Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Misogynist goes on killing spree

Photo of George Sodini from

I am watching the press conference right now, just chilling. Apparently, he hated women and was punishing them for not dating him.

The women he killed: Heidi Obermier, Elizabeth Gannon, and Jody Billingsley.

Police: Pennsylvania man who attacked gym had 4 guns

On Tuesday night, the gunman walked into his gym wearing workout gear and a headband, entered a "Latin impact" dance aerobics class and placed a duffel bag on the ground. He rooted around in the bag for a moment, turned off the lights, took out at least two guns and started shooting.

Three women were killed and nine women were wounded. Police say he may have fired as many as 52 shots before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide.

"He walked right into the room where the shootings occurred as if he knew exactly where he was going," Allegheny County police Superintendent Charles Moffatt said. "I think he went in with the idea of doing what he did."
The man has been identified as George Sodini, age 48, and like everyone else these days, he had a blog.

Pretty sordid stuff, too. Sodini claimed he hadn't had sex since 1990 and had no girlfriend since the 80s. As a result, he hated women and blamed us for his profound unhappiness. Yes, deja vu all over again; he'd be right at home on any Men's Rights blog!

ABC-News has posted some blog excerpts:
I was reading several posts on different forums and it seems many teenage girls have sex frequently. One 16 year old does it usually three times a day with her boyfriend. So, err, after a month of that, this little ____ has had more sex than ME in my LIFE, and I am 48. One more reason. Thanks for nada, b----! Bye
But he also claims to be worth over $250,000 and to have a child that he has never seen. He was a lot better off than many men.

And then, there is this blog entry:
Maybe soon, I will see God and Jesus. At least that is what I was told. Eternal life does NOT depend on works. If it did, we will all be in hell.
Yes, it does. Surprise, George. How's the view from hell?

Like the Baptist billboards here in the south say: Whew, it's hot!

My prayers, novenas, sympathies and healing wishes go out to survivors and families.


EDIT: Mitch Marconi (Post Chronicle) reports that the woman said to be the mother of Sodini's child is... dead. (Oh man, calling Ann Rule. Is that suspicious or what?)
The blog entry on Sordini's site said "Lee Ann Valdiserri had my baby in early 1991. Haven't seen her since she was about four months into it. I knew her sister, Chris, from high school."

Lee Ann Valdiserri's is reportedly dead according to online obituaries and a myspace blog of her dead nephew.
Let's hope this was death from natural causes... it appears it might have been a risky endeavor to be a female anywhere in George's immediate vicinity.


The Fabulous Kitty Glendower said...

Hi Daisy.

The thing is, or at least it is what I believe, he probably would not have approved of the age of the women he killed. All three were in their 40s. Can’t no one, NO ONE tell me that man’s “desires” (as he called it) would not have been a child bearing age, white, thin, blond, perfect teeth, educated sort of woman. I really don’t know what my point is but to say, I guess, that I think he would have hated any woman, even the woman he would had (if he could) picked out for himself.

John Powers said...

I want to second The Fabulous Kitty Glendower's comment. When there's an insanely exaggerated example of misogyny like this one it's not good enough to trace the outlines and call it a cartoon. We--talking as a man here, but I also mean more collectively--must call out misogyny built into our everyday lives so we can see it and change. Fabulous Kitty gets to a really important double bind and how twisted it all gets.

Thanks for the post Daisy, I get so sick of shootings and tragedies that my impulse is to try to ignore them instead of to learn.

Ann oDyne said...

In his blog he really dished-up his family with the parents address, and his brother must be having to hide today after the descriptions of him bullying, and his poor wife.
The exposure by Sodini, of all those on his blog, is nearly as damaging to them as if they had been murdered too.
He was a software-writer at Gates in Pittsburgh?
The US media must be going crazy.

he did do one good thing - in documenting all his angst, he has given insight into how very harmful it is to be without friends and a social support system.

If his blog had not been, but a blogspot instead, maybe he would have attracted readers and help.

(all the above said with respect and sympathy to the bereaved of the victims though)

Anonymous said...
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Thene said...

I read some of his blog entries, and it struck me that he was laying blame on his brother and his father for their mistreatment of him when he was a child...and yet directing all his hatred against *women*, for not offering him the sex he was clearly entitled to just by virtue of existing on the same planet as them. How does that even *compute*?

also I love trolls and the way they believe all women are ONE BIG WOMAN-CONGLOMERATE-THING that can be blamed en masse for every single time you have been caused butthurt by any of its billions of seemingly autonomous sub-entities, such as by not being remotely interested in having all that sex Anon is entitled to be having with you.

DaisyDeadhead said...
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DaisyDeadhead said...


