Sunday, November 4, 2007

One More Saturday Night

Bob Weir looks like he's about 14 here. Yow!

Enjoy it, people! Party on! :)

PS: Did you remember to turn your clock back?


Grateful Dead - One More Saturday Night 4/17/72

[via FoxyTunes / Grateful Dead]


Rosa said...

Thanks for linking me-I'll link you on mine.
I love the extra hour, I wish it was possible to do this every week! It will take me a day or so turning all the clocks back, I use about 10 next to the bed to get me up in the morning. Not a morning person.

abstractjenn said...

My goodness - he does look 14 and Jerry look 15! I have always loved Bob Weir even when he was wearing those funky gym shorts and sneakers in the 80's and looking a bit dork like. I saw The Dead at Highgate with Bpb Dylan and I think it was their last tour. They were unbelievable, Dylan was unbelievable, I was so glad I went.

My favorite Weir song is "Feel Like A Stranger."

Thanks for the music Daisy!

RamoneSmith said...

Very nice.

Last night I watched a new Who documentary on VH1 - they had some great clips of the Who when they were about 14. (I didn't know they used to be called the Detours.)

The extra hour is great - I wish we could do this every weekend.


DaisyDeadhead said...

Ramone, yeah, I saw it too! Some of it just made me cry! (Getting old has made me awfully sentimental, I'm afraid.) And not just me, Roger has morphed into something of an old sage, himself.

When Patti Smith was inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame this year, I cried as if a personal friend of mine had won a pageant or an election.

I guess in one sense, she did. :)