. For someone who has been a self-described "leader of women" her whole life, I think this is likely traumatic. As far back as I can remember, clear back to the Ms magazine boards in the early years of this decade, Heart has been the leader of a sizable feminist faction/cult of personality, calling the shots. Now that this faction is finally examining/questioning Heart's Queenship? Not good news for Heart.

Today, I get an email telling me I am accused of bringing Heart's board down during last year's attack by "Anonymous"... how lil ole me can do such a thing is... well... if I knew how to do stuff like that, I'd do it to people IRL that I have grudges against! I have barely figured out basic blogging html skills; I do not work with computers on my job. (?) Strange Days have found us.

One of Heart's many sockpuppets (their names are legion) also accuses me of hurting someone named BB. I assume this is a reference to Biting Beaver, author of a blog I am not sure I have even read! I did not know she was still blogging. I have no idea of the URL of BB's blog and I have never linked her here on my blog a single time. (?) All of these accusations come waaaaay out of left field, to put it mildly.

This is what "Sis" wrote:

Consent does come into play here. BB was a prostituted woman, and her posts are about recovery. The post DD took to hand to A*non was about recovery. She didn’t give consent to any of the rapes and torture she endured as a child, young woman. She didn’t give consent for the rape of her words by another woman who set in motion despicable destruction in BBs REAL life.
I didn't "hand anything" to "anonymous"--as I said, I can't recall if I've even read BB. I only got fast-access internet in June of 2007, the month I started my blog. I do not have internet access at work, period. Meaning, I don't squander my internet time; I use it wisely.

Has she lost her mind?

Last month, Heart actually came here claiming to be her own son. (See last few comments in second link, above.) She asked me to take down the SEX-TV photo (above), which is still available on the porn-site SEX-TV--where I just found it. (Why it's okay to pimp her kids on SEX-TV but I am not supposed to reproduce SEX-TV's own photo of her family, distributed while she was running for President, is anyone's guess.) I find it very bizarre to pretend to be your (terribly precocious and well-spoken) son, to try and manipulate someone. Then again, we know that Heart learned at the knee of Dr Dobson and has a scary fundamentalist history; the fundies are nothing if not well-versed in emotional manipulation, accusations and shaming... all of which were done to Heart. And now, she spreads the poison. (This is the whole evil of fundamentalism--it never really goes away.)

On her blog today, Heart writes:
I didn’t know until a couple of months ago that it was Daisy Deadhead who was initially responsible for the the circus that ended up this way. [insert links about 'anon' attacks on her website]

I don’t know who DD is, really. I do know whoever this person is, s/he is capable of some really sick things.
I like how she snuck in that "s/he"--didya catch that?

I did not do anything to Heart, except write about her here. When someone claims they speak for feminism and actually RUN FOR PRESIDENT as the radical feminist candidate, I consider them fair game. I wrote about the MAJORITY of presidential and vice-presidential candidates during the last election. Am I supposed to go easy on Heart because---? If she didn't want political attacks, don't run for office. When you set yourself up as the official face of radical feminism, then you are representing me, as Lindsey Graham also claims to do. I take him on, and I will take her on, too. Because they DO NOT speak for me. Lindsey Graham does not represent me, and neither does Heart.

She "doesn't know" who I am? Well, at the Ms magazine bulletin board, we exchanged messages several times, when I was using the name "China Cat Sunflower." She defended me against a particularly obnoxious MRA (Men's Rights Advocate) named Rich, who attacked me repeatedly (she called him a "horror") and I thanked her for that. And then later I find out (I got a few friends, too, Heart!) she lets this OBNOXIOUS MRA post at her supposedly separatist bulletin board! Believe me, that sets off alarm bells of my own. What is he doing there, and why? Is he another sock puppet? (If not, why allow an acknowledged, proud MRA to have unbridled access to your inner sanctum?)

