Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Election hijinks: fake Kentucky robocall from "homosexual lobby"

Graphic from Billionaires for Bush.


From Talking Points Memo's Election Central comes the latest Republican Dirty Tricks Campaign:

Kentuckians Receiving Fraudulent Robocall From "Homosexual Lobby" For Steve Beshear
By Eric Kleefeld - November 6, 2007, 9:54AM

Someone in Kentucky has resorted to an almost certainly illegal campaign tactic in today's election for governor. A new robocall has gone out purporting to be from Fairness.org — the Web site of the Fairness Campaign, an actual gay rights organization in Kentucky — speaking with pride about the strong support of "the homosexual lobby" for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Steve Beshear.

"Beshear is receiving major support from out-of-state gay activists and has publicly committed to same-gender relationships," the man on the call says.

The Fairness Campaign has denied any part in the calls, and is urging people who have received the calls to report it to the authorities.

The Beshear campaign has put out its own robocall in response, featuring the Reverend John Dunaway in support of Beshear.
Incumbent Republican Governor Ernie Fletcher's campaign denies all responsibility, and claims not to know who is responsible.

You can listen to the phone call at the above link. The text is as follows:
For the first time in 20 years, the homosexual lobby proudly endorses a Kentucky candidate for governor: Steve Beshear. Beshear is receiving major support from out-of-state gay activists and has publicly committed to same-gender relationships, employment of more homosexuals in state government including teachers, and support for homosexual adoption of children.

If you believe these rights are fair please vote for Steve Beshear for governor. Visit Fairness.org.
The "homosexual lobby"? (You'd think they could be a little more subtle than THAT.)

Talking Points Memo asks any Kentucky readers to email them if they have received the fake call.

Fletcher has had a few problems as governor, including an indictment, so he has to do whatever he can to win:
The governor was indicted last year on charges that he illegally rewarded political supporters with protected state jobs. The indictment was dismissed in a deal with prosecutors, but a special grand jury later issued its findings in the case, saying Fletcher had approved a "widespread and coordinated plan" to skirt state hiring laws.

Fletcher said the investigation and indictment were the results of "politics of destruction" ahead of the November election.
Politics of destruction that he fully intended to engage in! Hypocrite of the week, here at Daisy's Dead Air!

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karloff said...

This is one of those stories that makes you feel low on multiple levels.

I hate the poll strokers, but I hate the fact that this kind of tactic would work even more.

Bryce said...

love me some billionaires 4 bush!

CrackerLilo said...

I am *SO* glad that trick didn't work out! I hope the people responsible are nailed to the wall, seriously.

Anyone who knows any gay people knows they wouldn't use the phrase "the homosexual lobby." *sigh*

belledame222 said...


Dr. T said...

Well, whatever the case is, looks like the KY Gov. lost to the Dem.

generalpervaizmusharraf said...

For my part one and all have to go through this.