Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nothing can change the shape of things to come

Dead Air Church brings you classic NOSTALGIA with Max Frost and the Troopers, a fictional band made up for the movie WILD IN THE STREETS!

Wild in the Streets (1968) was a super-fabulous B-movie about adult paranoia circa 1968, as the kids lower the voting age to 14, feed LSD to everyone over 30, and take over the country. Christopher Jones, beautiful ex-husband of Susan Strasberg, brazenly channels Jim Morrison, and gives us this fantastic Doors-as-garage-band song (by brilliant songwriting duo Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil), which ominously reminds us that Nothing Can Change the Shape of Things to Come. Ain't it the truth.

The kids elect Max president in the movie, which doesn't bode well, as you might imagine.

And if your kids try to get you to drink anything suspect, REFUSE IT!


Max Frost And The Troopers - Nothing Can Change the Shape of Things to Come


RamoneSmith said...

I don't remember the movie very much, but I really remember the post-movie book - I shoplifted it from the corner drugstore near my elementary school when I was in fifth grade. I loved it. I guess I had great taste when I was 10!

I always wondered if the Garland Jeffreys song from the 70s was inspired by the movie, but according to Wikipedia it wasn't.

karloff said...

Nice. This sort of reminded me of a band I've been interested in for a while, the Del-Aires, which I've only ever seen in the movie 'Horror at Party Beach'.

And you weren't joking about the Morrison.:)