And you know, I am right here. She doesn't know who I am? Why doesn't she read my words and find out? I have written of my radical history at length; I have named my copious associates and associations. I have posted my photo and the photos of my friends. I have done everything but give her my name, which is what she obviously wants. She has recently been agitating for feminists to "name themselves"--and not be anonymous, yet simultaneously cautions us that the rapists and misogynists will track us down and kill us. (Can you say "mixed signals"?)

I decided that Heart was having a meltdown when she actually compared herself to Jesus Christ Crucified, in THIS POST, which I found genuinely disturbing.

I hope I don't have to point out, that she IS NOT Jesus Christ, and IS NOT being crucified or sacrificed. But Christianity lends itself to fantasies of persecution, and I say this as a dissident Catholic.

This is not a good or healthy development.

More from Heart's comments:
I’m reading comments all over talking about this daisy deadhead person and the attack on BB. People sound afraid, disturbed, and then there are folks who don’t care. I think that piece is what scares me most…. we never care, until it happens to us.
I love how they reduce women they dislike to "this daisy deadhead person"--I do not even get the benefit of capitalization! Take that, bitch.

Anyway, I assume this is Heart's call to arms, and I expect my site to get taken out next. Unless... unless... she doesn't realize that the troops have deserted her? And they aren't paying any attention?

And then there is this exchange between Polly Styrene (love the name! rock on!) and Heart:
Polly: Whatever Daisy Deadhead has done, or not done in the past, which I will reiterate I have NO evidence of, is past. Not publishing her comments on my blog will not change that.

Heart: What an odd thing to say. Whatever obvious trolls or males who advocate rape have said, they said in the past as well. In fact, once you’ve approved a comment, “it’s in the past.” Are you saying no matter what someone has ever posted, if it’s in the past, you’ll give them another shot?
Hoo boy, I'm being compared to rapists now.

But speaking of trolls, why is Ms-board troll RICH being given refuge in Heart's private space? If Rich-the-rape-apologist can be your buddy, what is the issue, exactly?
Heart: That’s it so far as this subject goes though. I do not want these folks’ names on my blog beyond this point, neither do I want to hear what they are saying, doing, whatever.
Then why are you starting this?

Finally Heart says:
Polly, why don’t you just ask DD whether it’s true?
To borrow a line from Mary McCarthy: Every word is a lie, including the AND and the THE.

Polly, you might try asking because DD is probably damn proud of what she did.
Every word is a lie, including the AND and the THE. I have not done anything to Heart, except write about her here, on Polly's blog, on Ren's blog, etc. I have not directed large numbers of trolls to her website to attack her blog. (And why would they listen to ME?) I did not encourage "anon" to attack Heart, although I didn't lose any sleep over it either.

I hope that is clear enough even for a fundamentalist having a meltdown to understand.

Unfortunately, she is getting so few hits now, she has to come sucking around HERE, to my tiny-ass blog, for readers. She knew I'd have to address her sockpuppet delusions...and all that sockpuppetry appears to be fragmenting her personality in dangerous ways. I miss the old Heart who used to argue on the MS boards and put the misogynist trolls in their place. Now, she invites them in and then accuses other feminists of being rapists.

Holy Bizarro Universe, Batman. As Helena Kallianiotes would say (see my post from this morning): Crap and more crap and more crap.


Tracey said...

Oh, the drama. I stopped reading her blog a long time ago. It was mostly for the raging trans-hate and harsh judgment of sex workers that drove me away, but this takes the cake.

Anonymous said...

*I* visit your tiny assed blog from time to very long time.

and I am guiltily amused because of the tale you told.


P.S. I was interested in the photos you post and who were in them.

Daisy said...

Me and my cousin

Me in 1980

Thene said...

That is weird...I'm pretty sure that the BB issue began when a female Goon linked her post about wishing she'd aborted her teenage son on SomethingAwful, and had it hijacked by Anonymous from there. (So it says on her EncyclopediaDramatica entry - er, link NSFW and not safe in any other way, shape or form, generally vile, etc.)

That just underlines how pointless witchhunts (and that is exactly what Heart is doing here) are on the internet - whatever someone like BB says, it's out there forever, anyone can read it, any one of them might be the one who winds up bringing the house down (presumably by accident, in the case of aforementioned female goon).

