Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hands off Asheville!

From Mountain Xpress comes the following:

Irresistibly vegan, or just some lame-ass squares?
by Rebecca Bowe on 11/08/2007

SuperVegan, a Web site and blog devoted mostly to informing readers about vegan restaurants in New York City, spotlighted Asheville after it was voted most vegetarian-friendly small city by GoVeg.com.

Food critic and blogger Laura Leslie dined at downtown Asheville’s the Laughing Seed, Rosetta’s Kitchen and Early Girl Eatery before turning up her nose up and concluding that she’s glad to be a spoiled New York City vegan.

While she did have praise for the Laughing Seed (it “totally rocked,” she wrote), she was less-than-impressed with the peanut-butter tofu at Rosetta’s. “Damn those hippies and their tofu cubes; I didn’t know anyone out there still ate like this,” she laments. “Nothing makes up for those lame-ass tofu cubes.” Nor was she pleased that the Early Girl doesn’t crumble the soybean curd in their tofu breakfast scramble, and wondered “on what planet does this count as scrambled?”

Does the critique signify a blow to Asheville’s vegetarian-friendly reputation? Or shall we just shrug it off and wonder, “On what planet would we actually care what some spoiled NYC vegan writes in her lame-ass restaurant review?”

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Rosa said...

Peanut butter tofu? Where do I sign up? That sounds delish.

alphabitch said...

Ha! What planet indeed. Not mine. I once met some out-of-town relatives, cousins I hadn't seen since we were kids, in Asheville; I'd picked the restaurant (Laughing Seed) not realizing that they had two teenage boys along for the ride. When we sat down I said if they couldn't find anything they liked on the menu we could go somewhere else. The boys had already opened the menu and one looked up and said "Barbecued Tempeh? This place rocks!" The other one said, "Totally."

Which was really, I thought, the best endorsement ever.

Turned out my cousin and his wife were long-time vegetarians, and their kids had never eaten meat. I'd had no idea that any of my relatives were that groovy, and neither did they. The rest of the family (midwestern US German-Hungarians) has given us a hard time about it for years.

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