Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why can't we not be sober?

There is a scene in David Cronenberg's VIDEODROME, wherein Bianca O'Blivion removes the umm, mutated-videotape from James Woods' insides, where it has become embedded. (This is David Cronenberg, okay?) She jerks it out forcefully, saying something about how it's always hard to remove the video, then intones Death to Videodrome, long live the New Flesh! IMHO, The New Flesh is computers. (However, this is a pre-computer movie, so they don't get that far.)

But yes, it was as difficult for me as it was for James Woods. Trying to detox from blogging was tough; it was hard to remove that pesky video from my insides...I felt like I was constantly in need of online succor; a veritable Baptism-by-immersion in pixels. I was in major withdrawal, and I found myself listening to Tool's SOBER, unable to answer their existential question, Why Can't We Not Be Sober? (Honestly, I have no idea.)

By the weekend, I had forgotten the blog. Mission accomplished. I think it is now safe to go back in the water.

My initial plan was to return on Earth Day (leave on a Christian holiday, return on a secular one)-- but I could not allow the death of my favorite writer to go unremarked upon. I decided to go ahead and jump in and update.

Which brings me to the changes I am making here at DEAD AIR: I'll be updating more often, and some of my posts will be very short. That seems to be the overarching trend in Blogdonia, particularly at some of my favorite blogs, Feministe, Tiny Cat Pants, Renegade Evolution, Alas, and many others. I initially got in the blogging-habit of always doing relatively long posts, and for some odd, idiosyncratic and utterly neurotic reason, I felt like they all should be a certain length. At times, I had almost a Disneyland approach--I would collect a bunch of stuff and write about it all at once, hoping at least one item interested someone. And now, my crowd-pleasin ways are on the wane. ;)

I will also be focusing more on my own radical history. I find there is a dearth of radical history on the net; political demonstrations I recall as enormous and eventful are not mentioned ANYWHERE, AT ALL. This is horrifying. History, as we know, is written by the victors, and the fact that large-scale, near-constant computer-interaction basically came of age during the Bush era, has been an unmitigated disaster for lefty history. I will take a few small steps in rectifying this, but I would encourage all baby-boomer lefties to get involved in history-recovery.


On Easter Sunday, I heard from no less than THREE PEOPLE about how my blog has moved them, and how much they appreciated what I wrote. In all three cases, these were obituaries. WHY do I write so well about dead people? Obviously, this is a subject for another in-depth post. Short answer: From what we greatly fear, often comes good, and my abject fear of death focuses my mind wonderfully. When people die, I try to focus on their legacy and the memory they leave behind; the way they shape survivors. I am told I describe people perfectly, that I have captured their essence. This is the greatest compliment I could ever receive. My obituary for Kathy was read at her memorial service (that I was unable to attend); again, a great blessing and kindness from her children, who I think always regarded me as something of a pest... the sweetest compliments have come from them. I was so happy to be able to contribute something lasting, heartfelt and genuine to this turning point in their lives.

One of the folks who contacted me on Easter told me in no uncertain terms, that I should add a payment link to my site. And so, continuing my Deadhead theme, I have added the properly-named PANHANDLING ZONE: Got any spare change, Mister? I have always believed that was not a cool thing to do, but the person who contacted me was adamant (hint, hint!), so I did it. (And after writing an obscene check to the Infernal Revenue, I didn't need as much prodding as usual.) My weird, almost knee-jerk redneck pride about not doing such things or asking for contributions, appears to have been misplaced. So, contribute away, affluent (and other) readers!

And for others who have asked, I charge a measly five dollars for tarot readings; yes, I've done quite a lot by email. In person, I enjoy tips of various herbs and spices (giggle) as well as personally-constructed items; I have been compensated with beautiful handmade scarves, jewelry, cakes, vegan casseroles galore, and other lovely personalized gifts. Also accepted: t-shirts, books, CDs, DVDs, and so forth. (If you have something cool like that, contact me and perhaps we can arrange a trade.)

"Pin the tail on the Possum" sounds far better than "Pin the tail on the Opossum"--now don't you agree? But I guess they have to teach the kids the correct spelling, and all that. As my regular readers know, I would never sacrifice a good alliteration for the sake of propriety! (from the Wildlife-Rehab benefit, more photos below)

During my blog-break, our apartment was invaded by honeybees, like something from a (haha) B movie, reinforcing me and Mr Daisy's plans to move to a condo where there is no Walmart parking lot anywhere for miles.