CrackerLilo said...

Good Gaia, Daisy, that's more crazy than I can process right now, as I've got no bourbon in the house and am too tired to go get more.

If it took you to make her snap, whatever passed for her sanity was but a house of cards just waiting on a light breeze. But I think we knew that already.

I'm sorry. Look out for yourself, please. *hugs*

queen emily said...

Uh yeah, you're good mates with Anonymous. I can totally see you hanging out on futaba boards, posting hentai and planning your next trolling for lulz.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I saw the one of you and your cousin earlier. S Carolina can be quite beautiful (not that I'd ever be to angsty to go to many places there).

I used to love herbology, as I have something of a liking for plants. I have too many houseplants now. Well, I don't grow any herbs anymore, but I still keep up with the tropical fruits and indulge in superfancy teas.


Renegade Evolution said...

I see it as "pick one of them". You pointed out Hearts BS, so SOMETHING has to be blamed on you. This seemed like a good thing. Its complete crap with NO SOUND PROOF, but that is typical, eh?

belledame222 said...

SIs, of course, would be the formerly known as pony, who in either incarnation is not exactly known for...well, what she lacks in smarts she makes up for in lack of smarts. Not sure where she thinks she got this particular brainwave, but it could well be from the same place that told her anal sex was a plot hatched by the Patriarchy to humiliate straight women (probably around 1978 or so, one gleaned). Ren is really a man and/or salesbot for the Pimpocracy or whatever that was, etc. etc. same as it ever was.

if one wanted to spring for the archive fee one could go to the Something Awful thread and see for oneself who brung it in the first place, I guess. guessing pony hasn't, well, ponied up for that, so, you know, take her word for it, or...not, basically. i seem to recall it being one of the SA regulars (i.e. someone I wouldn't know from a hole in the wall) from my vague memory of reading the thread. le shrug.

belledame222 said...

Nice pics, p.s.

Anonymous said...

Not wanting to tag my name to this kind of potential dogpile, but having an SA Archives account ...

Username is Casca, and they don't sound a thing like Daisy :P.

Rootietoot said...

What a freakin' nutjob. She's never had the slightest bit of credibility with me. She's a mosquito on the ass of reality. Or something. She'd probably say the same thing about me but eh. She has NO influence.

Ha...word verification is: Slarg. my feelings exactly.

sheila said...

Well dear Daisy...this sounds a lot like those girl arguments in high school doesn't it? There's always that one chick who has to keep it going and going. Maybe she's trying to get her followers back I don't know.

What I can say though is sometimes people aren't all there, if you get my drift. Be careful my friend.

Bryce said...

stay strong, d.

(looks like a farking sewer over there)

DaisyDeadhead said...

Bryce, tell me about it, my man! :D

Thanks to everyone who is providing the truth...I never heard of "SomethingAwful" either, not surprisingly!

On this thread at Polly Styrene's, we learn that I am a "trans puppet"! (And here I've been worried that the Heart faction would attack me for being a BAD MOTHER! :P Duh, I was totally barking up the wrong tree with that one, huh?)

You know last year when all my trans friends were mad at me for being a dickwad? Damn, I shoulda said: but HEY, I'm trans too, get off my back. Next time anyone says I am being trans-insensitive, I can't wait to show them that thread.

Major creds. Thanks so much, Delphyne. :D

Sungold said...

Oh good grief. If people want to make caricatures of themselves, fine. But dragging you into it? That's pure paranoia.

But hey, I'm impressed at your computer skills! Daisy, you have hidden talents!

D. said...


There are words, but they are words I do not use.

(Word verification is 'humer.' I suppose...)

polerin said...

Total side note, but what's amusing to me is that it was anon's attack on Heart that sorta gave me exposure to feminism of any serious sort at all.

She obviously demonstrates absolutely no understanding of how anon works, it was an attack by a bunch of bored, over privileged teen through thirty-somethings. Someone gets a hair up their butt about something, posts it to /b/ and all the sudden you get an attack.

