Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Like everything else that I been through, it opened up my eyes

From GeekZenDaddy comes the most amazing thing I have seen in awhile. It's ONE TOKE OVER THE LINE as performed on the Lawrence Welk show.

I wish I had a date for this, but alas, nobody seems to know. From that awful dress, we can assume it was about 1971, shortly after the song hit the top 10. (The clothes really do not go with the subject matter!)

This song landed Brewer and Shipley on the Nixon/Agnew enemies list, for the crime of subverting the nation's youth. Apparently LW and crew were completely unaware of that, which is one reason middle America loved them so much: They were clueless, and so was Lawrence Welk, and they were fine with that.

And you thought I was kidding!

Just in case you youngsters don't know the song, the original is below:

I missed Dead Air Church this week, so consider this your weekly meditation. Today is in fact the Feast of St Gertrude, author of that prayer we are supposed to say to have 1000 souls released from purgatory, but I can never remember the prayer (bad Catholic!).

In any event, pot and purgatory are definitely related, but such enlightening theological reflections will have to wait for a later date.


Bryce said...


Carla said...

oh my gawd! Thank you for posting this :)

assembling words to armory, she waits... said...

i'm still laughing... so great! the lw singers remind me of horrid versions of pop songs we had to sing in middle school choir! and that dress... fabulous.

alphabitch said...

The dress is very similar to one I wore in a music recital in about 1977.

And now this tune is completely stuck in my head. Bless you, though, for including both versions. Makes it a little less horrible in there.

Rosa said...

Nobody on Lawerence Welk had no idea what a toke was? Amazing. Now I've seen everything.