Phil Spector, subject of much fulminating on this blog last year, was at last found GUILTY in his retrial! HAPPY DANCE! JUSTICE at last for Lana Clarkson.

Apparently, Phil Lesh tried to sing during the Dead's recent appearance on THE VIEW, and as usual, this was not a good idea. Several different folks asked me if I saw it, and when I said no, I was told DON'T WATCH. Okay, I'll take yall's word for it.

One of the people telling me DON'T WATCH, is below, Mr Deke (at the mike) and his band, Unbroken Chain. Enjoy photos from the Wildlife-Rehab benefit over the weekend! The attentive little squirrel (in the first photo) was nearly as tame as a kitten; Molly the flying squirrel (second photo) liked to burrow and hide in the wildlife-lady's shirt. Both were simply too adorable!!!!

(And hey yall, I'm baaaaaack!)

More photos here.


Doc Anchovy said...

I knew you couldn't take too much time away from the keyboard.

As far as Lesh "singing" is concerned and as I'm fond of telling people that complain at my favorite source, www.archive.org, "It's Phil's band and he can sing if he wants to". I usually say that about Phil and Friends though. Have you heard any of the digital Deadliness from the current run yet? Wow!



John Powers said...

You work too hard! A measly week off??? I figured a month or two or three. Schedule your next vacation soon that's far away from computers and the like;-)

Mama Moretti said...

Molly is so cute!

Welcome back!

meeeean queen emily said...

It's so hard to stop, isn't it? I'm trying really hard not to blog or read much atm. Ah well.

Looking forward to more radical history, I think those are so crucial. Historical amnesia affects us all, sometimes I wonder if everyone's a neo-liberal now (and when that occured).

Oh, if you take requests, a post about early radical feminism and how different it was from the present...

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

A squirrel!

they seem cute and desirable from where I am - a country which does not have them.

Bless everyone involved in animal welfare - musos and rescuers.

Meowser said...

Hey, welcome back!

If you can do frequent short posts, more power to ya. I don't seem to be constitutionally capable of a blog post of less than 800 words. And even that's TINY for me.

mikeb302000 said...

Daisy, Welcome back and congratulations on the changes you're implementing. I'm sure they'll all work out for you.

jovan b. said...

Welcome back, Daisy. I will miss the old Dead Air.

Kia said...

I'm glad you're back Daisy and look forward to the new Dead Air.

I had an accidental television sighting of Jenny Sanford and thought of you. She was present during the awards presentation for a tennis tournament and I couldn't switch channels fast enough.

I'm always eager to hear stories about how interesting people came to be who they are. Years ago I asked a friend if he had ever asked his white mom about her personal odyssey from a large, Catholic, conservative family in suburban NY to marriage to his black dad and life among NYC's bohemian set (when such a class actually lived in Manhattan). He hadn't and I'm sure he's not alone.

Amber Rhea said...

Glad you're going to keep on writing, Daisy. Your blog always makes me think.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Kia, Meowser, Amber, Doc, Mister John, Mama, yall are so sweet, and thank you! Emily, that is a really great topic. Although I'm a bit afraid it might turn into a "Why Kate Millett ruled the second wave!" thread instead. :D

Jovan, not to worry... I will still have my long-winded posts!

berryblade said...

That movie looks interesting. I love your use of Tool as well. I find that analysing their lyrics is a good way to pass the time.

I find blogging is a good way to keep my writing skills up for uni :)

Dennis the Vizsla said...

I never got around to seeing "Videodrome" but somehow I always figured it would end that way.

Welcome back!

ArrogantWorm said...

Welcome back! Internet addiction, I find, is a lot like caffiene. It keeps you up and glued when you should be asleep or doing Timely Things and when you're trying to abstain it's all you can bloody think about, creaps into your thoughts, it does. You start to think "One little sip surely won't hurt, and it'll keep down the jonesing", but - no -, never quite works out like that and b'fore you're aware of it you've a crick in your neck and your eyes sting. Again.