-or not-

It's entirely up to the whim of a bunch of bored people.

polerin said...

oh btw, the attack on Heart originated at 4chan, not SA.

If you've not heard of 4chan either, be glad :P

belledame222 said...

looks like Polly deleted her blog.

yeah, the attacks were from 4chan, but I assume that their attention was caught from the thread at SA, and/or there were anon already reading/posting at SA and then ED. there's a not inconsiderable amount of overlap, I'm sure. but basically: SA is a place where people gawk at, well, Something Awful, and is also widely read; someone went to SA with something they considered Awful, and from there a bunch of teenagers (of various ages) got particularly bent out of shape and took it to the crusade level: voila. as I understood it, anyway.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Belledame: looks like Polly deleted her blog.

Ohhh, I hate that.

The good people delete their blogs while the worst are filled with passionate intensity.

Irish reference deliberate.

I'm sorry, Polly, if I had anything to do with that. :(

Lisa Harney said...

Huh... Polly "The F Word won't let me derail trans posts with transphobic comments" Styrene? Polly "Trans activists have privilege because I can't make them shut up" Styrene? Polly "Trans people are deluded because gender doesn't really exist, and therefore trans women can't really be women" Styrene? Polly "Trans women should not be allowed near cis women in DV shelters because men related to cis women from Islamic nations in those shelters might kill those cis women for being near trans women concern troll" Styrene?

Anyway, she's deleted like four blogs before this one. She always comes back.

Also, two years ago Heart was threatening Bint Alshamsa with internet lawyers and accusing her of setting anonymous on Biting Beaver. I think she's accused others as well. She can't imagine that something like that could happen to her (since Anonymous shut her site down too) without it actually really truly being about her.

polerin said...

lisa: yeah. that one.
I stopped commenting there for good after she (in the middle of a long trans related thread) posted several nasty anti-trans bits, implying that trans people are rapists.

Lisa Harney said...

BTW, I don't mean to minimize the way Heart accused you of mobilizing Anonymous, Daisy, but rather identifying a specific pattern (part of a larger pattern)

Rachel said...

Wow. This sounds like some crazy shit. Take my advice:


Trust may need it later...

Iamcuriousblue said...

"Total side note, but what's amusing to me is that it was anon's attack on Heart that sorta gave me exposure to feminism of any serious sort at all.

She obviously demonstrates absolutely no understanding of how anon works, it was an attack by a bunch of bored, over privileged teen through thirty-somethings. Someone gets a hair up their butt about something, posts it to /b/ and all the sudden you get an attack."

Well, considering she had herself convinced that I was some sort of leader of Anonymous convinced me of her capacity for delusion. I couldn't configure a DOS attack or hack into site if I needed to to save my life. And if I did have my own private army of hackers, I could think of some far more worthy targets and bigger fish to fry than Womensspace, et al.

roykay said...

I read your comments over at RenEv's; but I had no idea till now how much of a fiend you are. But surely you don't just GIVE this talent away. Any chance your paymasters could be hiring? I don't really have any DNS skills, but THEY don't have to know that and I could use the dough.

Aspasia said...

Wow. And she wanted to be prez, eh?

Even as an ex-Christian, I balk at her audacity to compare herself to Jeebus. My Goddess, that takes some balls. And you're 100% correct, Christianity does lend itself to fantasies of persecution. Hell, just look at the Religious Right these days. They are having a right snit!

I wonder how she arrived at blaming you for her waning influence. Did she draw your name out of a hat?

Blue Heron said...

I'm not quite smart enough to delve into the psycho dynamics of this one but at least she spelled your name right. Y'all people are quite deep. Very impressive.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Blue Heron: Y'all people are quite deep. Very impressive.

That's a great compliment coming from you! :D

Natalia said...

This entire situation is really odd. It's like me blaming you, Daisy, for the behaviour of some guy who tried to grab my ass on the metro or something. It makes no sense.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Now, feel like I can address some of these psots without popping my proverbial cork.