I am not putting up with your "yay George! We love murdering bitches and sluts!" bullshit tonight. Deleted it. Will delete all subsequent comments like it.

I initially wrote a post politely asking you to desist, but alas, it ended up pretty nasty ... So, I just deleted that too.

Serving notice that I am tired of it. If you want your comment published, cowardly chickenshit misogynist-pig trolls, name and link required. We want to know where to find you.

If you are too scared to do that, well, I guess that explains your whole sorry-ass life, now doesn't it?

Helen said...

Well said!

mikeb302000 said...


I'm sorry to see you're being bothered by stupid people.

About Sodini, I posted about him of course, this is right up my alley. One report I read said one of the victims was his "estranged girlfriend."

white rabbit said...

Daisy - sorry you're coming to the attention of imbecile central. Keep up the good work :D

Mama Moretti said...

This is horrifying.

DaisyDeadhead said...

I highly recommend KTK's post at Lean Left: Conservatism, Racism, Misogyny, Financial Vulnerability, and Guns: Another Perfect-Storm Winger Murderer Makes His Mark

Marshall-Stacks said...

Thanks for link to Lean Left - I will be returning there. I have brought back his most impressive para:

'... he was a perfect storm of conservative insecurities: race, and black ascendancy; the political implications of the Obama election, particularly for white Americans; miscegenation, and black men invading his sexual territory; women, and their refusal to have sex with him; and the particular woman who had thrown him over. He was anxious over his financial security, notwithstanding that he had retained his job after coworkers were laid off, was well-educated and well-paid, and had considerable assets (like many right-wingers, he was apparently surprised to find that he wasn’t guaranteed always to be among the economically advantaged, or that having his fate tied to corporate largess could be any kind of a problem). He clung to self-justifying religious beliefs that not only ratified his exalted view of himself and his perquisites, but endorsed and enabled his use of violence to take revenge on those who challenged that. '

I think he may have had Aspergers Syndrome frustrating his attempts at relationships, and it is a pity he was not diagnosed and helped.

Ann oDyne said...

yep. put (sodini+asperger's) into Search and find that lots of others are saying that, including Daily Kos.

So sad for the bereaved families that he wasn't getting medical help for it.
His brother might have been some use to him there.

YogaforCynics said...

Hey Daisy,

I update my blogroll periodically...generally when I've got work to do so am procrastinating by doing everything I can think of online, and then basically add whoever I happen to think of at the moment....

So, tonight, I'm gonna do things in a far more methodical fashion. To wit: I'm gonna add Daisy's Dead Air, and I'm NOT gonna add George Sodini's blog...

John Powers said...

It's really hard to comprehend Sodini. I'm no doctor, but I'm wary of Aspergers as an explanation.

The classic description of psychopathy is "The Mask of Sanity." What's so creepy about Sodini is that he seems to have worn a mask well.

In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was an article relaying the opinions of two experts. One of them talked about the Internet as isolating."It's the Interntet's fault!" rang hollow to me. The other was a chief of psychology at a local hospital with the diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder.

The latter is probably right. Here's the rub: there's not really any treatment. A person has to be at least 18 to get this diagnosis. Some behavior treatments have shown success with those under 18 for conduct disorders. Thank goodness antisocial personality disorder--or the same diagnosis by other names--is rare!

There's a lot we don't know about mental health, I am sure no expert. From what I understand there is little positive correlation between Aspergers and criminality--few people with Aspergers are criminals.

Misogyny, alas, isn't so rare. Sodini's extreme behavior sheds some light on the more pervasive issue. It's a good thing most don't act out violently with guns. But the violence misogyny causes is everywhere.

Level Best said...

Thanks for approaching this horrifying, misogynistic massacre from the standpoint of compassion for the victims, Daisy.

A couple of commenters at Feministe have pointed to a very interesting article about how consumer culture produces spree killings by "entitled" white men:

snobographer said...

Honestly, all the speculation about Sodini having aspergers or some mental illness is just pissing me off. Read the MRA and PUA blogs; Lots of guys think just like Sodini. They can't all be autistic and/or psychotic. He was suicidal because he was lonely. And he was lonely because nobody likes to hang out with an over-entitled bigoted sociopath.* And when over-entitled bigoted sociopaths commit suicide, they often like to take others along with them. For example, see the dudes who kill their (ex)wives and kids before they turn their guns on themselves. He was what police refer to as a "family annihilator" (google it) only he didn't have a family.

*sociopathy is not a mental illness either.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Portraying Motivation Behind Sodini Killings

Ann oDyne said...

Bravo Mr Rogers, point well-made and true.
Thanks Daisy.

Anonymous said...

It sickens me how our society conditions men to feel so entitled to women's love and attention, to allow crimes like these to be so common.