Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Odds and Sods...from an official non-loser!

I am 20% loser. What about you? Click here to find out! Yes, that's right! I'm no loser! I have proof!

I would counsel that the test is somewhat culturally biased, with obvious extra points going to tattoos and piercings.

I am introducing a new feature here at Dead Air HQ, titled ODDS AND SODS. If I had that Twitter thing happening, I might try that, but I'm afraid it will be too complicated for my tiny brain. I mean, I could barely figure out Foxytunes!


For those of you who emailed me, concerning my soap opera with the preacher: let me assure you all, he did not see me enter the Gay Movie. They cordoned off the fundie protesters across the street, and unless they had binoculars (and I wouldn't totally discount the possibility!), they couldn't see who was going in. They did, however, preach very loudly and hyperventilated on cue for onlookers and video cameras.

The movie, titled FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO, was pretty basic, reminding everyone that gay people are often devout Christians too. I'd actually go one better, cribbing from my Imaginary Boyfriend, Rev. Michael Eric Dyson, who says the churches would fall apart without gay people: "Who's gonna run the choir and the Sunday School?" Indeed, WHO? All those deacons, all those priests, all those choir directors, all those nuns? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Well, I suppose this is news to some people, but certainly not me.

The main thing was the emotional reactions of the audience, the tears, the laughs of recognition.

It's an important movie that should be shown throughout the Bible belt. And everywhere else, too.


New to my blogroll:

AntiBarbie.Net writes short stories about cool stuff like women killing their ex-husbands (any ex-husbands reading this: you should NOT take this personally :P). At first, I thought ANTI-BARBIE meant "against Barbie dolls"--and then I realized she meant it like ANTI-CHRIST... she is The Anti-Barbie. Some atheists are so witty, you just gotta love it!

Charlottesville Prejudice Watch is a really great blog, deconstructing prejudice in all its sneaky little forms. Good politics and great reading!

And... speaking of deconstruction, we have the new Questioning Transphobia, a pointed reply to the really unpleasant website (which doesn't rate a link) "Questioning Transgender." I've never liked the snooty tone (we're girls and you aren't! nyah nyah!) of the aforementioned site, as well as the manner in which they totally ignore the reality of transmen (which of course, doesn't quite fit into their "colonization of women's space" theories).

Unfortunately, there have been few FEMINIST replies to these arguments, and the redoubtable Lisa at Questioning Transphobia jumps in with aplomb, making mincemeat of the usual Janice Raymondesque nonsense, which a lot of us grew up hearing and believing.

As penance for my one-time UNquestioning belief of several of these ideas, I am hereby linking Lisa and pledge to participate to the best of my ability and SIN NO MORE!

And... speaking of sinning no more, check out Roman Catholic Womenpriests!

I once had a root canal done* by a "substitute" dentist--a woman--since my usual dentist was on extended holiday. In so doing, I realized I'd never been to a female dentist before. And my oh my, wasn't she just so much gentler than my regular dentist... particularly as she began filing down the root of my tooth, the truly harrowing part of a root canal--even with copious amounts of nitrous oxide, which I demand forthwith, even before my novacaine shot. (I am paying for this, now, dammit, gimme my gas!) I remember thinking a woman dentist might make it better, and why can't we have more of them?

Same with priests! Wouldn't confession be so much nicer if you could say "Forgive me MOTHER, for I have sinned"? Would it be a bit MILDER, like that filing-down I just mentioned? Well, it would for me.

Did I just compare confession to root canal? Oh, hell yes.

*I've had 13 root canals in all.

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--Bamboo Blitz-- said...

Hello, just wanted to tell you that I really dig your blog! I'm a Filipina Canadian feminist so I totally appreciate your perspective. Check out my blog sometime:

Lisa Harney said...

Thank you for the link!

I just need to be more topical.

Alison Hymes said...

Hey thanks for the link. I did the loser test but I'm not putting it on my blog, I got a 32 and that was with fudging the answers a bit....:).

AntiBarbie said...

I did the loser test and I'm a slight loser. I could of told them that. I'm an uber geek and proud baby!

Thanks for the link love. I will be checking out some of those other sites too!

kayakdave said...

Daisy! I just dropped in to check it out briefly. I will be back!
I see no evidence of a deadhead, the reverse actually!
Appalachian Greens

Rosa said...

Daisy, thanks for commenting on my blog. I'll look up (and buy if possible) the stuff you mentioned. I'll do anything, I just want to get back to normal.

yellowdog granny said...

thanks for stopping by and leaving the nice comment..come on by anytime...I will be back here..looks like fun...oyd

Renegade Evolution said...

heh, i am the same level of loser as you.

antiprincess said...

holy pink sparkle vestments, batman! RCWP? wow. blows my mind.

neither slave nor free, nor jew nor greek, nor male nor female in christ that what they're getting at?

(I'm sure I scrambled the quote.)

DaisyDeadhead said...
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DaisyDeadhead said...

AntiP--you did FINE with the quote! :) It's one of my favorites!

And I LOOOO-OOOOVE all these new Democrats and liberals on my blog!!!

Amber said...

I scored 52 - normal.

Normal?? Me? Really? :P I demand a recount.