Belledame: Sis, of course, would be the formerly known as pony, who in either incarnation is not exactly known for...well, what she lacks in smarts she makes up for in lack of smarts.

I now realize that "Sis" is Pony, but had forgotten. Not correcting the post, however.

If Sis/Pony can spread her vicious, ugly rumors that I hacked Heart's blog (all because I am a "trans puppet" of course)--I will imply far worse: that she is really Heart.

And BTW, even though she's been around awhile, can anyone prove she isn't?

She doesn't have her own blog or any other ongoing net presence, and mostly just posts on Heart's blog. Aside from having a disgusting ableist temper tantrum on Alas some time ago and accusing a quadriplegic on SSI of having too much privilege (not kidding, see all of Pony's hysterical posts in this train-wreck of a thread... WARNING: profound ignorance and extreme ableism on full display) ... I haven't seen her post in too many places. How do we know she is NOT some phantasmagorical invention from Heart's id?

I have no such certainty.

Until she is proven not to be, and/or personally apologizes to me for her mindless-asshole accusations, I choose to believe SHE IS.

If I am being accused of not being who I say I am, she will be accused too.

Lisa: looking back on what I have written in this thread, especially my comment about Polly's blog providing me with anti-trans creds, I realize that may have been why she deleted it. She doesn't WANT me to have those kinds of creds. (Although I think it was her feud with Amy that tipped the scales.)

As I've said here before, I hate it when any woman deletes a blog... men never do. Right wing, left wing, you name it... men stay, women run away.

We need to learn to stand by what we say. Frankly, it's one of those feminine-cowering gestures that I hate in women. And I also hate myself when I manifest this chickenshit trait, for that matter...luckily, doesn't happen often. :)

And that is what I meant about being sorry Polly deleted her blog. I am not saying I like what she wrote; I am saying I am tired of women who claim to be all bad-ass and strong, suddenly backing down and scurrying away like frightened rabbits when they are challenged. (And I am not talking about fear of being outed or whatever, as the reason for deletion.)

Hope I made that very clear.

If Heart wants to scare me with lawyers, well, I got some lawyers too. Ain't skeered.

Profoundly disgusted, yes, but not afraid. Honey, I used to be a COMMON DRUNK, remember? I've faced down 300-lb fascist bikers with confederate tattoos.

Yeah, I got knocked out, but I faced em down! :P

I don't scare easily, even when I should. So, she can show me her bevy of lawyers, and I can show her mine. BFD.

DaisyDeadhead said...

And here is my follow up post.

Rachel said...

Lawyers? Daisy, you know, that is the oldest tricks of trolls in the books: I'm going to call my lawyers on you!!!! As though lawyers don't have better things to do, really, than sue bloggers. One would think they could invent something better than that...

senchi said...

came from natalia's. heart is a fake feminist & doesn't credit artists or photographers. she claims to be feminist but is ok stealing the work of women. i'm one she's stolen from. i see you credit artists who's work is used on this blog. i see who the 'real' feminist is & who the fake one is. she is a theif, probably a liar too.

Renegade Evolution said...

Daisy; Sis/Pony and Heart are two different people. WHen someone decided I needed researching and possible outing, I did some homework myself. They are in fact two different people.

DaisyDeadhead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
belledame222 said...

honestly, I just can't credit Heart with the creativity needed to generate Sis/pony (or any other long-running persona) as a separate indentity(ies). her socks are simple ego-boosting things; if she had that kind of imagination she probably wouldn't be as hapless as she is. in any case they're all thoroughly irrelevant, and random appeals to Internets lawyers are, well, not very threatening.

belledame222 said...

not arguing the rest of the points about either Sis/pony or Heart, I add. they just happen to be two different foolish and awful people.

Trans Avenger said...

Entertaining post, Daisy. Heart is always hilarious, but this post is pure win.

Don't let her ridiculousness get to you. And don't count her out either. She always comes back, with her narcissism, her transphobia, and her fundamentalist foaming at the mouth.